“Wh-what did i just see? Did- Did the Heavenly Tribulation just.

“What kind of Artifact is that? How can an artifact have such terrifying power!? Not even a High-Grade Artifact can launch such a powerful attack right!?”

“Did the Demon Sect Holy Saint just ascend to the Nascent Soul Realm? Did an 18 year old Nascent Soul cultivator really appear!?”

“It’s ridiculous.
I’ve been cultivating for 80 years and I’m still only at the Foundation Establishment stage… This kid is truly terrifying.”

The onlookers were still too shocked by what had just happened to approach the Demon Artifact Pavilion, but they were all discussing it with different expressions.

However, some people expressed their doubts.

“Something’s not right… Although I’ve never seen anyone shatter the Heavenly Tribulation, it shouldn’t be considered a failed tribulation.
Why doesn’t he seem to have any changes in his aura?”

Isn’t it said that when a newly ascended Nascent Soul cultivator opens its eyes, there will be a golden light shining all over? ”

“And why didn’t the two Golden-Ranked members of the Six Gate Bureau question him? Aren’t cultivators forbidden from crossing their tribulations in the royal city? Are those two Nascent Soul stage cultivators afraid of this newly promoted Nascent Soul cultivator?”

The scene became more and more chaotic.

But Miss Kirin and Night Crow did not try to stop the chaos.

Because as someone who knew the truth behind them, they felt even more confused by the onlookers.

“How can that artifact be a mere Middle-Grade magical artifact? Even the High-Grade magical artifact, the ‘Falling Shadow Blade,’ bestowed by her Majesty doesn’t have such terrific power!” Night Crow’s voice was somewhat flustered.

Miss Kirin, on the other hand, chooses to remain silent.

“Just now, that attack definitely had the power of a Nascent Soul cultivator’s single strike.
Even a normal cultivator who had just entered the Nascent Soul stage would have been severely injured after taking such a hit! I’ve never seen such an exaggerated magical artifact before! I guess only a national treasure like the divine weapon ‘Man-King Sword’ could enable a Golden Core cultivator to unleash this level of power, right?”

Night Crow’s mental state was a bit unstable, and even his self-proclaimed title had changed.

But Miss Kirin still had a seemingly indifferent expression, as if she was thinking about something.

“Why don’t you say something, Kirin? Are you scared silly because of that artifact power? It’s okay if you do, I understand your feelings…”

This time, Night Crow didn’t get to finish his sentence.

Miss Kirin glanced at him lightly, then looked at Luo Wusheng who was still hovering in mid-air.

“The Demon Artifact Pavilion… it seems, they may really rise up.”


At this moment, Luo Wusheng, standing in mid-air, fell into a brief moment of contemplation.

(Well… What kind of gift should I give to Bai Xiaoyao for the second condition? Since she’s a girl, how about a pair of black stockings? But she always likes to wear white clothes every day, so maybe white stockings are better instead?)

But soon he returned to his senses from his contemplation.

“Damn, i almost forgot about the more important business…”

He muttered to himself, then waved his hand.

The mushroom cloud slowly dissipating in the sky seemed to be wiped away by an invisible big hand, and the sky cleared up with no clouds in sight.

After cleaning up the battlefield, Luo Wusheng slowly landed on top of the Demon Artifact Pavilion, after firing that shot just now, his spiritual power was almost depleted.


Luo Wusheng cleared his throat.

Using the spiritual power of the Golden Core realm to reverberate his voice, it spread far and wide, making the people within a hundred meters focus their attention on him.

Perhaps due to the lingering shock from the scene just now, the crowd quieted down, waiting for this “Newly Ascended Nascent Soul” cultivator to say something.

“I was careless during my tribulation this time.
I didn’t expect to attract the Heavenly Tribulation to the Royal City and disturb everyone here.
I’m really sorry about that.”

There was a slight commotion in the crowd, but Luo Wusheng didn’t pay attention to it.

“Just now, I heard some of you questioning my promotion to the Nascent Soul stage, but I just want to make one thing clear.” Luo Wusheng paused here.

