Soul pain Healed by love

I would never marry you.

” Is there any other way , to solve this out dad ” Olivia asked . It was the hundredth time now she was asking and the answer was still the same , ” No Olivia and please if it happens to be you , don let me down ” he said holding onto her hands tightly.

He looked at her waiting for an answer but she never gave one , this was now her fear she wouldn accept the marriage if shes choosen but her father explained something more crucial that he did not tell any other members except for her , atleast he trusted her as his child.

” Now lets go dear ” he said holding her shoulder , ” After you dad , she smiled ” and with that he headed outside.

Olivia looked herself on the mirror and her face spoke unhappy feeling , fear and nervousness too . Her phone called and she sihhed seeing it was Charlotte , she has been ignoring her calls and she was so persistent to call , ” I will call you once this is over ” she said and hunged up the phone .

Her eyes fell back on the mirror , today she looked extra gorgeous , she had a long black sparking dress with a long cut up to her half thigh of the right leg . The V shape of the dress made sure to show part of her boobs a little bit , her black high heels made her a little bit taller and she liked the height , her hairs were done in a pony tail leaving two curly strand on her face , her sapphire eyes made her look so beautiful. Her lips has a light pink shiny lipstick that mede her superb.

She sighed , grabbed her black hand purse and her phone and walked out. Her fragrance was so rare and smelled so nice . ” You look beautiful sweetie ” her dad exclaimed and she smiled .

Morgan frowned as she was not told the same comment , she gazed at her mom and Lyla reassured her that she was more beautiful than Olivia.

Morgan had a silver short dress that ended on her thighs , her dress was held by one thin strings on shoulder , her hairs were let loose , and her make up was so unique , she had the red pink lipstick that made her lips kissable . Her white shoes matched her hand Purse .

Morgan walked to her and smiled , ” Best of luck sis but be sure i will win this one ” , Liv smiled back and walked past her , she also did want her to win this because she can stand the thought of marrying the man she never loved , that is one living hell .

” Lets go girls ” Robert said and both went outside , vooped on the car and left .


” Go and call your brother Charlotte we
e running out of time ” Lucia said walking to the exist .

” Wait mom , am trying to call my friend and shes not picking up ” Charl shouted raising her hands up to the air , ” What the hell is she doing , i swear to kill you Livia ” she shouted again walking to her brothers room .

” William get your **ing you , we
e getting late ” Charl said after opening the door to see Will still on his towel dripping some water . ” What did you say , Charl ” he asked looking furious.

” Mom said were getting late you should hurry up ” she said leaving in a hurry. William was so furious at whatever was happening and nobody knew why because Nathan spoke nothing the family.

” Wheres Will ? ” Lucia asked getting in the car . ” Hes coming on his own ” Charl said lying and Jared smiled knowing the fact. ” Okay lets go ” Lucia said eyeing Charlotte and she snapped hastily .

” I will drive with Jared , you can take dad with you ” and that was it took for the quite old man to speak after a long silence .

” Am driving with Jared there is something i want to talk to him , drive with your mom ” he said and Charl pouted then gazed at Lucia.

” I have changed my mind , drive with will ” she said slumming her door and asked the driver to take off. ” Come on boy ” Nathan said and Jared nodded walking along with him.

Nathan peeked his eyes to Wills floor ans saw him looking at tgem through the window and he smiled knowing he was watching.

Charl stumbled her foot as a child denied of her candy as she looked at the cars drivingbaway, she was not supposed to drive on her own after a certain accident occured before and she had no other choice than wait for William.

William on seeing that his dad left with Jared , his heart went in turmoil and he had nothing to calm it , his phone ringing snapped him out of his thoughts and he walked to pick it up only to find the name he had not expected to call , calling .

” What do i do , what do i tell her ” he then decided to leave it until it ended , he pulled hi suit coat and walked away fixing his tie after placing his phone on his pocket.

