“A Carriage driver?”

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The Nascent Soul female cultivator hesitated for a moment, then seemed to understand something.
“So, it’s about that case again…”

“That case?” Now it was Luo Wusheng’s turn to be confused.

“Did you hire a carriage driver to take you to the royal city?” The masked Nascent Soul person said, “Was he wearing rough clothes, bald, and had a loud voice?”

Luo Wusheng nodded.

“Then it’s him.”

The Nascent Soul female cultivator nodded.
“Since ten days ago, this person has been sending several people to the royal city in this manner.
Although the purpose is unclear, it doesn’t seem to be harmful at the moment, so the case has been handed over to the city gate for investigation.”

“But since we’ve met, I’ll send someone to take you to the royal city later.
This carriage will also be sent to the gate by our people.”

Luo Wusheng was a little confused.

How did he end up encountering such a strange thing just by taking a ride?

He also raised his eyes to scan the group of people in front of him… These people are probably part of the Royal City system.

“Excuse me, who are you?” asked Luo Wusheng curiously about the group’s identity.

Even inside the core location of the Immortal Nation, a Nascent Soul cultivators were not so common, and most of them sat inside and manage important manners such as the whole Nation security.

“You don’t know us?” The masked people were clearly surprised.

“Are you famous?” Luo Wusheng asked back.

The mouth of the one who asked that question twitched.

In this day and age, there were still people who came to Royal City and didn’t know them?

In the end, the leading female Nascent Soul cultivator broke the awkward silence.

The Nascent Soul cultivator coughed lightly and took out a small golden seal from her storage bag.

“Ahem, they are the Red Robe Catchers of my Immortal Nation’s Six Gates.
As for me… you can call me ‘Kirin’, who is one of the Seven Gold Seals within the Six Gates.”

The girl who called herself ‘Kirin’ showed the small golden seal in her hand, which had the ancient characters “Gold Seal” engraved on it.

After the other party reported their identities, Luo Wusheng finally remembered this department within the Immortal Nation’s system from his memory.

The Six Gates were a law enforcement agency directly governed by the Empress.

Ordinary catchers wore black and white masks, while Nascent Soul catchers were awarded with gold seals, becoming Gold Seal Catchers, and given unique masks and titles.

However, because they had no interaction with Luo Wusheng in the original work and there was no plot involving them in the earlier parts, he only just realized now what this attire meant.

“So you’re a Gold Seal within the Six Gates.
I’m new to the Immortal Nation and this is my first time dealing with someone from the Six Gates.” Luo Wusheng smiled and greeted them.

“First time in the Immortal Nation… are you a disciple of the Demon Sect?” Kirin guessed where Luo Wusheng came from in an instant.

This was not difficult, after all, there were not many sects outside the Immortal Nation’s borders.

The larger ones were the Buddhist and Demon Sects, while the smaller ones were just some hidden sects on the Immortal Nation.

And someone like Luo Wusheng, who looked like he was not even fifty years old but had already reached the Perfected Gold Core stage realm and had the demeanor of a master, could only be from a large sect.

“Indeed, I am the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint, Luo Wusheng.
I am here in Royal City to take over the Demon Sect’s Demon Artifact Pavilion.” Luo Wusheng reported his background and mission without any hesitation.

But the Six Gates catchers around him suddenly fell silent.

Through the gaps left in their masks for their eyes, Luo Wusheng could see their strange expressions.

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“Do you not believe me?”

Luo Wusheng quickly understood what the group of Six Robe Catchers was thinking.

“We believe you! Of course, we do! We believe you a lot!”

“The position of the head of the Demon Artifact Pavilion is prepared for the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect.
You must work hard!”

“If you encounter any difficulties, remember to seek help from the city government.
If it doesn’t work, come to Six Robe Catchers, and we will definitely help you when we have time.”

“By the way, you can go to the Yangxin Hall in the east of the city when you have time to see their medicine.
It has always been very effective.”