“I did not ascend to the Nascent Soul realm.”

A smile soon spread across his face.

The commotion in the crowd instantly exploded.

“How is that possible? Didn’t you just successfully complete your tribulation?!”

Someone loudly questioned.

Those who were close to Luo Wusheng, such as the several executives of the Demon Artifact Pavilion and Bai Xiaoyao, frowned with some worry.

But most of the people were relieved, just like the Sect Master of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion, Lin Qingfeng.

After all, the concept of an 18-year-old Nascent Soul cultivator was simply too terrifying for them to accept.

However, Luo Wusheng shook his head.

“The tribulation clouds have dissipated, and the Heavenly Tribulation has naturally been successfully crossed.”

“But the one who crossed the tribulation was not me…”

“It was this.”

As he spoke, Luo Wusheng raised the square in his hand.

Although this magic artifact had entered its cooldown period and needed Luo Wusheng to complete certain conditions before it could be used again, the residual power from shattering the tribulation clouds made everyone present not dare to underestimate it.

At this point, some people in the crowd had realized the meaning behind Luo Wusheng’s words.

“Sure enough… the one who caused that Heavenly Tribulation is an artifact!”

Suddenly, an old voice sounded from the crowd.

Only to see an old man in a Taoistist robe, with white hair and beard, appearing behind Lin Qingfeng in a hurry, and entering the Demon Artifact Pavilion’s range of a hundred meters, causing everyone’s gaze to focus on him.

“It’s Old Yang! The chief Refiner of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion! The middle-grade magic artifact, Weak Water Sword, used by the chief disciple of the Taoist Sect in this generation was made by him!”

Soon, someone recognized the identity of this old man.

As the leader of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion, Lin Qingfeng’s eyes widened in shock.
“Elder Yang! What are you doing here?”

Stopping in his tracks, Elder Yang turned around and replied with a hint of exasperation, “Isn’t it because of your ignorance? That Demonne… ahem, the Holy Maiden of the Demon Sect, is not someone you can provoke.
How could you, a mere cultivator at the Foundation Establishment stage, come here alone? If I hadn’t come to watch over you, how could I rest assured?”

Lin Qingfeng was scolded and his face turned red and white.

But Elder Yang didn’t pay any attention to his foolish disciple and turned to face Luo Wusheng.

After a moment of contemplation, he bowed and said, “I am Yang Zhen, the Chief Refiner of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion.
I have met… Lord Luo, may I ask if the artifact in your hand was crafted by you?”

He moistened his dry lips and trembled a little as he asked, “May I ask if it is of the highest quality?”

Everyone was shocked.

At this moment, all eyes were fixed on Luo Wusheng who was standing on top of the Demon Artifact Pavilion, waiting for his answer.

When Luo Wusheng shook his head, their expressions relaxed.

Then, Luo Wusheng calmly said, “This artifact was indeed crafted by me, but it still falls a little short of being a true High-Grade artifact.
Its current quality ranks among the upper-middle grade.”

The onlookers fell silent.

Those who knew Luo Wusheng well, such as the four managers and the leader of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion, Lin Qingfeng, were even more stunned.

Bai Xiaoyao looked at Luo Wusheng with shining eyes, as if trying to see how much progress her senior brother had made over the years.

At this point, Elder Yang’s gaze became even more heated.

“Lord Luo, may I have a look at this artifact?” he asked eagerly.

But he quickly realized that he had spoken out of turn and sighed, “I was a little presumptuous.
Please don’t take offense, Lord Luo.”

Luo Wusheng’s eyes flickered for a moment, and after a brief moment of thought, he nodded.

“It’s not difficult… It’s just that the Demon Artifact Pavilion has some other matters to attend to these days.
The Demon Artifact Pavilion will reopen in seven days.
If Elder Yang is interested, he can come to the Demon Artifact Pavilion then.”

After saying that, Luo Wusheng turned to the crowd of onlookers a hundred feet away.

“Because luck, today happens to be the day where all of you are gathered here together, I have an announcement to make.”

