Son-in-law’s Strongest Desire

The Big-Breasted Beauty!

Wearing No Underwear

Nancy came back from the bathroom and unsuspectingly picked up her half-full drink glass and gulped down its contents.

By this time, Oliver was still just sitting in his place, waiting to see what would happen next.

It was obvious that Nancy had started to lose consciousness. Meanwhile, bottle after bottle of drinks had still not stopped being delivered to their table.

An hour after midnight, Nancy and her five friends finally seemed to start getting up. Two women and three men.

With a body staggering like being blown by a strong wind, Nancys gang got up from the long sofa-style chair they were sitting on.

Nancy looked exhausted and had to walk on Jacks shoulders.

With the corner of his eye, Oliver could see that Jack, in an unintentional gesture, had his arm pressed tightly against Nancys chest, which was puffed out under the super tight clothes she was wearing.

”Dog! ” cursed Oliver, still silently.

The gang walked towards Exxoos exit past the single table Oliver was occupying without once turning around.

Oliver got up and followed them from behind.

In front of the exit, they stopped.

From where he stood, Oliver could clearly hear their conversation as they said they had booked a hotel room nearby.

Jack and the male friend next to her seemed to be exchanging meaningful glances while looking at the drooping, helpless-looking Nancy.

”What do we do? Should we go straight to the hotel or what? ” Jack asked Tisha.

”Ill just go straight home. If you guys want to continue, whatever, ” Tisha replied, walking away from the group.

”Im coming, Tish. ” Nancys other female friend ran after Tisha.

Neither of them seemed to care about Nancys seemingly helpless condition.

”In fact, tonights party is all Nancy paid for … using my money again! ” Oliver scolded in his heart. He was getting increasingly furious with the behavior of Nancys friends.

Nancy was now left with her three male friends. Perhaps because they were a little drunk, they didn notice Olivers presence.

”What do you think? ” asked Jack while occasionally glancing at Nancys body.

”Three or one is okay? ” said the man on Nancys left.

”Come on. Three and one is okay. But Im the first one, ” said Jack. He swallowed before walking down the Exxoo stairs with Nancy, assisted by one of his friends.

Oliver continued to follow them to the car park, which was, fortunately, some distance away from the main building of the bar.

When he felt that he was far enough away from Exxoos front door and it was much quiet, Oliver accelerated his footsteps to catch up with Nancy and her three male friends.

Silently, Oliver tapped Jack on the shoulder.

Like robots being pressed on the pause button, they all stopped and turned to Oliver.

”What do you want? ” Jack snapped harshly, with a deliberately fierce face.

”Hand Nancy over to me and Ill let you leave without missing anything, ” Oliver said, calm but threatening.

Had they not been under the influence of alcohol, they might have realized that Olivers aura was very different this time.

Oliver was no longer the trashy son-in-law of the Harvey Family. He was a living legend of the fearsome Red Dragon Clan!

”Do you want to play with me? You
e already feeling great, huh?! Just so you know, you
e just a hobo! Hear that?! Riff-raff! Vagrant! ”

Jack spat on the ground near Olivers feet after saying that. He then looked at his two friends with a meaningful gaze. The three of them seemed to exchange glances for a moment.

Oliver understood their intentions. He smiled dismissively. He clenched his hands into fists. Vaguely, he could hear his knuckles cracking.

Silently, Oliver began to set up a stance. He put one foot forward to give him a solid footing in case he had to take a sudden attack.

Under these circumstances, anything could happen.

The three young people standing around Nancy whispered to each other. There was silence for a moment, and then Jack jerked his head toward Oliver with a hiss.

”Just take it! Take it! Finish him! ” Jack growled just before his two friends jumped at Oliver, who was ready to receive an attack.

The taller man threw his long legs at Oliver.

Oliver quickly grabbed his opponents ankle and twisted it to the side until the man roared in pain.


Not stopping there, in the same second, Oliver immediately swung his knee toward his opponents chin.



One of Jacks friends fell to the ground with his mouth covered in blood.

”I told you earlier. Hand Nancy over to me, and you can leave here with nothing to lose. But this is what you chose! ” said Oliver.

This time, it must have been Olivers aura that made him look like a male lion.

And indeed, Jack and his friends were now like frightened sewer rats. The man who had been knocked down by Oliver was helped to his feet by the others. Blood ran down from his chin.

After helping his friend out of the way, Jacks other friend lunged at Oliver from behind like a coward.

Oliver, who felt the nape of his neck stiffen, dodged sideways. Jacks friends leg swung at the place where his head had been.

That was a close call.

Oliver could feel the gust of wind caused by his opponents kick.