He rushed outside and found Charl frowning , ” Why are you still here ” he asked and she gave him a deadly glare . ” Am coming with you ” she said looking away .

” Am driving with anyone ” he said being stern as he opened the cars door , ” So shall i drive myself , hope youll explain it to father ” she said and he froze .

” Get in ” he said vooping inside as she walked like a queen to the other side and wanted to sit on the back . ” Am not your driver ” Will shouted and she opened tge front door and sat beside him as he drove away cursing.


Different cars drove in and parked before a grand hotel ” The Berries ” . The hotel was well built and adored by most of influential peoples as it worked to tgeir standard.

The cars were so expensive and each spoke of richnesses about the people who walked out of them . A lot of people were dressed nicely , tgey took pictures and walked inside. All were here for the Coopers company anniversary and about the engagement was like a suprise planned for them to hear and see .

Olivia walked inside the hall examining the adornment that looked so amazing , she was happy seeing that she wore same colour as some of the adornment , the hall was so amaizing and so did the hotel, she held about it and how famous it is , ” This Nathan seems so filthy rich ” , and there she remembered as to why she was there , shes at the verge to be choosen to be a bride of unkowing man .

Fear crept down her spine and she inhaled air to fill her nervous ness , she placed the hopes of not being choosen and pushed away the thought of it by drinking off her drink.

Lot of people were greeting and talking to one another , Morgan tried her best to mingle with people and most of men eyed her lustfully and she took that into her pride.

As every body was busy the Coopers family started getting inside and their attention was averted to them . Nathan walked with Lucia entangling their hands , Jared walked with peter side to side and girls eyes could not escape their handsomeness .

People searched for their beloved bachelor and he was not behimd his family. Everybody waited for William , for the elders they saw him as a role model to their childrens as he worked his ass so hard to achieve so much at a young age . For the older woman , most yearned for him to be tgeir son in law , if he would marry anybof their daughter that would be so pridefully , although some wanted him for himself .

For the young womens mostbwanted him for themselves as they would be rich and have a handsome husband in the world.

Aftersome the man they have been waiting for came walking with Charlotte her hand entangled on his , some girls giggled and others felt jealous of her as Charls hand was on him , they walked down as he forced a smile and Charls was so genuine.

He liked the attention he received untill when his eyes fell on a girl wearing a black sparkling dress whom seemed busy placing a glass and pocked up another wine then walked away her phone on the phone .

She was looking beautiful but how dare she no giving him any attention as others , his eyes scanned the room and saw the man he crossed path with the other day and knew he was the father of Olivia , tge girl he was supposed to marry and anger flowed in his vein , turning his face inti a stoney one , suprising people.

He arrived to his Father and he pulled him into his embrace , ” Be at your best behaviour before all including your bride to be ” Nathan whispered and tapped his shoulder then faced Jared whom smiled eyeing William whom fisted his hands so hard.

Jared then walked to tge stage and played as a MC welcoming people at the function then gave the opportunity to Nathan whom spoke a lot about the Coopers business , its objectives , achievements, challenges , upcoming projects and the business patterning.

” Uumh there is also another suprise i wanted to give my family and everybody else as the gift for anniversary of Coopers company.

” Am happy and so proud to announce the engagement of my son with Olivia Robinson ” he spat out and people froze then cheered by claping their hands .

” God i didn see that coming ” Lucia exclaimed but stopped after hearing a shout that made others to look whomndid such a loose thing andbit was Charlotte whom kept quite and started searching in hall kmowing that Liv should be here.

Meanwhile Morgans hand bled as her nails pierced through her skin , anger flooding inside her chest and tears rolled down her cheeks , she turned and runned away , and people did not care .

” Morgan ” Lyla called wanting to go after her as a hand held her tightly , and she looked at Robert , ” Don make a scene here , not now ” and she stood still freeing her hand from him.

” Olivia , princess ” Nathan called and Olivia stood up started walking her hands being so wet , her heart beat so hard under her chest and she thought she might not survive this .

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