Son-in-law’s Strongest Desire

I\'ll bet you won\'t pass!

threatened Oliver was also called. Oliver caught a glimpse of the man staring at him with hatred like he was ready to plunge a poisoned knife into his stomach.

Of course, Oliver responded casually. He even smiled, dismissing the man. He and the men arrived at the selection room.

Olivers name was on the front table. So, he sat down at the designated place.

Meanwhile, the man who had threatened Oliver got the seat right next to Oliver. His name turned out to be Harley.

Bella went around the room, giving instructions on how to start the computer-based written test to the job applicants.

When she reached Harleys table, Bella appeared in a coquettishly soft voice, explaining what Harley should do.

Finished with Harley, Bella moved to Olivers desk.

”Press this one! ” Bella ordered Oliver harshly. ”Continue with this one. Fill in your name and details, then click this one. ”

Bellas voice sounded very sharp in Olivers ears.

”Then what else, maam? ” asked Oliver calmly.

”Check the column that matches your answer. I don understand! ”

”Oh yeah, sorry. Hehe… ”

Finding a woman as attractive as Bella to be snippy to him, Oliver wanted to tease her even more.

”Thats why you shouldn have signed up in the first place! Ill bet you won pass! Let alone pass, you won even pass the passing grade set by the office! ” Bella said with hatred.

Because she said it quite loudly, everyone in the room heard every word she said. They were laughing.

At this point, Oliver thought of something.

”What are the stakes if I make it to the passing grade? ” he asked.

Bella frowned at first. Then, he laughed and laughed.

”Alright. If you make it pass the passing grade, Ill take you to a candle light dinner! But, if you fail, you will have to prostrate in front of me while you clean my shoes and apologize for your impudence! ” he scolded.

”Okay! Challenge accepted! Everyone in this room is a witness! ” Oliver said without a second thought.

”Okay. Deal. ” Bella glanced at Oliver with a satisfied look on her face as she was sure that Oliver would fail.

Bella turned around and stood at the front of the room.

”You have sixty minutes to complete the test, starting from the moment you press the start button! ” Bella said loudly and then sat down on her chair and looked around at all the test takers.

At the same time, in the CEOs office upstairs, Carla was talking to Grace, the Director of the PR Department.

Their conversation seemed serious and tough.

Grace was repeatedly seen wiping her sweaty forehead, even though the room was equipped with air conditioning. A few moments later, Bella knocked on Carlas door and asked permission to enter.

Carla and Grace simultaneously turned their heads towards the door with furrowed brows because this was really not the right time for Bella to appear.

Seeing the panic on Bellas face, Carla quickly allowed her to enter.

”What is it, Bella? ” asked Carla and Grace in unison.

”There, maam. Theres a test taker for the PR Manager position who got a perfect score. All the answers are correct! ” Bella said in a voice shaking with emotion.

”What?! A perfect score?! ” Carla responded, her eyes widening.


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