The sound of the shower gurgling from inside the bathroom filled the room when Oliver arrived.

”Looks like Carla is taking a shower, ” Oliver whispered to himself. His whole body rippled with desire.

Over the sound of a woman humming softly, he could faintly hear the splashing sound of palms spreading soap suds all over her body.

Olivers primeval desires were instantly aroused. He rubbed the underside of his stomach, which began to squirm like a hungry animal.

Olivers proud, above-average size body part was beginning to harden under his pants.

Slowly and trying not to make a sound, Oliver closed the bedroom door as tightly as possible and locked it.

Oliver stepped without taking his eyes off from the figure of the woman in the bathroom, who didn seem to notice his presence at all.

The bathroom door looked foggy from the steam of the hot water.

Through the misty glass door of the bathroom, the body of a woman with her back to the door was faintly visible.

A moment later, the woman bent over to lather up her legs so that Oliver could see the beautiful and appetizing back of her hips.

Oliver swallowed to wet his suddenly dry throat.

He felt the blood all over his body, roaring like a river after heavy rain.

Unconsciously, Oliver rubbed the lower part of his stomach, which was now fully hardened like a security guards baton, as if rebelling to be released from its lair.

Oliver looked down at his pant under his stomach, which seemed to be bulging as if he was hiding a kitten under his pants.

The afternoon sunlight shone brightly into the room through the side window, whose curtains had been left wide open.

As if he had just woken up from a daydream, Oliver immediately pulled the curtains closed and took off his clothes one by one.

His clothes were scattered on the floor near the bathroom door.

While taking off his underwear, Oliver looked up at the womans body in the bathroom, which seemed to squirm under the water as if inviting him to join her immediately under the shower.

Oliver dropped his underwear on the floor along with the rest of his clothes.

”You want to, right? ” Oliver whispered as he looked down at his own, which seemed to nod as if to indicate that Olivers proud body part was ready for battle.

Oliver moistened his lips with the tip of his tongue and slowly reached out to push open the bathroom door.

The sound of running water and splashing warm water greeted Oliver as soon as the door opened.

Standing with her back to Oliver, Carla seemed to be enjoying the warm water pouring from the shower.

With skillful movements, Carla spreads the soap foam over her breast in a circular motion.

Not wanting to waste any more time, Oliver rammed into Carlas body from behind.

He wrapped his arms around Carlas breast.

At that very second, the woman in Olivers arms screamed and freed herself from the entanglement of Olivers arms.

She turned around, and Oliver immediately felt like hed been electrocuted.

The woman he thought was his wife turned out to be Nancy, Carlas sister.

Olivers body froze for a moment like a stone statue. But, even in that state, Olivers still stood tall as if challenging the woman in front of him.

Reflexively Oliver covered him with both hands, albeit with some difficulty due to his size.

Nancys eyes widened, and she didn take her eyes off Oliver for a second. She seemed to swallow as if she had run out of words because this was the first time she had seen and felt a grown mans property in person.

As soon as she realized her shock, Nancy grabbed the bath towel hanging on the towel rack and covered her body.

”Thats crazy. You want to **** me huh? Just watch out. Ill report you to daddy! ” Nancy scolded while fixing her bath towel.

”I thought you were Carla, ” Oliver tried to defend himself.

”Your eyes are blind or what? ”

”Why are you bathing here anyway? Isn there a bathroom in your room? ” Oliver said while trying to take his eyes off Nancys half-open body.

”The hot water in my bathroom is stuck. Thats why I took a shower here. ” Nancy finished putting on her bath towel and stretched out her hand to open the bathroom door.

Abysmal, Oliver dared to extend his hand to hold Nancys arm.

”Nancy, I really didn mean it. How about we just forget about this incident and pretend it never happened. ”

Nancy turned her head, and her gaze immediately fell on the lower part of Olivers stomach, which looked stubborn and remained upright. ”Thats nice of you to say. What do you think I am? ”

”Nancy, plessss… Ill give you whatever you want as long as you don tell anyone about this incident. ”

Nancy was silent for a moment as she shook her head. The young girl in her early twenties seemed to be thinking.

”Okay. Ill stay quiet …. ”

”Thank you, Nan. I really didn mean to …. ”

”But there is one condition, ” Nancy cut him off before Oliver could finish his sentence.

”What condition? ” Oliver looked at Nancys face and realized he was in big trouble.

