The flowy pants fell on the floor and what remained on Jin were the small accessories that hung on him like little stars. Down below were three golden rings that were fitted on the base of his rod. Attached to those golden rings were small golden chains that wrapped around his waist, producing jingles that itched a certain someones now burning heart.

Jin didn stop dancing. This time without the flowy movement of clothes, he danced around quite slowly and sensually, letting the man take in every part of his body without touching him. The air was cold with no clothes on, but the atmosphere in the room was hot enough to keep the two of them intoxicated in the moment.

Each jerk from his hips earned a bounce from his rod, producing jingles that echoed in Carsus ears. Each glide and swing he took made it dangle quite temptingly in the eyes of a predator. With a knowing look, Jin walked towards the king slowly and in a relaxed manner.

Carsus seemed to snap back to reality and looked at Jin with a dangerous stare, though Jin heard a bit of panic hidden underneath. ”What, what do you think you
e doing! ”

Jin straddled Carsus lap but the other leaned back and tried to avoid him slightly, feeling like touching him was akin to touching fire.

Jin paused for a moment and stared confusedly at the king, ”Didn you call me to entertain you tonight? ” Just then, he thought back to what Ilmond said and realized something. Ilmond also thought he was being called to entertain the king, but did the king simply want a personal performance from him?

He looked at the slightly panicked and flustered man of whom he sat on top of. The man was unsettled and tried to avoid his gaze, though his ears were a little bit red. Ahhh, I see whats happening~

”Your highness, could it be that you never experienced it? ” Jins words were laced with playful teasing. He felt towards Carsus lower body and perceived the place starting to lift up already.

”Experience what? What are you talking about!? ” Carsus looked genuinely confused under his flustered state.

Ohoh, what a pure boy. Jin thought in amusement. And here I thought he called me for something else, when all he wanted was to see me dance.

Jin continued teasing, ”How about this. Tonight, Ill be teaching you how to do it. I promise Ill make you learn how to feel good. ” Jin whispered seductively against Carsus ear. He hooked his arms around his neck and rubbed his lower body quite ambiguously against Carsus, feeling his uneven breaths of the other on the nape of his neck.

Carsus didn say a word and was working hard to control himself. The man before him was evoking some certain desire but he didn know what to do with it or how to quench it. In the end, all he did was remain silent.

Seeing this, Jin hooked the corner of his mouth up and slowly traveled down. Uncovering the robe from the mans lower body, a big rod springed to his view.

Oh man hes big, Jin gulped. He was slowly being filled with desire but he needed to reign it in for the moment. Unhurriedly, Jin glided his tongue to the top of the mans rod. He heard a muffled gasp and the big rod twitched slightly.

He gave a playful smile and licked another time at the rods tip. Then, he started from the base and traced him all the way to the opening. Carsuss breaths were slowly starting to get heavy.

Gradually, Jin took all of the man in his mouth, and sucked. His tongue encircled the man in his mouth and retreated before taking him all in again. This time, he looked towards Carsus who seemed to have trouble collecting himself. His gaze brought temptation that Carsus couldn resist.

He felt his dick being pulled in and out of the persons alluring mouth, which continued to drown him in waves of pleasure. Each suck tugged on his desires and his breathing became ragged.

Jin finally stopped and retreated with a line of saliva connecting him and Carsus rod. He felt it finally become hard under his caress. Carsus looked at him with a mixture of emotions; he was looking at Jin with the complaint of not being satisfied, and he wanted the man more.

Jin chuckled at the scene, which slightly tickled Carsus ears. ”Im not done, your majesty. I want my share of desires to be satisfied too. ”

Jins hand encircled Carsus desire, which was covered thickly with saliva and pre-cum. Then, he leaned back and leisurely traced the bottom of his chrysanthemum with the hand covered in questionable liquid.

This gave Carsus a beautiful view of the man; bare, open, with long disheveled hair that hung sexily on his back. He was open to him like he was ready to receive him. It was inviting him. Too bad Carsus didn know what to do, or else he wouldve plundered this man long ago.

Carsus watched as Jin inserted a finger into his chrysanthemum, filled with the mans saliva and his essence. At that, he somehow felt proud. Jin started to dip his finger in his chrysanthemum before pulling it out, trying to prepare himself to take the man.

Under the mans heated stare, he once again smiled one of his country-wrecking smiles and asked in the same teasing manner, ”Want to try? ”

He grabbed Carsus hand and played with his fingers, letting each experience the warmth of his tongue in his mouth. Withdrawing the hand from his mouth, he led Carsus to his hole, tracing him–letting him feel him.

Then, he took a finger of Carsus in him and slowly let out a satisfied whimper. This made Carsus desire harden once again after his quick break. Carsus, without Jins guidance, advanced and retreated from the mans chrysanthemum. He felt around the warm and moist walls that took him in.

Then, Jin guided another finger in him, of which Carsus understood. He raided Jin with two fingers, which rewarded him with another moan.

After three fingers were inserted and Jin was ready, he situated himself on Carsus rod and looked at him. They were both sweaty and at the peak of their desires. Jin lunged for Carsus mouth as he took in Carsus entirely; he slowly felt Carsus rod fill him in and couldn help but gasp at his size.

Carsus took a sharp intake of breath as he felt the walls squeezing all around him. Jin took a moment to adjust to the length of the man inside him and nibbled at the mans mouth. He traced his tongue along the mans lips and squeezed in between his teeth.

He started to explore Carsus just as he unhurriedly moved up and down on the mans rod. Carsus felt a wave of pleasure hit him at every thrust of the man on top of him. His mouth started to take the lead and wanted to devour this man in front of him entirely.

Suddenly, Jin moaned as Carsus hit a specific part inside of Jin. Jin gradually sped his thrusts; he aimed Carsus hardness at the particular spot and Carsus helped him direct it.

Each thrust hit deeply and Jin could feel Carsus all the way into his stomach. Both of them started to feel the climaxing pleasure and Carsus swallowed up all of Jins sweet moans.

Jin leaned back and stared at the mans face which was full of lust and passion. With an evil grin, he lifted himself up and took all of Carsus in, squeezing and lifting up before thrusting down again. In the intense cycle of being tightly surrounded and stroked, Carsus felt an unbearable climbing feeling similar to a bubble about to burst.

Just then, warm liquid bloomed inside of Jin. Carsus felt himself release and drown in irresistible waves of satisfaction and pleasure before stilling and slumping back.

”Oh no, your highness. We won finish until I do, so you have to wait, okay? ” With a smile in his eyes, Jin continued thrusting on the man and felt the mans rod jerk inside of him again. What Carsus was experiencing should be the afterglow of his release; he was sensitive right now, and each movement was magnified by ten times.

Carsus was groaning now and he could feel himself rise again in the inside of the other person. Each thrust hit deep. Each thrust sent the twos feelings into a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs.

Finally, Jin felt himself reach the climax and released on the man below him. He shuddered just as Carsus released the same time as him. The both of them heaved in the afterglow of the intense exercise.

Jin leaned tiredly against Carsus, who held Jin in his arms.

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