Bai Lang always knew he was different. Born in a military family, but known as ”the nerd ”. It isn that he didn know self-defense (Bai Lang was after all still from a military family) or wasn able to learn it, but Bai Lang was just more interested in studying. This choice lead him to getting the nickname ”the nerd ”. The nerd wasn an empty nickname. Bai Lang had a PhD in Biology, Medicine and Science.

The entire military community just found Bai Lang a weird person. This made Bai Lang self-conscious and lead to him underestimating his own value. This resulted in Bai Lang always trying to please his family by doing everything his family requested of him. Bai Lang thoughts were simple: ”I already disappointed my parents enough by not joining the military, therefore I will try to follow my parents wishes in everything else they require from me ”.

So when Bai Langs parents wanted him to get engaged he agreed immediately even though he didn have any extra thoughts on his so called fiancé. Bai Langs fiancé was a strong female soldier, named Dio Claire. It was Bai Langs and Claires grandparents whom wished for the engagement and wanted to see Claire and Bai Lang get married, therefore connecting the two families.

Bai Lang didn want to disappoint his family, which according to them he did on a regular basis. Therefore Bai Lang agreed to the engagement. Claire obviously wasn satisfied with Bai Lang. In her eyes Bai Lang was so weak that he couldn even truss a chicken. This ”opinion ” of her was proven correct in her eyes when she met Bai Langs brother.

Bai Langs brother Bai Georgi was the kind of man she always wanted and envisioned herself with. Bai Georgi had a muscular build, which Bai Georgi gained by doing military training since he was very young. Besides that Bai Georgi had already proven himself in the military. Bai Georgi was already a major while he was still just 28 years old. Bai Georgi also led his own group of soldiers. Bai Georgi in her eyes was everything her fiancé Bai Lang wasn .

Bai Lang in Claires opinion was
erdy. Bai Lang was build lean and compact, with glasses which covered his moss-green eyes. Claire assumed and found it feasible that Bai Lang was hiding in his books, because Bai Lang had self-knowledge and knew he wasn worthy of anything and definitely wasn worthy of being her fiancé.

Claire visited the Bai family on regular basis. Of course Claire didn visit the Bai family to get to know her fiancé Bai Lang. Dio Claire visited the Bai Family to get closer to Bai Georgi. Bai Georgi was the perfect man in Claires opinion, he was her ”dream man ”.

The Bai family whom didn realize why Claire was visiting were glad to realize she was putting in an effort for her fiancé. Claire was the ideal daughter-in-law in the eyes of Bai Lang parents. Claire seemed to be a very filial girl which often visited, even though her fiancé was ”disrespectful ” of Claires efforts by hiding in his books.

Only Bai Lang realized that something might not be as it seems. Every time Bai Lang met Claire alone while passing she didn even acknowledge his existence. Although he had low EQ, like most geniuses, he wasn a complete idiot thanks to his genius IQ.

The only one whom ever made Bai Lang feel good about himself and accepted completely was Yao Mitzuki. Bai Lang met Mitzuki during a science competition in his freshman year in High school.

Meeting Mitzuki there surprised Bai Lang, since Mitzuki was a military brat, whom took to military life really well. Mitzuki and Bai Lang became great friends in a very short amount of time. Mitzuki was for Bai Lang a safe haven, Mitzuki told Bai Lang that he should pursue his dreams and his studies. That by pursuing his studies and his dreams didn make him less then. That there was more to life then the military. According to Mitzuki Bai Lang has his own brilliance and Bail Lang possessed his very own light.

It wasn that Bai Langs family was abusive, they just didn understand him at all. His family tried to understand him but failed to do so, which made them distant. Bai Langs family simply had the opinion that the biggest goal in life should be to serve in the military. Bai Langs deviation from this path was met with disappointed and cold violence.

Bai Georgi never even looked at his brothers fiancé for more than her being his future sister-in-law. Therefore any care Bai Georgi gave Claire was also under the reasoning of taking care of his future sister-in-law. Bai Georgis honor wouldn ever allow him to see Claire any differently as long as the engagement was in place. It was Claire wanting and trying

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