When Sejun announced he was going to meet the boss of the 99th floor of the tower, Minotaur King,



The black rabbit and the Cuengi (baby bear) stepped up.
We’ll protect you!

And then,

“President Theo, get ready.”

“What, meow? I’m going too?”

Theo, who was in charge of luggage, was forced to go on a business trip.

“Lead the way.”


At Sejun’s words, Woocheon Sam (Minotaur 1003) and Woocheon Sa (Minotaur 1004) took the lead.



“Hey! How are we supposed to keep up if you run so fast!!”

In a moment, Woocheon Sam (Minotaur 1003) and Woocheon Sa (Minotaur 1004) quickly got away.

“Oh Great Black Dragon.
I will serve you.”

Elka knelt in front of Sejun, and the other wolves carried the Black Rabbit and Theo on their backs.


Grr! Grr!

Cuengi (baby bear) was held by the front paw of the mother Crimson Giant Bear.
As a mother, she couldn’t send her cub to a dangerous place where Minotaur King is.

“Cuengi (baby bear), it’s dangerous, so wait here.”

Sejun tried to comfort Cuengi (baby bear),


With the sound of Cuengi (baby bear) crying that he wanted to go with them in the background, Sejun, Theo, and the black rabbit set off on wolves towards the waypoint guarded by Minotaur King.


The wolves moved at a speed of nearly 70km/h, which was extremely fast.


The vast wasteland quickly passed by Sejun’s eyes as he rode on a wolf.

After running for a while, the endless wasteland ended and a red land began to appear.
Was it mud? The idea of mud bricks came to Sejun’s mind.

“If I make bricks, I can build buildings.”

While Sejun was moving, thinking of building buildings with mud bricks,


A group of over a thousand Black Minotaurs appeared in the distance.


“What are they doing?”

The Black Minotaurs were seen putting clumps of mud into their mouths.

“Is that why they get excited just by seeing grass?”

Sejun suddenly felt sorry for the Black Minotaurs.



Minotaur 1 rushed to call Minotaur King.

What’s the matter?

Minotaur King, who was sleeping in front of the waypoint, opened his eyes and asked.

Woocheon Sam (Minotaur 1003) and Woocheon Sa (Minotaur 1004) have returned!

What?! Woocheon Sam (Minotaur 1004)?!


Minotaur King kicked the ground and stood up at the news that Woocheon Sam (Minotaur 1003), who ignored his orders and went on a date, returned.

Where are they?!

But they brought a stranger.

A stranger? Bring them all here.


Thus, Sejun and his party, guided by Minotaur 1, met Minotaur King with Woocheon Sam (Minotaur 1003) and Woocheon Sa (Minotaur 1004).

Beside Minotaur King, a red bone club and a white horn were stuck in the ground.


“That must be the waypoint.”

Sejun looked at the red crystal seen behind Minotaur King.


“He asks why you came here, meow.”

Theo translated Minotaur King’s words.

“Tell Minotaur King I came to collect the debt from three days ago.”

“I got it, meow! Minotaur King, we came to collect the debt from three days ago, meow!”

Theo bravely conveyed Sejun’s words to Minotaur King.
There was no reason for him to back down because he was the deadly yellow cat under the command of the great Black Dragon.

This adds a splendid scene to my life’s story, meow.’

When Theo was imagining a splendid scene for a story to tell others later,


Minotaur King was furious at the attitude of demanding a price so boldly.


Theo, startled by Minotaur King’s shout, began to hiccup.

“Calm down.”

Sejun soothed the startled Theo by stroking his head, then approached Minotaur King.

And then,


He put his hand on Minotaur King’s leg and said,

“I’ve heard that Black Minotaurs are honorable warriors, but it seems that was an old story.
You don’t even feel ashamed of what you’ve done and instead you get angry… So, is it okay if I tell your subordinates that their boss stole someone else’s food?”

When Sejun conveyed his words and was about to remove his hand,



Minotaur King grabbed Sejun urgently.