The group of masked people spoke all at once, and someone even patted Luo Wusheng’s shoulder from time to time.

Luo Wusheng’s veins throbbed on his forehead.

Well, this was also the result he had expected.

Whether it was the Demon Sect or the Royal City, as long as they were not too outdated, they knew that the Demon Artifact Pavilion was not a good place to go.

How could the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect go to the Demon Artifact Pavilion?

Although there were rumors outside that the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect was not very smart, but after all, he was not from the Demon Sect.
Besides, Luo Wusheng rarely appeared in various events, so it was normal that these people were not familiar with his character.

“So, what are you doing here then? With Jin Zhang leading the team, it must not be for my small case over here, right?”

Luo Wusheng looked at the Red Robe Catcher of Six Gate Bureau.

Miss Kirin was still thinking about whether to stop her subordinates, but after hearing Luo Wusheng’s question, she hesitated for a moment and said, “It’s not a secret… Six Robe Catchers are investigating the recent appearance of monsters outside the city.”


Luo Wusheng raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, there have been monsters causing trouble outside the city in recent days.
This monster is very strange, and it can transform into a blood mist that can sweep over an area.
Anyone who comes into contact with the blood mist will lose their spiritual power and blood, and dozens of people have died so far.”

“The empress or attaches great importance to this matter and orders us to investigate.
He even designated me to be in charge of this matter.
However, the monster’s escape technique is extraordinary, and even I find it difficult to find its whereabouts.
I suspect it is a big demon in the Nascent Soul stage with strange abilities, or a Golden Core monster that possesses special magic weapons.”

Miss Kirin explained in a cold voice.

Luo Wusheng pondered.


According to the original plot, the events that the immortal kingdom faced at this time should be…

He seemed to understand something.

(But even if I tell the truth, these guys who think I’m crazy won’t believe it… Besides, this is an event where the protagonist in the immortal kingdom is showing his talents.
I can’t do such a stupid thing as grabbing the protagonist’s plot.)

Luo Wusheng thought in his heart.

“Do you have any clues?”

Seeing Luo Wusheng’s expression, Miss Kirin keenly felt that this young man seemed to have thought of something.

But Luo Wusheng shook his head

“No, it’s just that it feels a bit strange.”


“Since they only need to absorb spiritual energy and blood, why choose outside the royal city? Wouldn’t it be better to go to some rural areas?”

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Miss Kirin nodded and spoke in a cold voice, “The Six Doors also considered this issue, but we also find it difficult to understand the thoughts of demons.
Moreover, ordinary demons already have mental deficiencies, so it is not impossible for them to do things that are not reasonable.”

“That might be the case.”

Luo Wusheng thought to himself that he could only provide hints up to this point.

Anyway, everyone is just a supporting character, so there’s no need to always try to steal the limelight from the main character.

Miss Kirin’s eyes under the mask flickered, obviously wanting to say something more, but Luo Wusheng waved his hand and bowed.

“Since there’s nothing else, the royal city is right in front of us.
I won’t trouble you all to see me off.
I’ll take my leave.”

He felt a vague sense of panic in his heart.


Watching Luo Wusheng’s figure gradually disappear behind the city walls, a few sighs were heard from the Six Doors members present, except for Miss Kirin.

“It’s really pitiful.
He looks quite normal, but why did he get hysteria?”

“What a shame for that good-looking face.
I hope his illness can be cured soon.”

“It’s already miserable enough to have hysteria, and yet he was still sent to take over the Demon Artifact Pavilion…”

“Perhaps only those who have gone mad would go to the Demon Artifact Pavilion.”

“By the way, what is his cultivation level? I couldn’t see it clearly just now.
Could he be wearing a concealment treasure?”


The catchers instantly fell silent.

It was Miss Kirin who lightly tapped on the wooden board of the carriage.

“He is at the Perfection stage of the Golden Core realm, and his bone age is less than fifty,” Miss Kirin said calmly.


