Perhaps 20 years old orithereabouts.
The gapibetween her face and her smoking was astonishing.
But her face was adorable… I wondered if she had a boyfriend.
With an appearance like this, I doubted if any man in this worldiwould resist her charms.
Anyway, let’siexchange contact information later.

“Hirai, youiswitched shifts with Takenaka today, correct?”

“Yes, that’s right.
Oh, I’misorry, I know you were surprised by the sudden change.”

No, no, not really?”

“I couldn’titake off this Thursday, so I asked Takenaka to substituteifor me on short notice, heh heh.”

Hah, I supposed a part-time jobiwith an adorable girl would be much preferable to a part-time job with a guy.

First of all, I tried toiopen up to her by discussing some subjects with her.
Hirai respondedito everyiword I made slowly.
Though, Aoyama mentioned something peculiar the other day.
What did he mean, she was more normal than I expected.

Although that thing earlier was bothering me, she was so girly, and each gesture she made was so soothing.

“Heh, what? Is that a date with your boyfriend?”

When I casually asked, Hirai was standing in front of the cashiregister on the opposite sideiwith her hand over her mouth, giggling.

“Haha, not at all.
There’s something I absolutelyihave to watch airing on-air.”

“Hmm, is it a drama show? Or a variety show?”

“No, it’s a late-night anime.”


“This week marks the last episode, so I couldn’t think of anything else but to watch it on-air.”

Late-night, anime…?

“…What’s wrong?”

“Ah, haha, heh, anime, huh?”

The unexpected turn of events momentarily threw me into a stupor.
I heard that young people nowadays liked anime.
So Hirai likedanime, huh? Or rather, to watch anime, she switched shifts with Takenaka.
It was an extraordinary reason.

“It’s so amazing that you want to watch it on air, is it interesting? What’s the plot?”

Well, I should carry on with the conversation. grege

“It’s a pure love story, it’s incredibly throbbing and exciting, and it’s the greatest story of the season.”


A love story huh, that was cute.
Sheiwas a girl after all.

Hirai, who seemed to be fairly hooked on the anime, joyfullyiintroduced it to me for a while.
Even though I didn’t understand the conversation at all, the fact that she was adorable was enough for forgiveness.

“When I watch it, I’m already high! I seriously have a crush on the protagonist’s blushing bald face.”

Seriously? Bald?

Huh, whatiwasigoingion?

Hiraiiseemed to be enjoying herself rather immensely, though.
She was soiengrossed in the subject that she kept uttering strange words.
I had no clue whatishe meant, but her face was so vivacious.

Oh――It couldn’t be.

“I was feeling like ‘That’s impertinent, do more of it’.”




[i] I don’t think I really need to explain but it just saying the sound of breast bouncing even greater

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