‘I knew it.’

Sejun forced down the corners of his mouth that were rising and said in an indifferent voice,

“What is it?”

Eummu! Eummu… Eum…

[I am a great warrior of the Black Minotaurs, who respect honor! I was planning to repay you later.
As compensation for the grass I ate last time…]

Just as the Minotaur King was about to suggest a price,

“Hold on! I’ll decide what I want to take.
First, allow me to use the waypoint.”

Sejun cut off the Minotaur King’s words and stated his own demand.


[You mean the waypoint?]

“So, how about it?”

At Sejun’s words, Minotaur King thought for a moment.

And then,


I permit it.
It might be useless to you, but…]

The Minotaur King stepped aside to allow Sejun to approach the waypoint.

Got it!

Sejun didn’t hear the rest of Minotaur King’s words because he was approaching the waypoint.


Sejun reached out to the red crystal floating in the air.

[Waypoint of the 99th floor of the tower has been saved.]

[Loading other floor’s saved waypoint.]

[There is no other floor’s saved waypoint besides the 99th floor of the tower, so you cannot move to another floor.]


Sejun, who started from the 99th floor of the tower, didn’t have any other waypoints saved.
There was nowhere to go.

Normally, other hunters would start from the 1st floor, marking the waypoint of the 1st floor and then climb the tower.

And generally, when a waypoint is saved, a portal to the next floor appears.

This was possible regardless of the boss raid.
There were many floors where the location of the floor boss and the waypoint were different.

But he had never heard of a downward portal appearing.
There was no need for that, since you could use the waypoint to go down.

While Sejun was disappointed,


Minotaur King, who had kept his beloved bone, sighed in relief.
Minotaur King, who valued his own honor, intended to give Sejun his cherished Red Bone as a compensation to maintain the honor of a great warrior.

The Red Bone was a legendary grade club that turned red by absorbing the blood of numerous monsters. It was one of only three legendary items in the tower.

He lost the opportunity to get a legendary club because of the waypoint he couldn’t even use properly.
Of course, there was a side effect of becoming a blood-crazed lunatic if not controlled, so it wouldn’t have been good for Sejun to have it anyway.

“The next price is…”

Sejun asked Minotaur King for a few more things in return.

Then, when Sejun looked at Theo, Theo took out a green onion leaves big enough to make a small hill from his bag.

“This is a gift for our future friendship.”

Although it was called a gift, it was brought to promote the green onion leaves to the black minotaurs.
It meant, we have this, so if you’re interested, come and work for us.


Minotaur King swallowed his saliva looking at the green onion leaves.
It seemed as if he had already secured a worker.


It’s been three days since Sejun met Minotaur King.

Several things had happened in the meantime.
The biggest news was that mother rabbit was pregnant again.
It was due to the grilled eel.

“Ever since they started sending baby rabbits to the first generation rabbits burrow, something odd has been happening… Let’s see if they start asking for grilled eels from now on.”

Sejun was somehow irritated.

And, thanks to the deal with Minotaur King, the whole wasteland area was recognized as Sejun’s territory, and ten black minotaurs came to work on Sejun’s land every day and cultivated the wasteland.

According to Woocheon Sam (Minotaur 1003), the competition among the black minotaurs who want to come here every day is fierce.

“Well, they used to eat mud every day…”

Finally, Sejun received another Queen Bee’s larva yesterday.
With this, there will be three beehives now.

“But the blue moon is coming soon.
will it be okay?”

Sejun looked at the surface field, remembering what happened about a month ago.

When the surface field was destroyed by Woocheon Sam (Minotaur 1003) during Bluemoon, Sejun fell into deep thought.

“If this keeps happening, there’s no reason to plant crops in the surface field.”

It would be okay if monsters didn’t come during the blue moon, but if monsters came even once and made a mess of the farm, all farming would be in vain.

Since there was no solution, Sejun even considered giving up on the surface field.


