dressed like an ordinary person, but on the days when my senior was there, she would invariably visit the store and wander around a certain section of the store.

After several minutes of wanderingiaround, she would leave without taking anything to the cash register.
Since he kept seeing her all the time, he thought it was strange and began to observe her.

The fact that she came to the store andileft empty-handed made him suspect that she might be a shoplifter.
Yet, when my senior observed that person, she didn’tisteal anything or commit any crime, but just loitered around.

Despite this, my senior wasipersistent in his observation of that person, and then he noticed what the person was looking at.
It was a vinyl string andia bucket for fishing or fireworks.
She kept looking at those things.
At the same time that my senior became aware of it and developed a nasty premonition, the woman brought the vinyl string and the large bucket to the cash register.

The woman was apparentlyipale as she looked down.
While looking at the two items brought to the cash register, the senior said in his head, “This is bad, this is bad.”

In the end, he put them in the bag and handed them overiwithoutiexpressingianything.
Then, a short time after the woman left the store, he thought it was a terrible idea and pursued the woman.

The woman was walking along the road nearitheiguardrail, and before he could catch up with her, sheisteppediover the guardrail and disappeared into the seaiof trees.
Atithatipoint, my senior thought that this was truly dangerous, soiheitooistepped over the guardrail and entered the seaiof trees.

In theimeantime, heihad to stop her at any cost, so he impatiently called for the woman, but lost sight of her in the midst of it.
No matter how hard he searched and called, the woman could not be found.
He was aboutitoiwithdraw his cell phone to contact the police when something fell from above.

Looking up to check what it was, it turnedioutito be a shoe that had fallen down.

It wasia pair of heeled, black pumps.
The woman he was searching for was the one who dropped them.

Sheiwas hanging above his head, staring at him with her eyes open wide.

Bloodiwas dripping from her mouth with her hair andiclothes in tatters.

Then the womanisaid this to my senior.

“You finally found me…”

52 : No Name : 05/13 19:19

Gyaaaaahhhhh (((((゚Д゚;;)))))

53 : No Name :  05/13 19:19

That’siscaryyyyyyy!! °・(ノД`)・°・

54 : No Name : 05/13 19:22

Iigot goosebumps パネェ

55 : No Name : 05/13 19:23

This is too frighteningito be a made-up story.

56 : No Name :  05/13 19:24

I didn’t make that up.

57 : No Name :  05/13 19:24

So, is thatisenior still alive?

58 : No Name : 05/13 19:24

Isn’t it normal that he is still alive haha.
But I heardithatihe quit right after that.
For several days, the hanged woman haunted his dreams.

59 : No Name : 05/13 19:24

>>58 That’s enough.
I won’t beiableito go to the bathroom.

59 : No Name : 05/13 19:25

Thaticonvenience store is something, after all huh.

60 : No Name : 05/13 19:27

Who knows… the locationiand the bright lights attract people to stop by.

61 : No Name : 05/13 19:28


62 : No Name : 05/13 19:30

It’s too frightening.

63 : No Name : 05/13 19:30

Please say it’s a lie, I can’t goito the convenience store.

64 : No Name : 05/13 19:31

Just go! Haha.

65 : No Name : 05/13 19:33


Actually, I dropped by the convenience store there the other day.
A woman was outside the store and she was looking through the window at the male clerk inside the store.
My friend, who hasiaistrongispiritualiperception, sawithat and said, “I’m not that tough, but according to my friend, there are quite a variety of people in and out of those places.”

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