rarely , he means it and Kehlan is not his choice either. ” Is Kehlan not your choice ? ”he asked despite of understanding what he meant with ” woman of my choice ”.

” No , i want you to marry a girl named Olivia Robert Robinson ” he added and Wills world crumbled instantly , how could he ask him to marry another woman when he knows how much he loves Kehlan .

” You
e not serious , are you ? ” he asked to prove his own doubt , maybe he was joking but sorry to him his fathers expression showed him that he was damn serious about the issue and he was cornered .

” Is there any other condition than this ” he asked and still Nathan gave him a blank look telling him ” NO ” . ” I can marry anyone except Kehlan ” he voiced , pain could be detected on his voice.

His green eyes darkned and sharpened his sight as he gazed at his dad trying to pry onto his soul to see whatever this old man was plan to do. Nathan clicked his tounge annoyingly and walked back to his seat .

” Well then i think i called the wrong successor in here , you may go ” , on hearing that Wills eyes shot opening taking his words into a meaning that he would give such a confidential information to another person , rather than him , his own son.

” So you are going to choose someone else ” he asked in disbelief. ” Ofcourse and if you want to know , yes the condition would be the same and i believe Jared won denie a chance ” Nathan said witha stern voice .

” Why dad , why are you doing this ? ” he asked almost shouting at him. ” Please inform me when you change you
e mind within 24hours ” Nathan spoke taking the file from the table and placed it back to the drawer.

” And yeah inform Jared to come back , when you
e answer is no ” he added leaving his office , William screamed to the top of his lungs , ” Aaaahhhh ” .

How could he choose Jared out of all people , he knew how he hated him but still gave him a thought about the territories . He won ever leave the territories on the hands of that bastard and he won leave Kehlan either , and he won marry that damn girl choosed by his dad.

William walked out of the office , pulled hi phone and dialed Peter, ” Find who the hell , Olivia Robinson is ” he said and hunged , ruffling his hairs making them a messy , as he walked upstairs.

Charlotte raised her eyebrow and smiled , ” Someone pissed him already , can believe it ” she said walking across the kitchen . After all that is what she keeps doing ever since when William grounded her , she cooks , watch movies , and more talk so much to Liv without knowing she was the girl whom his brother was pissed off to.

William dashed onto his bathroom to cool his temper with some cold water as his fathers words replayed on his mind , his knuckles turned white everytime he fisted his hands .

He loved Kehlan , his childhood friend , she was the only woman who could handle him , his arrogance , his coldness , his behaviour and his monstrous side too . He couldn afford to lose her , she was the one who comforted him whenever he was sad or out of mood , moreover she was the one who picked him up from heartbreak when Cassie and Jared showed him what betrayal is.

He has to find a way out of this , first he has to know who the hell is Olivia Robinson , and castbher out of his life forever but also to find a plan to convice his father about tge territories , he has to win over Jared , he can let him win , not this time too. He had won his piece when he took his lovely girlfriend Cassie but not now , not the Territories.

He got out and wore clothes when his phone buzzed , he took a look to see a message reading as ” Sent it to your email ” . He smiled and picked his PC , switched it on and viewed the informations.

His hands stucked as he first saw the picture , the girl was beautiful , he washed away tge thought and read her information , ” Graduated from Havard , specialized in business , modelling , and artist too , how could she grad all of that ” he said .

” 22 years old , too young and she is a child of Robert Robinson , having a sister , uumh Morgan Robinson … wait ” he paused and zoomed the photo of Morgan , ” Fuck , i even **ed her sister , can believe this ”

He zoomed the picture of Robert and he cursed remembering the old man he saw a while ago. ” So is this why he was here ” he said and went on more down only to realize that this family was at the verge of bankruptcy , no it was on bankrupt state .

” And so she is a gold digger just like others ” he said gritting his teeth and his jaws tightened so hard .

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