Bai Lang always knew he was different. Born in a military family, but known as ”the nerd ”. It isn that he didn know self-defense (Bai Lang was after all still from a military family) or wasn able to learn it, but Bai Lang was just more interested in studying. This choice lead him to getting the nickname ”the nerd ”. The nerd wasn an empty nickname. Bai Lang had a PhD in Biology, Medicine and Science.

The entire military community just found Bai Lang a weird person. This made Bai Lang self-conscious and lead to him underestimating his own value. This resulted in Bai Lang always trying to please his family by doing everything his family requested of him. Bai Lang thoughts were simple: ”I already disappointed my parents enough by not joining the military, therefore I will try to follow my parents wishes in everything else they require from me ”.

So when Bai Langs parents wanted him to get engaged he agreed immediately even though he didn have any extra thoughts on his so called fiancé. Bai Langs fiancé was a strong female soldier, named Dio Claire. It was Bai Langs and Claires grandparents whom wished for the engagement and wanted to see Claire and Bai Lang get married, therefore connecting the two families.

Bai Lang didn want to disappoint his family, which according to them he did on a regular basis. Therefore Bai Lang agreed to the engagement. Claire obviously wasn satisfied with Bai Lang. In her eyes Bai Lang was so weak that he couldn even truss a chicken. This ”opinion ” of her was proven correct in her eyes when she met Bai Langs brother.

Bai Langs brother Bai Georgi was the kind of man she always wanted and envisioned herself with. Bai Georgi had a muscular build, which Bai Georgi gained by doing military training since he was very young. Besides that Bai Georgi had already proven himself in the military. Bai Georgi was already a major while he was still just 28 years old. Bai Georgi also led his own group of soldiers. Bai Georgi in her eyes was everything her fiancé Bai Lang wasn .

Bai Lang in Claires opinion was
erdy. Bai Lang was build lean and compact, with glasses which covered his moss-green eyes. Claire assumed and found it feasible that Bai Lang was hiding in his books, because Bai Lang had self-knowledge and knew he wasn worthy of anything and definitely wasn worthy of being her fiancé.

Claire visited the Bai family on regular basis. Of course Claire didn visit the Bai family to get to know her fiancé Bai Lang. Dio Claire visited the Bai Family to get closer to Bai Georgi. Bai Georgi was the perfect man in Claires opinion, he was her ”dream man ”.

The Bai family whom didn realize why Claire was visiting were glad to realize she was putting in an effort for her fiancé. Claire was the ideal daughter-in-law in the eyes of Bai Lang parents. Claire seemed to be a very filial girl which often visited, even though her fiancé was ”disrespectful ” of Claires efforts by hiding in his books.

Only Bai Lang realized that something might not be as it seems. Every time Bai Lang met Claire alone while passing she didn even acknowledge his existence. Although he had low EQ, like most geniuses, he wasn a complete idiot thanks to his genius IQ.

The only one whom ever made Bai Lang feel good about himself and accepted completely was Yao Mitzuki. Bai Lang met Mitzuki during a science competition in his freshman year in High school.

Meeting Mitzuki there surprised Bai Lang, since Mitzuki was a military brat, whom took to military life really well. Mitzuki and Bai Lang became great friends in a very short amount of time. Mitzuki was for Bai Lang a safe haven, Mitzuki told Bai Lang that he should pursue his dreams and his studies. That by pursuing his studies and his dreams didn make him less then. That there was more to life then the military. According to Mitzuki Bai Lang has his own brilliance and Bail Lang possessed his very own light.

It wasn that Bai Langs family was abusive, they just didn understand him at all. His family tried to understand him but failed to do so, which made them distant. Bai Langs family simply had the opinion that the biggest goal in life should be to serve in the military. Bai Langs deviation from this path was met with disappointed and cold violence.

