Robert paced around his office nothing making sense at the while and all he wished was for this to come to an end. He received terrible news about his properties and he knew his down fall found him , he has nothing to bargain with and the thoughts of his family to live a poor life killed his inner him

Morgan would never understand the situation , Olivia too does not derserve this , Ritha would curse him if she leaves her completely , he already did enough damage to her .

He cheated on her when she was alive and had another child out of wedlock but he was made to believe that Ritha was wrong for him and Olivia was a mistake , he forced himself to hate her but his heart keeps falling everytime he tries.

Whenever he sees her eyes , something always telling him that whatever hes doing is wrong and for now to save his family , his childrens only one thing he had remained , the potrait.

It was a unique potrait that Ritha managed to possess with all her powers when she lived , it was a Queens potrait thats what is called and was drawn by Ritha and a lot of people wanted it , he never knew the reason why despite its beauty it held some secrect even Ritha herself never explained it to him the importance of the potrait but he knew somehow it was important.

There was only one person he would run to but how could he go back when he considered him to be his nemesis , this was getting out of hand and he couldn help it.

He fell on his office coach when all the thoughts ended and still got no place to find his solutions , his assistant came and he did not notice his presence at all .

” Mr. Robinson ” his assistant called him and he nodded still closing his eyes seeing no hope before him. ” Mr. Nathan Cooper is here ” .

His eyes opened slowly , with lot of thoughts flooding on his mind , what was he doing here , he can even remember when was the last time he stepped his foot onto his office while they were best friends before.

” What did you say ? ” he asked and his assistant repeated again , ” Mr. Nathan Cooper is here ” and Robert stood up hastily.

” Let him in ” he said adjusting his clothes and his ruffled hairs to look presentable even at once after all that happened .

In few minutes Nathan walked in and found his long lost friend standing by the indow , his expressed showed he was not well and was so bothered by whatever he was facing , ofcourse it was not easy handling going bankrupt .

The man was losing his company shares and nobody showed interest in helping him out , his products were not sold anymore in the market and his name was dropping its status drastically .

” What are you doing here , Nathan ? ” Robert asked and Nathan scoffed , ” You still have your well preserved arrogancy even in such a situation , am impressed ” Nathan said his lips forming a smile on his face .

” Did you come to mock me ? ” he asked and Nathan scanned the office and sighed , ” Its been a while being here , nothing changed that much i guess ” he said giving his body to a coach and Robert eyed him like ” Bastard ” .

” Am the only one who can help you right now so don give me that look Roby ” .

” Or what , Nathan ” Robert snapped but that did not faze Nathan at all but smiled more , these two knew each other for so long and by so Nathan knew how tired and pissed Robert was by the time and he kinda enjoyed the situation.

” You know what will come your way , or should i say whats happening ” he said looking at his eyes , ” You see am not here to help you out but negotiate something , and am just stating choices here ” Nathan added .

” What do you want ? ” Robert asked and Nathan crossed his legs giving him a bossy posture as he smiled . ” The potrait ” he said and Roberts lips couldn handle the disbelief laugh that escaped from them.

” Why should i give you my wifes potrait ” Robert said and Nathan gave a maniac laugh instead . Robert knew that the potrait was the last thing he would use to save his ass because a lot wanted it and he wouldn trust it with just anybody except this man before him .

” Was she , i forget about that … anyway i said am stating choices here but honestly i don see if you have one ” Nathan spoke sarcasm could not be missed in his voice and whatever he was saying was true .

Silence prevailed as Robert gave his mind to process everything right now , it was trues he has no choice but he can bargain with it and when he comes back on his feets again he would retrive the potrait , ofcourse he will since he knows Nathan way more better thatn if he would offer it to another person.

” On one condition ” He spoke making his way to the coach and took a seat still not leaving his eyes so as not to miss anything in his way to his soul, as they say eyes speaks the truth.

” Am listening ” Nathan stated and silence occupied once again. ” Your son shall marry one of my daughter ” Robert said and Nathan nearly choked knowing that was so impossible because William would never want to marry another woman because he was in love with Another woman and he knew it .

” Hard condition , right ? ” Robert asked and Nathan faked a smile his eyes flickering something so unpredictable . ” No , i agree ” he said though not so sure about how he will make his son to marry either Olivia or Morgan .

” But i get to choose the girl ” Nathan spoke having his choice already and that suprised Robert , ” But i .. ” ” As we agreed we
e stating choice so its only fair if i get to choose as long as one of your girls marries my son ” Nathan cut him off and Robert nodded despite knowing this would get another huge trouble in his family especially when Nathan chooses Olivia .

” Deal ” Nathan asked and Robert nodded , Nathan stood and composed himself well then looked at his old friend putting his hands on his pockets . ” I shall help with your situation and i shall announce the girl to you on the engagement day but i need the Potrait earlier ” he said before leaving from the office .

Robert fidgetted his fingers as his palms got wet Instantly , this time he was so cornered . ” Wish Olivia is choosen but that will bring trouble what should i do ” he mumbled down his throat .

He walked out of the office and headed back home so as he can get the potrait ready.

As he went in he saw Liv sitting watching Television , it was a movie she liked since her childhood .

But was suprised seeing her on black clothes , she hated black so why having one today , he questioned himself since even when he snicked to her room yesterday found her on her black Pajamas which she rarely wears .

” Liv ” he called as he walked toward her , he still has not compansated with her about what happened on the last dinner they had together and he knew she would be dissapointed and angry too .

She turned and greeted him then returned her gaze back to the screen , ” Princess ” he called and how he missed to call her like that , in the past that name was his fisrt and last word and also the most likable one on his mouth. Its not that he doesn say it anymore but it feels so different calling her like that , it feels so sweet.

Liv looked at him as he sat beside her and sighed , ” How have you been ” he asked , ” Fine dad ” she replied showing no emotions and that hurted his feeling , they used to be so close , he can even decipher what happened.

” Why are you on black sweetheart , thought you hated it ” . he said but his lovely moment was cut off by a reply that another person threw . ” Because it shes still mourning her mom ” Morgan said sarcastically.

There it hitted him that yesterday was his late wifes memorial day and he forgot , what happened to him , he couldn even remember the day to his childs birthday . He was so busy celebrating Morgans birthday forgeting his other and his wifes important day .

He looked over her and still no emeotion did she held but turned her gaze back on her movie. He stood up and walked away when Morgan approached Liv , ” I really want to share something with you , Olivia ” she said smiling .

” Go on ” Liv said not moving his gaze toward the screen , ” Dad rewarded me with a grand piano as my birthday gift yesterday when we went to celebrate my birthday party at Vielles grand hotel ”

” Congrats ” Was the only thing she said as she picked up her phone from the table when a message popped in.

” Yesterday was so great , wish you were there but didn want to disturb you since i knew how important yesterday was to you ” .

” Thanks , now excuse me ” she replied as he walked away from her and went upstairs.

Morgan laughed so hard , she hated her with all her heart that she wished death for her , as she was celebrating her victory Lyla got inside hastily and asked her brething heavily.

” Wheres your dad? ” , ” Upstairs ” Morgan said walking toward her but Lyla walked away then suddenly stopped , ” Nothing is good , you should prepare yourself for marriage baby ” she said and left , Morgan jolted happily.

Lyla had received information from her husbands secretary that Nathan Cooper was at his office and she knew that it was all because of the bankruptcy situation . She knew something happened in there and hoped that her husband would do as she instructed him to do , Marriage would solve everything , everything is working to her ways .

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