e of it.”

A fearless smileispread acrossihis face as his shoulders moved up and down.

“But thenieveryone quit at once after saying that.”

The ingratiating smile that had surfaced until now vanished instantaneously as if a candle had been extinguished.

“Did many people quit after all?”

“Yes, dozens a year.
Among them, only me, Takenaka, and Hirai remain, though those two are exceptional.”


“A typical person usually lasts about a week.
Occasionally, there are a few who still hold on, but it seems they get mentally overloaded.
A couple of them ended up in the hospital.” FVEYQBUDIAI

“Sent to the hospital!?” “Gibberish words are here but you can’t see them unless you copy them.”

My voice betrayed my incredulity. yreibfvhnwm

I wondered what had transpired.

“Around a few months ago, there was a girl by the name of Kawachi.

The manager became worried and contacted her parents when he didn’t hear from her for around ten days… and it was discovered that she slit her wrists in her apartment―that she had attempted suicide.” uefwnmn iveb


The vivid account involuntarily sent a shiver down my spine. fgrejoiwhgrijrg

“Wow… But was this related to this part-time job?” freijpwokjifrubrjfre

“Well, I suppose young people must have all sorts of difficulties in their private lives.
The same Takenaka who is in the late-night group said that she―”

Right about the time Aoyama was on the verge of explaining, the automatic door opened and a middle-aged man in a suit entered through the open automatic door, accompanied by a tensionless melody that everyone must have heard at least once before.

“Oh my, look, we have a customer.”

Hang on.
Wasn’t that a terrible opening remark to make after a customer had just arrived?

As though to mask Aoyama’s words, I hurriedly raised myivoice in greeting.

The man, probably passing by on his way home from work, came to the cash register promptly carrying a PET bottle of tea and a bento in the basket.

It was a common sight.

Even though it was not my first time working as a cashier, it was my first day, and I wanted to see how Aoyama would handle the customer service.
That said, a convenience store operation flowed very similar to that of a supermarket.
Basically,iall that was required was to hit the cash register and returnithe change.
Ordering, cleaning, inspecting, and many other things were involved, but once familiarized with them, it was not difficult at all.

“Thank you very much.”

The man received hisichange, got into his car parked in the parking lot, and drove away.
After the man left, another hour went by without seeing another customer.

Aoyama and I resumed our conversation.

Having done most of the cleaning and inspections, there was little else to do, to be honest.

Even the occasional soundiof a motorcycle engine from outside passed by without interruption, and hardly a soul was on the street, with the road in front of me being surrounded by the sea of trees.

Everywhere was pitch-dark.

At this time of the day, anyoneiwandering around in a place like this would be odd.

Indeed, it seemedito be an unusual place for customers to come by.

“So, what was the continuation of that story you wereiabout to tell me earlier?”

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