Margot pulled Anya towards a room. Anya tried to fight her, but Margot grabbed her roughly.

”What do you want me to do? ” shouted Anya bravely.

”Take off your clothes! ” Margot mandated in a high, and intimidating tone.

”What the hell? ” Anya gasped.

”I said take it off! ” Margot repeated.

”I have to make sure you
e a virgin- ”

”But I- ”

Before Anya could continue her phrases, someone knocked loudly on the room door.

”Whos there? ” asked Margot in an aggravated tone.

”Its me, ” answered the baritone voice outside.

”Oh, ” said Margot looking startled.

Margot quickly walked to the door and opened it. Anya could see a man standing in front of the door. A tall man with a proportional body, white skin, amber irises, and dark brown hair combed back neatly.

The man looked at Anya for a moment, then turned his gaze back to Margot.

”My father was looking for you, ” said the mysterious, handsome man. He turned his sharp eyes back to Anya, smirked, then left.

”Alright, give me a minute! ”

”Wait here, and don try to escape! ” said Margot to her and then left the room.


Margot walked out of the room— where she forced Anya to undress. The woman went to a particular room on the second floor, a special room for VIP guests—who come from the upper classes. Only rich and powerful men could get in there.

”Mr. Dmitry, were you looking for me? ” Margot asked Adolfo Dmitry, the future heir to Dmitriosa Corp.

Adolfo Dmitry looked confused by Margots question, ”no, I wasn looking for you. Who said I was looking for you, Margot? ” Mr. Dmitry frowned.

Margot immediately knew that it was the son of the man in front of her who had pranked her.

”Uhm, maybe I just misheard, ” Margot said goodbye and left the room. However, before she left the room, Mr. Dmitry suddenly called her back.

”Margot, please ask one of your girls to come here. There are not enough servants here, ” said Mr. Dmitry. Margot nodded slowly.

Tonight the VVIP room was booked by a widower from Mrs. Issabel Dodso. Yes, Adolfo Dmitry has long been left behind by his wife. He did not remarry after that and chose this place as a place to give up his male desires.

Margot immediately sped up her steps toward the room where Anya was waiting, and she knew for sure that Xavier – the son of Mr. Dmitry, who was known to be very clumsy and delinquent, was playing on her.

”As expected, it must be him! ” Margot whispered, squeezing her hand when she saw the room was empty. Someone has brought Anya.


”Hey, where are you taking me? ” asked Anya to that man. The strange young man returned to the room. He suddenly grabbed her hand and led her to run away from the building.

”Saved you, ” he said with a laugh.

Anya withered. She shouldn just believe what this man said. She doesn even know who he is. But the man kept pulling her towards the back of the building, which turned out to be a parking area.

”Oh yes, you must be confused about who I am, ” he said. Anya nodded.

”Ill tell you about myself later. Now, get in my car. Ill take you around, ” he said.

Anya did not do what the man ordered. She just looked at Xavier with skepticism.

”I won hurt you, ” he said with a friendly smile.

”Are you sure? ” asked Anya.

Xavier nodded ”yeah, wouldn that be better than you spending the night sleeping with those old men. ”

”You must be the new kid, right? ” Xavier opened the car door for Anya. ”Hurry before we get caught, ” he said.

Anya got into the dark blue car, not forgetting to wear a seat belt.

Xavier immediately drove his vehicle, leaving the expansive courtyard of the castle building.


”Who are you? ” asked Anya stiffly and awkwardly.

”Im Xavier. My father is a friend of the places owner. Hes also a customer there. You know what I mean, right? ”

Anya shook her head.

”Why did you take me away from there? ”

”Because I need a friend, ” he answered quickly.

”You weren supposed to be there, and they must be Margots men forcing you, right? ” Xavier asked.

”Yes, my father owes them— ”

”Oh, so you were sold by your father? ”

Anya nodded slowly, glancing at the handsome man who seemed calm, looking at the empty and dark street in front of him.

There was a moment of silence. Neither Anya nor Xavier said a word. Suddenly the cell phone that Xavier put on the dashboard roared.

”Hello— ” Before Xavier could answer, someone on the other end was already cursing him.

”Are you crazy? Why did you take the girl away? ” shouted Adolfo to his son.

”How much does it costs? ” Xavier asked calmly and casually as if he didn know anything in his fathers angry tone.

”Quickly bring her back here! ”

”I want this girl, please, Dad.

Just this once, to celebrate my graduation, do you mind it? ” Xavier asked with a sinister smile.

”Can you ask dads permission to take that girl away? Don embarrass— ”

”Thanks, Dad, ” Xavier said as he quickly hung up the phone.


Before, Adolfo said more things that sickened him.

”Ill take you around Central Middlesbrough. ”

”Can you tell me who these people are? ” Anya said, starting the conversation.

”You mean Margot? ”

”Yes. ”

”Margot is my uncles mistress, my fathers best friend who I consider like my uncle; its a brothel, but its more classy ​​because only young executives to high-ranking men can enter and use the services of the prostitutes there. ”

”So, that big house is a brothel? ” Anya is surprised.

”What do you think that place is? ” Xavier asked, laughing mockingly.

”You will be auctioned off at that place if I don save you. ”

”Why did you save me? ” asked Anya firmly. It was strange for a young man whose father was a regular brothel customer to be sweet and save girls.

”Who knows. ” Xavier shrugged his shoulders at the same time.

”Ive been watching you since you came with Candace from the gate. ”

”Is that true? ” asked Anya in disbelief.

”Then, did you pity me? So you decided to save me? ”

Xavier grinned, then smiled mysteriously.

”Maybe. ”

”Then where are you taking me? ”

”To my house, ” he said quickly.

”Your house? ”

”Yes, we need a housekeeper. Only if you don mind working for us, ” he said casually.

”Are you serious? ” There was a feeling of relief when Xavier said that.

e not going to tell me to serve you, are you? ”

”Of course, you will serve me, ” said Xavier.

”I mean to serve you in another meaning, ” Anya replied quickly, correcting her words.

”Uhmm, I can guarantee that. Are you willing to serve me? ” Xavier asked as he brought his face closer to Anya. After a moment before he stopped his car in front of a park.

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