ality of ordinary weapons in the Taoist sect’s weapon refining techniques, and could add various types of beneficial effects to them.

And among them, the 【Sky Manifestation】 Taoist Mark was the best of the best, but due to its difficulty in being formed, the Taoist Artifact Pavilion usually didn’t sell it to outsiders.
Instead, they used it to arm their own Foundation Establishment stage disciples.

(So they want to have a competition with me…)

Luo Wusheng quickly realized the intentions of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion.

He had originally thought that the other party wouldn’t be so anxious to clash against him, but he hadn’t expected that the Pavilion Master Lin would be so impatient as to start his attack so soon.

“Senior Brother…”

Bai Xiaoyao looked at Luo Wusheng subconsciously, sounding worried.

“It’s okay, it’s all expected.”

Luo Wusheng spoke lightly, “Don’t worry about these things, let’s go see the mansion.”

Seeing that her senior brother was still so confident, Bai Xiaoyao also relaxed.


The little demoness was just a little curious about where her senior brother’s confidence came from.


In the Taoist Artifact Pavilion in the royal city.

“Master, as you instructed, we’ve spread the news about the sale of those ordinary weapons in seven days.”

Sitting in the main seat, the Taoist Artifact Pavilion’s Master Lin Qingfeng listened to the report from his subordinate and nodded.

“Very good, you may leave.”

As the subordinate stepped back, another figure approached him.

The figure had white hair and beard, dressed in Taoist robes, and exuded an air of celestial elegance.

It was none other than Yang Zhen, the chief refiner of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion.

“You dare to challenge the Demon Artifact Pavilion?” Yang frowned as he looked at his own Pavillion Master.

“Do you expect me to sit back and watch as the Demon Artifact Pavilion steals the spotlight and surpasses us?” Lin Qingfeng snorted coldly.

“You really are an idiot!” Old Yang was disappointed with the response he received.

How could the sect leader of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion be such an immature brat?

Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t be a problem to challenge the Demon Artifact Pavilion and suppress them.

But now, who was the leader of the Demon Artifact Pavilion? The Holy Saint of the Demon Sect!

In terms of identity alone, it was not a wise choice to offend him.

Even if they could win temporarily, what about the future? Could the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect with such a promising future would not dare to crush him and ruin his future?

Disappointed with Lin Qingfeng, Yang Zhen did not speak any further and turned to leave.

As he watched Yang Zhen depart, leaving him alone in the hall, Lin Qingfeng’s expression changed constantly.

He did not think he had done anything wrong.

(As long as I can surpass the Demon Artifact Pavilion this time, everyone will remember that the Taoist Artifact Pavilion is the number one Artifact Pavillion in the city!)

So what if the Demon Artifact Pavilion could now refine a few Demon Artifacts? Could they compare with the Taoist Artifacts of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion? No way!

If he could suppress the Demon Artifact Pavilion this time and make them realize the superiority of the Taoist Artifacts of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion, even the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect would not sit idly by and sit tight on a doomed industry.

At that time, he could express his goodwill and sincerely invite them to join the Taoist Artifact Pavilion.

Even if the Holy Saint did not come, it did not matter as long as Bai Xiaoyao came…

Thinking of the Holy Maiden, another figure appeared in Lin Qingfeng’s mind.

That figure was as cold as the bright moon in the sky and as calm as still water in autumn.

“Heh, Ji Yanyao, since you rejected me, I’ll let you know that without you, i, Lin Qingfeng can still find a better woman!”

Remembering the woman who had publicly rejected his advances and caused him to lose face in the sect, Lin Qingfeng gritted his teeth and his eyes flashed with an abnormal paranoia.

If Luo Wusheng were here right now and knew what this kid was thinking, he would surely sigh in disappointment.

Young man, you are doomed.

Ji Yanyao, the chief disciple of the contemporary Taoist sect, although this identity is special, it’s just one of her identity, there’s one identity that currently only Luo Wusheng knows about, and that is she is one of the future harem member of the true protagonist, Miss Lu Yuliu!

Man pursuing girls in a Yuri world? That can only lead to death!

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