Not wanting to waste any time, before his opponents foot landed on the ground, Oliver quickly kicked his opponents shin with his deadly right foot.

Not expecting to be counterattacked so quickly, Olivers opponents body seemed to sway slightly. He seized the opportunity to leap high and delivered his second kick to the back of his opponents head.

Without a sound, the young mans body fell to the ground face-first.

Oliver waited for a moment, but the young man had not moved at all.

”Dog! Who are you really? ” asked Jack, his legs trembling.

Oliver didn answer, just walked slowly and smiled. What he was doing only made Jack more frightened.

Finally, as if on command, Jack pushed Nancys body towards Oliver.

Oliver caught Nancys body, keeping her from falling.

Suddenly, however, Jack lunged forward blindly. Like someone who had lost his mind, Jack threw his fist recklessly at Oliver. He did not care that his fist could have hit Nancy.

With one hand holding Nancys body, Oliver continued to parry all of Jacks attacks with his other hand.

Oliver patiently served all of Jacks attacks with one hand.

Seeing that none of his attacks penetrated, Jack became even more frantic and blindly swung his fists at Oliver.

Finally, the moment Oliver was waiting for arrived.

Seeing Jacks fist speed starting to decrease, Oliver slowly mustered up the strength of his arm. Once he was sure that all of his power was gathered perfectly, Oliver swatted away two of Jacks arms at once.

Jacks two arms were thrown to the side. At the same time, Oliver threw his fist into the spot between Jacks eyes.

Jacks body froze for a moment before he fell to the ground.

Seeing his collapse, Jacks friend, whose teeth were missing, got up and helped his friends get away from Oliver.

Just before turning into the corner, Jack turned to Oliver and threatened, ”I won forget this night. Don feel like youve won yet. Its going to be a long business with me! ” Jack snarled vengefully.

Oliver just shrugged his shoulders, not caring one bit about Jacks threats. He then carried Nancy to the car.

Oliver took a breath and suppressed his aura. Now people who saw him would only think that he was an ordinary, unattractive man.

For Oliver, it didn matter. The important thing was that he had succeeded in protecting Nancy.

The thin top Nancy was wearing right now, when Oliver observed, made his sister-in-laws shapely breasts stand out clearly.

Inevitably, Oliver recalled the incident when he cupped his palms on Nancys breast this afternoon, and it made his sensitive parts move.

”Damn you! At a time like this? ” he complained, engaging himself in conversation.

While continuing to carry Nancy, who was almost unconscious, Oliver shook his head to get him to stop thinking about such naughty things.

Oliver leaned Nancy against the side door of the car, and Nancys body immediately slumped to the ground.

”Oh my God! ” screamed Oliver.

He then opened the car and picked up a mineral water bottle. He leaned Nancy against the car again, and then he splashed the mineral water on Nancys face.

After a few splashes, Nancy stammered awake like she had just woken up from a stupor.

”What the hell?! ” Nancy roared angrily as her face and upper shirt were soaked from Olivers actions.

”Hurry up and get in the car. Its getting late, ” Oliver said indifferently. He got straight into the car.

He didn have time to see Nancys hateful gaze at him. On the way home, Oliver told her how Jack and his friends had conspired to give her drugs.

Nancy didn believe it at first. She thought Oliver was making it all up. But the longer she listened, the more Olivers explanation made sense. Nancys face suddenly turned bright red, holding back her embarrassment.

”Its a good thing nothing happened to you, ” Oliver said.

As he said it, Nancy could feel that Oliver was truly relieved. She was even more embarrassed because she had thought Oliver had done something wrong to her earlier.

”Oliver, I beg you, please don let the people at home know what happened earlier, ” Nancy pleaded without looking at Oliver.

Oliver found it strange to have his sister-in-law say the words ”please ” and ”help ” to him. He smiled.

”Okay, ” he replied.

After a while, they arrived home.

The house was quiet. It looked like everyone was asleep. Oliver went into his room and quickly changed.

”What a tiring night, ” Oliver thought tiredly as he lay down on the bed.

He looked over at Carla, who was fast asleep on her back with her legs wide open.

That night Carla was wearing a thigh-length nightgown.

Something tickled Olivers mind, and he decided to get up. Sitting next to Carla, Oliver poked his head between Carlas thighs.

And sure enough, underneath her nightgown, Carla was wearing nothing else. Wow!

”This… what does this mean? ” Oliver thought. It was unusual for his wife to sleep without wearing panties.

By the dim light of the bedroom lamp, Oliver could faintly see the narrow, line-shaped slit in Carlas groin.

The arousal he had felt earlier while carrying Nancy attacked him again.


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