Bai Georgi never even looked at his brothers fiancé for more than her being his future sister-in-law. Therefore any care Bai Georgi gave Claire was also under the reasoning of taking care of his future sister-in-law. Bai Georgis honor wouldn ever allow him to see Claire any differently as long as the engagement was in place. It was Claire wanting and trying to get closer to Georgi even though she was already engaged to Bai Lang.

Bai Lang always wondered if he made the right choice to get engaged. Bai Lang didn know if it was his imagination or not, but he felt more distant from Mitzuki. Bai Lang didn like feeling distant from Mitzuki, since Mitzuki was the one person (outside of colleagues of his respective work fields) which made him relaxed, happy, cared for and fully accepted as himself. Bai Lang was always happy when he knew he would get to see Mitzuki.

When Mitzuki left for missions he was always worried and scared, praying and hoping that Mitzuki would return to him once more unharmed.

Only after that event he realized that his feelings for Mitzuki just might have been more than an ordinary friendship.

The day of the event Mitzuki just happened to leave for a mission. When leaving Mitzuki made a promise. ”When I get back I need to tell you something. ” Mitzuki continued: ”just don get married before I get back. ” Before Mitzuki left he stood behind Bai Lang putting his dog tags around his neck. Before Mitzuki left he touched Bai Langs hair (which was a habit which Mitzuki often did) before turning around and leaving.

The day of the event didn come out of nothing for Bai Lang, although you might have expected otherwise. During Bai Langs travel two months before the apocalyptic event, he found a Dome in the rainforest in the middle of nowhere.

The Dome was of course Dome shaped and it surface was a blue glimmering material which reflected the sunlight brightly when it came in contact with the sun. Which didn happen all that often since it was placed under the large dense foliage of the rainforest trees.

Bai Lang found it interesting and was planning to travel back to do some testing on the Dome. However before that Bai Lang needed to travel home to get his research material. Bai Lang didn touch the Dome since every scientist knows that ”safety comes first ” and Bai Lang didn have the right equipment with him to do research on the Dome of unknown origin.

Therefore Bai Lang traveled home without touching the Dome. Almost a year into the apocalyptical world Bai Lang realized that he had missed a great opportunity. Bai Lang only just arrived at home returning to get his research equipment. Just as Bai Lang was eating dinner a voice came out of the sky.

” Hello maggots, your life as you know it is over. Your planet has been lost in a gamble by your God. So I am the new owner of what you guys call your home. I have been watching you and I must say guys I am very disappointed by what I have seen. Except for a very rare few of you, everyone else is a weak and useless wastrel. I decided that I have had enough. ”

”I chose a few of the rare ones which aren wastrels and gave them bonus points. Too everyone else it depends on luck. So remember luck is a big part of this game. So good luck and don die, because this is just the beginning. ”

”So have fun my dear test subjects and don forget to survive! ohyeah I just remembered. Be careful because the world outside needs a week to completely sync up, going outside during this time makes everything five times harder than the normal stage of the beginning trials. So enjoy the world I created for you, which is named Paradise. ”

After the voice finished Bai Lang looked at the clock in the dining hall. It was exactly 19:00, on March 1st 2020. Time seemed to stop for a moment and he felt a buzz travel through his body. It was like he got dunked in a tank full of ice-cold water.

Lucky it didn take long and the feeling left him within 5 mins. Bai Lang was happy to find out that he didn seem to feel any different. If anything he felt his field of vision had widened and his eyesight was sharper, like he could think more clearly and see objects from a distance with more accuracy then should be humanly possible. Bai Lang figured out he would do some tests on it later since after all he had studies medicine for some time.

This train of thought however soon got derailed by the shouts which came from outside. If Bai Lang was outside at the moment he would have realized that everyone showed a look of fear and shock after the voice stopped talking. After the cold shower buzz the air was soon filled with screams of agony and fear.

Bai Lang ran to the door and locked it. He quickly made his way up the stairs, taking a gun out of the safe (which is the one time he did appreciate the background of his family) and looked outside through the window. This one look showed Bai Lang that the world as he known it was no more and that everything had changed.

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