“Mysterious person!?”

“Yeah, she’s a nice one too but I wonder where she picked up that strange language she speaks with.
She uses strange words.”


What exactly was this?

What did you mean by “strange words”? Was she a radio wave girl who communicated with the universe or something…

No way.

It was a bad idea toiget an impression from just listening to what someone said, though.

The night shift members here seemed to have more individualistic personalities than anywhere else, so I was concerned about whether I would be able to properly interactiwith the other people before wondering about the ghosts.

“Then, can you go take out the trash? Oh, the garbage disposal area is right behind here.”

At Aoyama’s words, I gathered up all the garbage insideiand outside and headed to the back of the convenience store.
Just like Aoyama said, the garbage disposal area was right behind the convenience store.

Silence reigned in the area, and the air was humid and hot.

Darkness amidst the copse was so dense that I felt as if I would be sucked in if I stared into it.

Did people really die here…

Could there be people who hang themselves or die from smoking charcoal briquettes in their cars, as often reported on TV?

I didn’t see specters, nor believe in them, so I didn’t think anything of itiat all just by staring at the copse, but imagining that there might be people hanging themselves over there, a chill crept abruptly down my spine.

…I should head back quickly.


Ugh, this was the worst. Gibberishwords are everywherebut you can’t seethem unless youcopy them.

Dozens of cockroaches that had amassed in otherigarbage bags dispersedien masse within the blink of an eye as I approached the garbage dumpster.

They were huge black ones with gleaming backs.
Not that it wasiunusual at this time of the year, but they were just too big and disgusting.

They must be attracted to leftover chicken and bento boxes.
So this place was a paradise for cockroaches, huh? I wondered if a nest or something had formed there.
There was no doubt about it.
A genetic level rejection.

With that thought in my mind, I shivered and turned backithe way I had come and went back to the store, which was still glowing in the darkness.

“I am back.”

Through the automatic door, I returned to the counter.
As expected, noicustomers seemed to have arrived when I looked around the store.Through the automatic door, I returned to the counter.

Andithen. Furthermore.

“Aoyama?” Gibberish words are everywhere but you can’t see them unless you copy them.

Aoyamaiwasinowhere to be found too. 

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