“From today on, the Demon Artifact Pavilion will be closed for seven days.
When it reopens, the Demon Artifact Pavilion will sell special non-reverse spiritual weapons and artifacts.”

“To compensate for the scare you all experienced today, anyone who comes to the Demon Artifact Pavilion in seven days, whether they buy anything or not, will receive an interesting item as a gift from our Demon Artifact Pavilion.”

“Special spiritual weapons and artifacts? Has Lord Luo already overcome the flaws in the Demon Sect’s refining technique?” As a master refiner, Elder Yang quickly picked up on the key point of Luo Wusheng’s words, unlike the restless crowd behind him.

This discovery even made him forget his previous excitement and left him in shock.

Improving an ancient alchemy technique passed down from the past? This is something that every Refiner in the world dreams of achieving!

Faced with Yang Lao’s question, Luo Wusheng smiled and said nothing, seemingly acknowledging it.

Yang Lao gasped in surprise.

“If Lord Luo really improved the ancient alchemy technique, he can be called a master Refiner based on this alone!”

He bowed to Luo Wusheng again: “I have never heard of Lord Luo’s involvement in the path of alchemy before.
When I first heard about Lord’s closed-door alchemy, I still had some doubts in my heart… but now, it seems that the talent of the demon prince is truly rare in the world, and he even has such talent in the path of alchemy!”

Although he has been famous for many years, he can only make mid-level magical artifacts at most, even after more than a hundred years of immersion in artifact refining.

Looking at Luo Wusheng, who is only eighteen years old, he can already make mid-level artifacts, and the power of these mid-level artifacts can even compete with high-level magical artifacts.

He even did something that he has been immersed in artifact refining for a hundred years and can’t do!

The Holy Saint of the Demon sect is simply too terrifying!

The onlookers also realized what great achievement Luo Wusheng had accomplished from Yang Lao’s explanation.

In this case, there is no reason not to come seven days later, even if the Demon Sect Holy Saint words are exaggerated.

After all, who doesn’t love free stuff?

“Since Lord Luo said so, I will definitely come to watch the ceremony at the reopening of the Demon Artifact Hall seven days later!”

“Lord Luo deserves to be the demon prince, generous and dignified, with extraordinary talent!”

“My little daughter happens to be of marriageable age this year and is currently waiting for marriage at home.
She is as beautiful as a flower.
If Lord Luo does not mind, she can be your Holiness bride…”

The last voice disappeared before it finished speaking.

‘How annoying’

Bai Xiaoyao thought to herself and withdrew the thin thread flying out of her fingers.

However, everyone present realized one thing.

The Demon Artifact Hall is really going to rise.

So many people’s eyes moved to a certain person who has almost no presence.

As the chief of the Taoist Artifact Hall, Lin Qingfeng is moos id raging, and he behaved a little crazy.

He kept muttering the word “impossible” over and over again while hunching over, and his face became extremely ugly.

However, even if he didn’t want to face it, everything that happened around him was forcing him to accept the facts in front of him.

Originally, in his eyes, Luo Wusheng, who only had better talent in cultivation than himself, has now transformed into a master Refiner who is many times stronger than him.

He himself is also a Refiner, but he has never successfully made a lower-grade magical artifact.

At this time, Yang Zhen, the chief Refiner who usually looks down on him, was respectful to Luo Wusheng.

The crowd around him is even more eager to flatter Luo Wusheng, as if the Demon Artifact Hall will soon become the first alchemy hall in Wangcheng, replacing his Taoist Artifact Hall.

How is this possible?

The Taoist Artifact Hall has been standing in the Royal City for so many years, how could it be surpassed by the Demon Artifact Hall, which has been hanging on the edge of collapsing for years?

Maybe Luo Wusheng’s ability to refine such powerful artifacts was merely due to sheer dumb luck? Maybe he used some kind of super special one-time method to make the artifact, and used it as a gimmick?

How could the Demon Artifact Pavilion be a match for the Taoist Artifact Pavilion?

