Chapter 6: Awakening.

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TL: Hanguk

Looking at the newly transplanted cherry tomatoes, Sejun also looked at the other cherry tomato trees with a curious mind, wondering if they were any different..

“Hehehe, there they are.”

The space is now occupied by five cherry tomato.
Sejun felt pleased, thinking about the many more cherry tomato that would grow in the future.

He laughed with delight, imagining cherry tomatoes filling the entire field.
His mood was too good for such a small thing.

In the afternoon, the inside of the cave became busy.



The rabbit couple began to block the entrance to their burrow.
Sejun realized that the Blue Moon was about to start by watching the rabbits’ behavior.

Sejun hurriedly moved too.
To prepare for the monsters that would come, he put out the fire, buried or moved anything that had a smell, and tried his best to erase the scent.

And a few hours later.

The sunlight turned blue, and Sejun faced his third Blue Moon.



The roars of the monsters could be heard.

‘No matter how many times I hear it, I can’t get used to it.’

Every time he heard the roars, his heart throbbed, and goosebumps rose all over his body.

He thought this Blue Moon would pass without any problem.



One monster started to roam above the cave where Sejun was.


Sniff! Sniff!

The red-furred monster began to seriously sniff the scent towards the hole in the ground.

‘Oh no! Did it notice something?’

Sejun unknowingly held his breath and just hoped the monster would go away.


Sniff! Sniff!

The monster continued to sniff.
How long had it been sniffing?


When a monster’s roar was heard from afar,


Thud! Thud!

The red-furred monster roared and ran towards the sound.


Slap! Slap!

Sejun woke up from the husband rabbit’s slaps.


The husband rabbit looked at Sejun with a worried expression.

“Uhm… when did I fall asleep?”

Did he faint?

He had heard that there were cases of fainting when hearing the roar of a strong monster.


“Ugh…why is it so cold?”

His body had been tense when he fainted.
Moreover, the temperature was much lower at the end of the cave.
Having slept in such a place, his body couldn’t be in good shape.
It seemed like he caught a cold.


Sejun struggled to approach the wall where he recorded the date and drew a line.


‘I need a fire.’

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Sejun, shivering, went to the fireplace.
He needed to light the fire again.


With trembling hands, Sejun held a water bottle, directed sunlight towards the dry leaves, and created a spark.

30 minutes later.



Sejun barely managed to create a spark, lit the fire, and crouched down at the fireplace to roast a green onion.


Gobble Gobble.

He ate the roasted green onion eagerly.

‘All I can do right now is eat well.’

Sejun went to the pond and caught 5 fish to cook after eating the green onion and regaining some energy.

As Sejun was fighting off his cold by eating,


The husband rabbit called Sejun.



Where the husband rabbit was pointing, the cherry tomatoes that were smaller than beans just yesterday had grown to the size of golf balls.

“But why is the color like this?”

The cherry tomato was bluish.

“Is it ripe?”

It couldn’t have ripened overnight, but since it was so big, Sejun touched the cherry tomato.



The cherry tomato fell off easily as if it was completely ripe.


While Sejun was marveling at the huge blue cherry tomato,

[You have achieved the feat of harvesting fruit containing the energy of the Blue Moon.]

Transparent blue letters appeared on a window in front of him.

“Huh? What’s this?!”

It’s a message window.

[The Tower’s manager watches your amazing feat.]

[The Tower’s manager examines you closely.]

[The Tower’s manager frowns.]

‘Why is he frowning all of a sudden?’

[The Tower’s manager realizes you are an uninvited guest.]

[The Tower’s manager wants to hide his mistake.]

“What?! A mistake?”

A mistake? So my coming here was a mistake?

“Then send me back!”

[The Tower’s manager considers killing you to destroy the evidence.]

“Excuse me… I don’t have to leave…”

You said I achieved some feats, right? Please spare me.

[The Tower’s manager awakens you.]

[You have awakened.]


Finally, I have awakened.
I decided to forgive him for wanting to kill me.
Until now, survival had been the priority, but the reason Sejun came to the tower was to awaken.

“Now I don’t have to buy 150 million ticket to awaken Hehehe.”

Now, just climb the tower….

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[The Tower’s manager assigns you a job.]

[You have become a Tower Farmer(F).]

“Huh? Farmer?”

[Job trait: You won’t get minor illnesses.]

[Job trait: You’ll be friendly with nature.]

[Job trait: You’ll gain experience when harvesting crops.]

“…Status window.”

It can’t be.
There must be something wrong.
Sejun wanted to believe desperately.
Sejun called the status window with all his heart.


[Park Sejun Lv.

Talent: Mediocre All-Rounder

Stats: Strength(1) Stamina(1) Agility(1) Magic(1)

Job: Tower Farmer(F)

Skills: None.

“This is…my status window…”

Talent determines base stats and stat increases when leveling up.
However, Sejun’s talent is Mediocre All-Rounder, which means just average.

There wasn’t a single glimpse of hope in the status window.

Indeed, lotteries are better when you don’t scratch them.
That way, you can at least daydream..

“Sigh… I’m a mediocre all-rounder… and my job is a farmer…”

What’s your job?

Tower Farmer.

It was embarrassing to even think about answering someone with his job.

“Should I just go back to farming?”

It seemed difficult to make big money in the tower even if he managed to survive here.

‘Goodbye, Serang.
It seems destiny doesn’t allow us to be more than a star and fan.’

Sejun decided to remain as Serang’s fan, holding back tears.