[The Tower’s Administrator says to leave it to them if you’re worrying about monsters rampaging and destroying the fields during the Bluemoon.]

“Leave it to them? What will they do?”

[The Tower’s manager asks, smugly, didn’t you see them suppressing the monsters during the Bluemoon?]


Come to think of it, there was a time when the monsters quieted down when the black dragon appeared during the first blue moon when Sejun was in distress.
It was Aileen.

“I got it.
Then I’ll trust you, Aileen.”

[The tower administrator tells you to trust them and plant crops a lot of crops.]

So Sejun trusted Aileen’s words and worked hard to plant crops, but as the blue moon approached, he was a little anxious.

“It’ll be okay, right?”

Since he had made the decision to trust, Sejun decided to trust Aileen to the end.

Today, because of the Bluemoon, even the crimson giant bear and the black minotaurs did not come.

And the wolves went down to the lower floor last night saying they didn’t want to cause any damage.

“It feels somewhat empty without the big guys around.”

Sejun said while looking at the wide field.


Chop, chop, chop.

“What’s empty, meow?! The charming and deadly yellow cat, President Theo, is here, meow!”

While resting on Sejun’s lap, Theo, who was eating Churu, thumped Sejun’s chest with his front paw to assert his presence.

“That’s right.
You’re here… I’m sorry.”

Where did he learn such charm… Sejun quickly stroked Theo’s back.
Today, because they had to finish their work early to prepare for the Bluemoon, He needed Theo’s help.

In a hurry, they finished their work and prepared for the Bluemoon.

Sejun put out the fire and got rid of the smell, the rabbits went into their burrow, and the poisonous honey bees went into the hive and blocked the entrance.


“See you in the morning, meow!”

Theo went inside his bag.

Once everyone went inside their homes, the cave was eerily quiet.

“It’s cold.”

Although the weather wasn’t too cold, Sejun felt chilly, perhaps because of loneliness, and pulled a blanket over himself.

After a while, the blue moon rose.


Human, put your trust in the Great Black Dragon Aileen Pritani.”

Aileen was excited at the thought of helping the human.

A while ago, Aileen, to celebrate the 200th day of human’s stay in the tower, prepared a soup by stirring various potions for hours for the weak human’s health, and for expressing gratitude and apology for the humans’ constant hardships.


“I guess cooking is not my thing.”

Honestly, cooking was too hard.

Aileen worried what if the human asked for more because it was too delicious, but the human did not ask for more, probably knowing Aileen’s hardship.

On top of that, the human even asked to never make it again from next time.

It’s nice to see that human worrying about me so much.”

It was because Sejun was worried about his own life, but Aileen thought it was because he was worried about her.

While thinking about the peculiar human, Aileen moved to the rooftop of the tower administrator’s space.

There was a cylindrical object that looked like a searchlight, with a diameter of 5m and a thickness of about 1m.



Aileen hummed and diligently cleaned the front part of the cylinder, which had a black dragon drawn on it.

And after a while, the surroundings turned bluish, and the blue moon rose.

Is it my turn now?”


When Aileen pressed the switch on the side of the cylindrical object,


Just as a Bat Signal appears on the moon, a light came out of the cylinder, and the black dragon drawn on the front of the cylinder moved, and the shadow of the black dragon began to fly above the sky where the blue moon rose.

And when the shadow of the black dragon reached the zenith of the sky,


Aileen roared loudly from behind the cylinder.


The cylinder carried Aileen’s voice with magic power and spread it all over the 99th floor of the tower.

This cylinder was a magical tool that Aileen’s grandfather, Kaiser Pritani, made for his granddaughter.
It was an item made so that the his granddaughter who couldn’t leave the administrator’s space could use it once in a while when it was hard to manage the tower.

The human will think that’s me, right?”

Aileen proudly looked at the black dragon floating above the sky and roared loudly once again.


The roar of the great black dragon soothed the monsters of the 99th floor of the tower who had gone mad due to the blue moon.

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