For a moment, Oliver could see the evil glint in Nancys eyes that had never hidden her hatred for him.

”Wheres your ATM card? Give it to me! ” Nancy snapped again in a flat voice.

”ATM? For What? ”

”Give me your ATM quickly. Don ask too many questions. ”

”Bu .. but …. ”

”Give me your ATM or will I scream and report to everyone that you want to **** me? ”

Oliver exhaled heavily. He walked ahead of Nancy out of the bathroom while silently cursing his carelessness.

But from behind, Carla and Nancy looked no different. The two sisters looked identical. Oliver was just having bad luck.

Oliver picked up his pants that were scattered on the floor and took out his wallet from his pants pocket.

He reluctantly extended his ATM card to Nancy, whose face was radiating satisfaction. Because his mind was in turmoil, Oliver didn even think about putting on his pants.

”PIN? ” Nancy said mercilessly after storing Olivers ATM card behind her bath towel.

In a weak and helpless voice, Oliver mentioned his ATM PIN.

”Watch out if you lie. ” Nancy glared at him for a moment before turning around and leaving the room.

Oliver looked down at his own property, which was still standing upright, as if he didn care about his masters problems.

Oliver entered the bathroom and stood under the warm shower. The warm water felt good, washing over his body.

Under the shower, he felt angry at himself for being so careless. He knew very well that a woman like Nancy would not hesitate to drain his ATM balance to nothing.

Under the shower, Oliver recalled how he got trapped in this family in the first place.

It all started when McDaniel betrayed the Red Dragon Clan that he led. The manipulative and power-hungry McDaniel had brainwashed more than half of the clan members and led them to overthrow the legitimate leadership.

War among clan members was inevitable. Outnumbered, Olivers supporters were pushed to the edge. Even at the last moment, if Ellen hadn jumped to block the bullet that McDaniel fired at Oliver, Oliver might not have survived.

At the same time, police sirens could be heard in the distance. McDaniels troops broke ranks and left the battle area.

Ellen, with his chest covered in blood, lay on Olivers lap. Shortly before he breathed his last, Ellen made one request to Oliver.

Ellen asked Oliver to protect his family from the threat of McDaniel and his horde.

And to fulfill his promise to Ellen, Oliver came to the home of this family, the Harvey Family.

When Oliver came to the house of the Harvey family, Carla Harvey was very sick and just waiting to die. Oliver offered to try to cure Carla, and he got permission from Britney Harvey, Ellens father.

As if by fate, Carlas sickness slowly diminished until she finally recovered completely. Even though they had been to many doctors and there was never any progress. Britney Harvey was impressed with Oliver!

Unbeknownst to Oliver, Britney Harvey had promised that whoever managed to cure his daughter, if he was a bachelor, he would make him a son-in-law, while if he was married, he would make him a brother.

And so, finally, Oliver Maxton and Carla Harvey were married.

The sound of the bedroom door slamming shut snapped Oliver out of his reverie. He quickly dried his body with a towel and stepped out of the bathroom.

On the bed, Carla was lying down, busy typing something on his cell phone.

”Are you home yet? ” Oliver greeted as he dried the remaining water on his body.

Carla looked at Oliver for a moment without saying a word before returning to her phone.

A sense of peace and warmth instantly washed over Olivers chest as he looked at Carlas face as if he had now forgotten what Nancy had done to take away his ATM.

The anxiety that had clouded Olivers mind suddenly disappeared like dust in the wind. Thats strange. He had been grumpy all day. Hed been upset all day. But as soon as he saw Carla, all those invisible burdens suddenly seemed to disappear.

Never before had Oliver felt this way about a woman.

Without realizing it, the thing that made him able to survive among the people who hated him in the Harvey family home, besides his promise to Ellen, was Carla.

Love is created if you are used to it. Love grows out of habit.

Its hard to prevent those seeds from sprouting when two human children live together for a long time.

With a smiling face, Oliver sat on the edge of the bed and turned his head to look at Carlas skirt, which had been lifted to reveal her smooth white thighs.

Oliver looked down at his lower abdomen and remembered the desire he had failed to channel earlier.

”Ouch, whats this? You
e messed up, ” he said, inviting her to talk.

Finally, Oliver slowly climbed onto the bed, and his eyes continued to stare at his wifes smooth thighs.


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