”Get up quickly! ” Candace yelled.

Anya has to wake up forcefully while enduring a sense of dizziness in the head.

”Are you sleeping or dead? Get up, Anya! Time for us to work, ” Candace shouted.

Anya frowned, ”work? For now? ” she asked.

”yes, you think Mr. Moralez wants to buy you just to laze around ? ” asked Candace as she scrambled her waist.

Candace is a pimp, and her boss bought Anya from the woman trafficker. A few days ago, Candaces boss found Anya auctioned off in a rundown brothel house in the suburbs. Seeing Anyas beautiful appearance and face, he finally bought the girl because he wanted to hire Anya in a more decent brothel.

”Hurry up! We have to reach out before Margot penalizes us, ” Candace said.

”Who is Margot? ” asked Anya after washing her face.

”Hurry up and fast, dress up! ” she said as she pulled out the makeup tools.

”I can dress up, ” she replied.

”What?! Can you dress up? Are you a girl, or aren you?! ” Candace yelled slightly.

”Do you want to see my intimate organs so you can be sure that I am a girl? ”

Candace shuddered, ”no thanks. ”

”After that, you have to wear this, ” Candace said as she handed over a tight, low-collar dress that exposed her breasts.

”I don want! This dress is too vulgar. I can wear it! ” protested Anya as she put the dress on the couch.

”What just did you say? ” Candace was inexhaustible with the stubborn girl before her.

”Look at this collar. This collar is too low to allow people to see my breasts, Candace, ” Anya protested with an innocent face.

”This suit is deliberately made so that people can see your curves! So just put it on now, and don protest so much!

”Unless you want to end up as an unidentified corpse on the autopsy table! ”

”I don want! ” Anya screamed.

”Do you think you have a choice after your father sells you to Mr. Moralez? ” Candace put her face close to Anyas and said in a threatening tone. Candace grinned, making Anya wince at her remarks.

Anya finally put the dress on. But it was so tight that it made Anya hard to breathe.

”Ahh, its so tight! ” she muttered complainingly.

”Wow, you
e so beautiful and sexy, Anya. You
e going to get a special guest tonight, ” Candace smiled.

”Lets set off now! ” ajak Candace.


They left the apartment and walked down the main road to find a taxi. But, they must pass through narrow and dark alleys that used to be used as residences for homeless people and drunkards.

”Hi baby, where are you going? Come close to daddy! Daddy needs your hugs. Daddy feels so cold, ” A drunk man walks up to them and makes a catcall.

”Don come closer, or Ill scream and call the police! ” threatened Candace.

”Hey, whore! How many hundred men have sex with you? ” One of the homeless people who had been lying down finally woke up and joined the drunks.

”Candace, lets run, ” whispered Anya, ready to release her high heels.

”Yes, you
e right. There are too many of them, ” Candace said. Not waiting for the second to change, Candace took a few steps back, then took off her shoes and ran along with Anya, who had run away first.

”Go after them! ” ordered the drunken man.


With their breaths raging and hearts beating wildly, they ran to the highway.

”Candace, the taxi is coming! ” shouted Anya as she continued to watch her back, making sure that the lunatics were no longer chasing.

”Taxi! ” Candace waved, and the yellow taxi stopped.

”Margots house! ”

It seemed that the place they were going was quite famous, so the taxi driver knew where to take them.

”Anya, listen to me because this is very important. So, Margot is a vicious woman, and you shouldn fight or refute her remarks. Understand? ” Candace spoke softly as hell.

”Who is she? ”

”She is our boss, the owner of the place- ”

”But you said you will be the owner— ”

”Ahh, I was joking around. You don have to take it too seriously, ” Candace said, laughing wryly.

”So, Margot is the mistress wife of Mr. Moralez, is the head of the leader of the underground mafia. Youd better not deal with them because your life could be threatened. Work like me. The important thing is that you can eat, have fun, and, most importantly, you can still be alive. Do you understand? ” Candace explained at length while Anya just nodded her head. Instead of a submissive nod, she did the action so that the woman in front of her would not continue to babble about Margot.

