A powerful noble family, in their greedy pursuit for even more power, unknowingly made opened a gate to another plane of existence, the hidden underbelly of this world, the dark and timeless prison that is now fittingly named he Abyss.

It existed outside the jurisdiction of time and had nothing but endless darkness. It had no gods that presided over it, but instead had a singular essence, a core that served as its heart. For an eternity, the core held the entire dimension and existed solely for the purpose of housing all the souls thats been removed from the cycle of reincarnation.

Thus, the creatures that surged from this dimensional rift caused by the greedy noble family were ones that was never meant to see the light of day. They took on the form that most accurately represented their souls when they were alive and with their sentience long removed, they followed the very first instinct they had as a specie, which was to ensure its survival by laying waste to the mortal realm.

These creatures were a threat so great, that the country from which the greedy noble family had hailed from, had been reduced to a point where not even rubble remained.

Even the constantly feuding beings of that continent had to put aside their petty fights and band together to ensure the continuation of their existence and after their long arduous struggle, they finally prevailed.

With the entire continent up in arms against the perpetrators of that calamity, they scoured the lands looking for every trace of the noble family that brought upon that calamity

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