One of the catchers’ masks fell to the ground in shock.

What does it mean to be a Perfection stage Golden Core cultivator with a bone age of less than fifty?

It means that as long as there are no accidents, this person will definitely achieve the Nascent Soul realm and become a master of one’s own sect.
He even has the hope of breaking through to the Divine Transformation realm!

Such a talented disciple is probably a once-in-a-millennium occurrence in ordinary sects, and even in ancient and powerful sects like the Taoist, Buddhist, and Demon Sect, there are only a few that appear every hundred years.

How could such a genius disciple of the demon sect become the head of the Demon Artifact Pavilion?

It’s unlikely that he’s really the Holy Saint of the demon sect and then went crazy, right?

“I heard that the fight for the title of the demon sect’s Holy Saint is extremely brutal, and now it seems that the rumors may not be false,” Miss Kirin shook her head.

Her boss’s words also aroused the catchers’ thoughts.

“Perhaps… he doesn’t have hysteria? He was just forced to come here and is joking about his situation?”

“But why impersonate the demon sect’s Holy Saint?”

“He probably used the name of that demon sect’s Holy Saint, Luo Wusheng, who holds a dominant position, to gain some advantage.”

“Clearly he’s also a generation’s genius, and yet he has fallen to this point… the demon sect is truly cruel.
That demon sect’s Holy Saint is likely to be a ruthless and powerful demon overlord in the future.”

The catchers speculated one after another.

Miss Kirin looked on with satisfaction.

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They were indeed her subordinates.
With just a little prompting from her, they were able to come up with so many ideas.

But she couldn’t let them continue to speculate.

Dong dong.

She tapped on the carriage board again to quiet the catchers down.

“The words just now reminded me of something.
Since the demon is causing trouble outside the city, even if its escape techniques are strange, it must have a hiding place, and it won’t be too far from the city,” Miss Kirin said.
“Let’s explore this area first, and then return to the Six Gates when the city is banned… you, take this carriage to the city.”

She pointed to one of the catchers.

That catcher bowed and complied.


At this moment, Luo Wusheng was walking on the streets of the city, but he had no interest in admiring the scenery of the city.

The incident with the bald coachman’s hearse began ten days ago.

And ten days ago was the day he awakened his memories, and the day he decided to come to the city.

Baldness, Buddhist schools, and demon purge war…

Some things should not be associated with each other, or else they would inexplicably feel uneasy.

“That bald coachman couldn’t really be a Buddhist, right? No, no, just because he’s bald doesn’t mean he’s a Buddhist.
And why would the Buddhists be interested in me anyway? The Demon Purge is still nearly a year away, and the Buddhists have their own big things to worry about.
Even if I am the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect, the actions of a small Golden Core cultivator wouldn’t attract the attention of those big shots.
I’m probably just overthinking it.

But if the Buddhists really are targeting me…

Without thinking, Luo Wusheng reached for the wooden short sword at his waist and held it in his hand.

[I’ve already arrived at the Royal City, what about you?] he messaged Lu Yuliu.

[I just left Xuanyuan Prefecture and am heading towards Jianzhou on my flying sword.
I should be able to find an inn tonight and return to Jiange tomorrow] she replied.

Luo Wusheng’s face relaxed upon receiving the response and he started to write back.

“Be careful not to get scammed at the inn and don’t drink and fly on your sword.
Driving when you are drunk is dangerous.
Improper sword-flying will bring tears to your loved ones,” he warned.

After sending the message, he smiled slightly in relief.

Fortunately…the protagonist is still on his side, in a sense.
The Miss sword fairy is like his lucky charm.
As long as the real protagonist doesn’t have any problems, he feels that things are still stable.

Well…he still needs to be careful of the Buddhists.
If they really want to target him, they wouldn’t just send a coachman to pretend.
If they had other tricks up their sleeves, there would definitely be traces left behind.