Anya will prove to herself how dangerous it is to deal with Margot. Is it true, as Candace said?


The taxi stopped in front of a building—a tall building consisting of four floors. From the outside, this place seems deserted, but inside, life there lasts twenty-five hours a day. The big trees lined up neatly waved to greet them.

”The party will begin soon, ” Candace hissed.

”A Party? ” asked Anya.

Candace nodded.

”There will be a party every day. How about it? Do you like the party ? ” Candace glanced over. Anya didn answer; she was busy thinking about how to escape from this place.

Before the two went more profound, in front of the gate were two big men who were in charge of checking the visitors. Candace then said something that sounded like a code or password to one of them. Not long after, they were welcome to enter.

”Hurry up because Mr. Moralez came to do the inspection, ” Candace said as she hurriedly ran away.

”Drag him! ” On the way to the room for the prostitutes. Anya saw a girl being dragged around in a state full of bruises.

”Please don kill me! ”

”Who has done this to her? ” Anya asked.

”Miss Margot! Who else? ”

”What she have done? ” asked Anya curiously.

”This girl was caught lying. She claimed to be a virgin, and it turned out that she had even been pregnant with her boyfriend. ”

Anya was stunned to look at the pity at the young girl whose face was battered, and her body was full of blow scars.

”Anya, why did you stop? Hurry up, come on! ” Candace pulled Anyas hand away.

The woman dressed in tight red led Anya to a room where the walls were entirely covered with black cloth. There are many chairs lined up there.

”Sit down. Mrs. Margot asked us to wait here. ” Candace asked Anya to sit waiting.

While Candace stood up while playing with her mobile phone, the woman smiled, ”My favorite customer has already come. I will earn a lot of money tonight. ” She said with a forced fake smile.

She knew Candace didn like the job, but maybe the woman had no choice, so pretending to be happy was how she chose to cover up her true feelings.

After a few minutes, A beautiful woman walks into the room. Her body was like a Spanish guitar, and Her skin was as white as a porcelain doll. Wearing a tight white dress and her legs wrapped in black stockings, she came over. Her blonde hair was long, hanging down on her shoulder, and her sensual lips were smeared with fiery red lipstick. Her ample chest swayed right and left as she walked toward Anya.

”You must be that new kid. Not bad is our new stuff, Candace. You can start working, Candace. Ill take care of her, ” Margot said. Candace obeys and leaves Anya there.

”Tell me, whats your name? ” asked Margot in a soft voice. But Anya knew, from the look in her eyes, Margot was not a gentlewoman.

At least the state of the girl he had seen said it all. The girl was battered, and the injuries on the girls body and face were the work of Margots cruel hands.

After waiting for a few seconds, Anya never answered. It annoyed Margot, ”Are you deaf? I ask you, whats your name? ” she snapped, squeezing Anyas chin roughly.

”Anya! Anya Smith! ” he said shortly and quickly, the girl showing no fear. It boldly looked its head at the eyes of the woman in front of it, the look in the eyes full of resistance.

”Alright, Anya, are you a virgin? Your father said you are a virgin. Is that true? ” she asked.

Anya squeaked, smiling sarcastically but remained silent and did not answer.

”ANSWER ME! ” cried Margot, unable to control her emotions.

”Does it matter to you? ” asked Anya.

”Of course, because it will determine your price later. Oh yes, I don want to be fooled by a new kid anymore. If you
e a virgin, Ill have to check it myself. Now you
e with me! ” asked Margot with a severe face.

Anya frowned, ”what do you mean by checking it? ” asked Anya.

”Im going to look at your intimate organs. I have to make sure. Are you a virgin? ” she said casually, then screeched away.

”I don want to! ” Anya screamed.

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