Then he looked at the blue cherry tomato in his hand.

[Magic Cherry Tomato Imbued the Energy of the Blue Moon]

A cherry tomato grown in the tower, it is delicious as it has absorbed enough nutrients.

The energy of the Blue Moon enhances its flavor even more.

Upon consumption, magic power permanently increases by 0.05.

Cultivator: Tower Farmer Park Se-jun

Expiration date: 30 days

Grade: E


It was an item that, albeit slightly, raised one’s stats.

‘Maybe I can make some money by selling this later?’

Just as Se-jun began to have new hopes,

[A quest has been generated.]

“A quest?”

[Quest: Offer the fruit containing Blue Moon’s energy to the tower’s manager.]

Reward: 1 job skill

If refused: Death


Just ask for it! Don’t make it seem like there’s a choice!

It wasn’t a quest, it was a threat.

Did you have to take everything?!

My dreams, my blue cherry tomatoes.

It was unfair, but Se-jun had only one choice.

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Along with Se-jun’s words, the blue cherry tomato in his hand disappeared.

[You have completed the quest.]

[As a reward for completing the quest, you have acquired the job skill – Seed Sowing Lv.

“Are you kidding me!”

Why do we even need a skill for seed sowing?!

Se-jun grumbled and got angry, but after that, the tower’s manager said nothing.


Se-jun sighed and checked the skill he received.

[Job Skill – Seed Sowing Lv.

Slightly increases the germination rate when seeds are planted.


At least, thanks to the job’s characteristic of not being bothered by minor illnesses, the body aches had disappeared.

On the 61st day of being trapped in the tower, he awakened and obtained the job of Tower Farmer.


As soon as Se-jun opened his eyes, he approached the cave wall.


With a fishbone, he completed the 25th 正(line) on the wall.

It had been 75 days since he came to the cave.

Splish! Splash!

Se-jun washed his face in the small pond and came to his senses.

And then,

Swish swish.

Holding a torch in his left hand, he waved it left and right over the large pond.


The fish that spotted the torch jumped up.
As he awakened, he could know the names of the fish.
The name written above their heads.



He struck the piranha with a club in his right hand.
The club was made by tying several layers of dried Scallion leaves with a rope.



The piranhas struck by the club flapped vigorously on the ground.
In this way, Se-jun caught five piranhas.
The number of piranhas he had to catch increased due to the baby rabbits.

A moment later.

[You have defeated a Piranha.]

[You have acquired 2 experience points.]



When the piranhas could no longer breathe and died, he gained experience points.
Since awakening, Se-jun could gain experience points.
Thanks to this, he reached level 2 already.

However, he did not hunt piranhas recklessly.
At this point, survival was much more important than experience points.

If the piranhas’ egg were to run out, both Se-jun and the rabbits would be in trouble.
So, he caught only as many as he needed.

While Se-jun was catching piranhas and preparing breakfast, the rabbit couple also started their morning farming.

And something had changed.



The baby rabbits started helping with farming, following their parents.
Now they were carrying Scallion leaves, trying hard to help.

Upon awakening, Seojun was able to learn the identity of the rabbits.
The names above the rabbits’ heads:

[Farmer White Rabbit]

This was the true identity of the rabbits.
He didn’t know what had happened to them, but they seemed to have lost their farm, wandered around, and settled here after finding the field Seojun had created.

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At that moment, a delicious aroma began to fill the air.

Before he knew it, the piranha dish was ready.

“Let’s eat breakfast!”

The hungry baby rabbits quickly dropped the scallion leaves they were carrying and ran over.
After eating their fill, the baby rabbits went back to their burrow to take a nap.
They were still young and needed a lot of sleep.

Let’s start harvesting then.”



At Seojun’s words, the rabbit couple made a serious expression.
Today was a very important day.

“Let’s see.”

Seojun went to the cherry tomato field and examined the ripe red cherry tomatoes.

‘Good, they’re ripe.’


Seojun picked a ripe cherry tomato.

[You have obtained a Well-ripened Magical Cherry Tomato.]

[Your occupation experience increases slightly.]

[You have gained 10 experience points.]

“Magical Cherry Tomato?”

[Magical Cherry Tomato]

A cherry tomato grown inside the tower, it is delicious and full of nutrients.

When consumed, it breaks down 10g of body fat and increases mana by 0.1 for 10 minutes.

The effect stacks up to 10 times within an hour.

When consumed by a non-awakened person, it breaks down 10g of body fat and revitalizes the body.

Cultivator: Tower Farmer Park Seojun

Expiration date: 30 days

Grade: E


This time, it was an item as well.
Moreover, just by eating the Magical Cherry Tomato, it could increase mana up to 1.


Seojun began to harvest the cherry tomatoes diligently.

When he accidentally picked an unripe cherry tomato,

[You have obtained an Unripe Cherry Tomato.]

[Your occupation experience does not increase.]

[You have gained 7 experience points.]

The experience points were reduced, and the occupation experience did not increase.

Moreover, the cherry tomato turned into a regular cherry tomato instead of an item.

After that, Seojun carefully harvested the cherry tomatoes.


[You have obtained a Well-ripened Magical Cherry Tomato.]

[Your occupation experience increases slightly.]

[You have gained 10 experience points.]



[You have leveled up.]

[You have obtained 1 bonus stat.]

By harvesting 53 Magical Cherry Tomato, Seojun leveled up twice as a bonus.

Thanks to that, Seojun reached level 4.


I’ll be translating a few more chapters today, so stay tuned.

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