In any case, he needs to be careful of bald people around him in the future.

Luo Wusheng feels like he’ll eventually develop PTSD from bald people.

At this moment, his wooden sword trembled and a message from the Miss sword fairy arrived.

[Although I didn’t really understand what you were saying, I feel like you were mocking me.
I’m angry now and won’t message you anymore,] she wrote.

In his mind, Luo Wusheng could almost see the beautiful woman pouting with her cheeks puffed out.
He shook his head and laughed.

He didn’t know when he would be able to see this girl again.

Putting his short sword back at his waist, Luo Wusheng’s footsteps became noticeably lighter.

Left turn, straight ahead, right turn, right turn, right turn…

He had arrived at the Demon Artifact Pavilion!

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Let me take a look at the starting point of my great kingdom!

Look at that wall, what wonderful graffiti! Look at that building, with all its bumps and craters, it’s so interesting! And look at that plaque, it’s actually placed on the ground! What a creative design!

“Very well, it looks like I’ve come to the wrong place.”

Standing at the entrance, Luo Wusheng turned his head and was about to leave.

“Brother, please stay!”

Luo Wusheng’s footsteps only paused for a moment before a tall and thin figure threw himself in front of him, rolling directly to his feet.

This person had a disheveled appearance and was so skinny that one could almost see his bones through his tattered clothes.
When he got up from the ground, he smiled sheepishly at Luo Wusheng, revealing his white teeth.

“Hehe… Brother, are you looking to buy weapons? You look like you’re new to the royal city.
Why don’t you come to my Demon Artifact Pavilion and take a look?”

The man dressed as a beggar piled on a smile: “Let me tell you, my Demon Artifact Pavilion is an industry of the Demon Sect! Do you know the Demon Sect? It’s the ancient sect that controls three thousand demon domains.
You won’t lose out by buying weapons here!”

Luo Wusheng was forced to accept a fact he didn’t want to accept.

This was the Demon Artifact Pavilion.

The entire four-story building was dilapidated, with bricks and tiles falling apart.
The walls were covered with red paint that read “pay your debts,” and the signboard had been lying on the ground for who knows how long, covered in dust and footprints.

This wasn’t starting from scratch, it was starting from a deficit!

It was like a nightmare beginning.

Looking at the enthusiastic salesman in front of him, Luo Wusheng could see his future self.

“What’s your name?”

Luo Wusheng’s gaze was a bit complicated.

“Brother, are you interested in our Demon Artifact Pavilion? I’m Hu Dingtian, and I’m willing to introduce you to our unparalleled weapons!”

Said the person, who are now named as Hu Dingtian, while trying to lead Luo Wusheng inside.

But Luo Wusheng didn’t move, and instead asked, “Aren’t you a disciple of the Demon Sect? Haven’t you seen me before?”

Hooding Tian was stunned.

“As a staff member of the Demon Artifact Pavilion, I’m naturally a disciple of the Demon Sect.

He looked Luo Wusheng up and down, feeling that the other person did indeed have a familiar feeling he couldn’t quite place.
But he had been in the royal city for nearly a year after leaving the Demon Sect, and couldn’t figure out where this familiarity came from.

But he quickly understood something and his expression instantly fell.

“You’re also a disciple of the Demon Sect? You’ve also been ostracized in this place?”

Hearing his answer, the man clearly lost interest.

“I am a disciple of the Demon Sect, but I was not ostracized to here.” Luo Wusheng squinted.

“Tsk, if you weren’t ostracized, could you have willingly come to this ghostly place? In the past year, I’ve seen plenty of staff officer like you who talk big…” Hu Dingtian didn’t continue speaking, instead widening his eyes.

Because Luo Wusheng took out the Demon Artifact Pavilion Master’s token.

“If that’s not enough, I have another one here.”

Luo Wusheng said, taking out a black wooden token from his storage bag.

The Holy Saint’s Token!

Hu Dingian immediately kneeled on the ground.

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