Even if that Demon Sect Holy Saint is really a hidden genius in artifact refinement, Lin Qingfeng suddenly remembered the real purpose of his visit to the Demon Artifact Pavillion today.

Right! He came here today to invite both Luo Wusheng and Bai Xiaoyao to become an guest official of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion!

If this Demon Sect Holy Saint is really a genius in refining artifacts, as long as Lin Qingfeng is able to make him walk under his banner, then his status in both the world and the Taoist Sect will definitely rise!

Thinking of this, he looked at Bai Xiaoyao beside him and said: “Um… Miss Bai, about the guest official matter…”

His words made the four staff members of the Demon Artifact Pavilion, who were still immersed in joy, suddenly tense.

But Bai Xiaoyao smiled and tilted her head.

“What guest official? I don’t quite understand what Pavillion Master Lin is talking about~”

Lin Qingfeng widened his eyes.

“N-Naturally, it’s the agreement we made earlier, for you to come to our Taoist Artifact Pavilion as guest officials.
Didn’t you already agree…”

“Hm? How weird, when did I say that I agree?”

The Demon Sect Holy Maiden smiled and asked back.

Lin Qingfeng opened his mouth, but couldn’t say a word.

Because Bai Xiaoyao didn’t really promise anything to him at all, she just brought him to this place to meet Luo Wusheng.

The four members of the Demon Artifact Pavilion were delighted to hear this.

“Holy Maiden is also going to be staying in the Demon Artifact Pavilion?” Asked Hu Dingtian, he was thrilled.

“Wherever senior brother is, I’ll be there,” Bai Xiaoyao replied with a smile.

“But… but the Demon Artifact Pavilion can’t give you anything! The Taoist Artifact Pavilion can give you much more than them! Not just spirit stones, but even the artifacts of my Taoist Artifact Pavilion…” Lin Qingfeng’s breathing became a bit rapid, but Bai Xiaoyao just glanced at him indifferently.

“Pavilion Master Lin may not understand the status of the Holy Saint and Holy Maiden in the Demon Sect, at the very least, regarding spirit stones and artifacts, the number I can use in my Little Demon Territory alone far exceeds the value of your entire Taoist Artifact Pavilion.
If I cared about those things, I wouldn’t have come to the capital city at all.”

Hearing Bai Xiaoyao’s words, Lin Qingfeng felt like he had been struck by lightning and his face turned pale.

But he still had a last bit of stubbornness, with a trembling lips he said, “But don’t you have other missions in the capital city? It’s inevitable that you’ll be distracted in the Demon Artifact Pavilion, whereas my Taoist Artifact Pavilion can give you the greatest degree of freedom…”

“Hmm? Oh, that thing…” Bai Xiaoyao was taken aback before remembering what the young man had said, then blinked cutely.
“That was a lie to trick you.”

Lin Qingfeng’s world collapsed.

He had thought he was still in control, feeling pleased with himself for his clever plans.

But it turned out that the jester was himself?

Even the four officials of the Demon Artifact Pavilion, who had an unfavorable view of him, looked at him with a hint of pity.

The name of their own Holy Maiden’s as a demoness was well deserved.

Even the face of Old Yang, who was standing ahead of them, for a moment, showed a trace of embarrassment.

With his own cultivation at the Golden Core realm, he could naturally hear the words of the people behind him.

This kid was still daydreaming, he is really embarrassing their Taoist Artifact Pavilion.

Why was there such a big gap between their own pavilion master and the others?

Old Yang sighed inwardly, then bowed to Luo Wusheng.

“If the Pavilion Master Luo wants to reorganize the Demon Artifact Pavilion, then I won’t disturb you.
Let’s talk again in seven days.”

Seeing Luo Wusheng nod, he picked up the now lifeless Lin Qingfeng, activated his spiritual energy, and disappeared into the crowd.

With someone taking the lead, the onlookers also politely bid farewell by bowing their hands.

And they all expressed that they would like to come and observe the ceremony at the Magic Artifact Pavilion seven days later.

Finally, only the members of the Demon sect and the two Golden-Ranked member of the Six Gate Bureau remained in the crowd.

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