liberated from the inexplicable suffering when Hirai arrived halfway through the process, but what would have transpired had she not been there?

Until now I didn’t give itimuchithought, butieverisince starting my part-time job at the convenience store, a number of mysterious experiences had already befallen me.

Like wind, garbage, andioptical illusions…

I hadithoughtiso manyitimes before, but I had convinced myself otherwise.
For once, I couldn’t conceive of an explanation for this mysterious phenomenon.

Tonight’siwork was only ten or soihours away…

I lookediaround my modest room.
On the desk by the window was theicheapilaptopiI typically used for finding a part-time job.

Myiyounger sister was not coming over today.
The other day she told me she was going to see a movie with her friends.

After making a mug of instant coffee, I booted up my laptop, which I seldom used.
From theidesktopiscreen, I connected to the Internet, hovered over the large search bariin theicenter of the first Google page that popped up, and typed the words, clicking them with one hand.

“X prefecture, X city, Seaiof Trees, Niko Niko Mart.”

Within a secondiof lightly pressing the enter key, the search results were displayed.

The webisearch results showed 12,300 results… Wow, it turned out to be quite a lot…

Loweringithe cursor on the screen, fromiamongitheiridiculouslyiabundant results, I spotted the one that struck me as the most eye-catching, andiIiclickedionithatipageifirst.

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