Soul pain Healed by love

Do I belong somewhere else?.

felt his eyes pain and his muscles tensed .

” Shut up , Morgan ” and she flinched on her chair and Robert left the table. Morgan gazed at her mother and she got a scary look.

” What mom? ” she asked raising her shoulders and Lyla grabbed her hand tightly to a point of leaving a bruise.

” I told you to hold yourself , this will be over once your taken by your Prince charming and that will be a happy way to get rid of her , right now think of your dads state were at verge of bankruptcy and she knows nothing of , so stop making a fuss around here ” Lyla let go of her hand and she hissed.

Coopers Mansion.

Charlotte was busy comforting her best friend , she was once told about what happened but none of them thought it would be like this when she comes back .

A door knob was twisted and a man walked inside , since Charlotte was busy with her phone , she didn notice his steps or presence.

” Everything is going to be okay , babes ” she said in a lovely comforting voice and she heard a voice she missed yet did not want to hear it.

” Whom are you talking with , huh ? ” . It was a cold yet thrilling voice and fear crept down her spine , she knew he did misunderstood the situation and since he has a arrogant nature he wouldn listen or believe her .

” I will call you later Liv ” she hanged up and turned to face the man . ” Don you know how to knock Will Cooper ” she snapped and the mans maniac laugh was heard all over the room and outside too.

” Is this how you have prepared yourself for me , little dove ” he said and her eyez narrowed at him trying to elaborate whatever he meant. ” So tell me whats his name ” he added.

God she couldn believe whatever was happening , she just arrived and this was how she was welcomed by her big brother, what a curse.

” Its not a he , its a she ” she said and he raised his lip onside and gave a meekly smile , and her fingers fidgeted knowing that nothing good will come out of that smile and she was awaiting for it.

” Ooh , okay ” he said dipping his hands onto his pockets and turned to move away from the room , she was quite still observing the little movement on his face but nothing came .

Suddenly he stopped and looked at her again ” welcome honey ” . Actually she was suprised of the hospitality she just received, this was not likely him at all.

He twisted the knob and left her being dawned on her own thoughts. ” Such a mean creature ” she cursed and pulled her phone ready to carry where she left once .

William Cooper , the heir to Coopers properties , a big brother to Amelia and Charlotte , making a family with three childs . He is the most handsome young bachelor in the city , despite being Rich , he is sturrbon , principled , hardworking and like how most people speak of him , they say hes a business tycoon , a monster as he posses a cold heart and more over a one night stand guy .

Most of women throw themselves to him and he would use them per his wish and dump them the very next second without caring . He knew how to deal with these creatures known to be dangerous and most of the time he won , to him business comes first and nothing would stand on his way to stop.

He doesn know how to express love either and so arrogant that even his parents can control , that was what he is used to be and nothing gonna change him at all.

He walked downstairs to find a table full of food seems like nobody ate today . He ordered tge maid to take some food to Charlottes room , he knew shes not a foodian and liked ti be pumpered too bad , she is grown up now and nobody is going to volunteer for that at all.

He then walked to his room , took a shower and threw himself on bed , took his phone and scrolled to see some messages and he replied ” Finish him ” before throwing it tobtge other side of bed.

His aura changed and looked so murderous, he sighed and closed his eyes and sleepeness slowly took care of him.

Back to Charlotte , ate the food sent and slept after a long talk with her bestie as she promised her to help in solving everyproblem she has .

They have been together in a lot and nothing escaped their hands unsolved and so she believed it was no big deal , there must be a way out of it .

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