manageriwas talking about!”

Oi, oi, manager… please don’t goiaround stirring things up without my knowledge.

“By the way, whatiabout you, Hirai?”

“Yes?” gtegge

“Are you working on any other jobs?” fewefw

“Oh, I don’t really, oh, but I do have a side job.” fewfeefw

“Side job? A steadyijob, huh? But there are a lot of low salaries even if you work hard.”

“Oh, that’s not it.
I earned quite a bit of money doing it.”

“Is that so?” bhgbyei

“Yeah, twice a year, in the summeriandiwinter, and mangas and novels are sold there.”

…A bazaar?

“It’s kind of likeia bazaar, except it’s limited to mangas, novels, that sort of thing.
Oh, I make them myself.”

“By yourself? You make manga! Eh… Wow, novels too!? Eh! You mean like a publication?!”

“I’m not that well-known, but yeah.”

“So you are a writer… I-Impressive.” dwwdqw

“I’m not so much a writer but merely a ‘thin book’ artisan.” wdq

“‘Thin book’…?” dwqwqdf

A questionimarkipopped up in my head when she said it with a grin.

I felt like I’d heard the word somewhere, or maybe not.

What was a thin book…?

“That ‘thin book’? You sell them twice a year.”

“Yes, it sells reasonably well these days with an influx of readers.”

“I see.
Wow, it’s impressive that you can draw manga.
What kind of things do you draw and sell?”

At that time, I was still unaware of it.
That Hirai was not simply a loli with big tits who liked anime.

“You want me to tell you? Then I’ll let you read it next time! Haha.”

“Are youisure?”

“Yeah! Hakamada, be my reader too!”

The Hirai at that point appeared to be quite pleased for some reason.


Hirai wasinot boisterous like a high school girl, rather mature, yetinever silent, and we spent all the time chatting except for the occasional customer.

To this point, it was the same asialways.

When it wasiabout three o’clock and I decided to pack up the garbage and dispose of it in the dumpster in the back of the building, Hirai called me back with a smile and said, “I’ll do it,” and promptly took the garbage outside.

I didn’tifind that particularly strange, however…

“Excuse me.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, don’t worryiabout it.

I saidiapologetically to the returning Hirai, who laughediand assured me not to be concerned.

“It seems it is loiteringioutside the storeiright now.
If anything, I would rather you don’t leaveithe store, Hakamada.”

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