about that.

 In any case, this letter was delivered after the Shirasagi family had fled in the night and disappeared.

 It was not until much later that the old man and his family took over the restaurant and reopened it as “Sword Mountain”.

 It's too much to ask him to imagine.

 As he did so, the old man nodded with a serious face.


“I see.
If that letter was addressed to Shirasagi's daughter, the previous owner ……
Yamaguchi-san might know something about it.”


 Yamaguchi-san, as Suzu-nee mentioned earlier, apparently he must be referring to the bearded dandy of an old man that I saw in a past dream.

 Apparently, they are still interacting with each other to this day.


“I'll contact him later, and you guys can come back at a later date?”

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“If we learn anything, I'll contact you.”


 At uncle and Suzu-nee's suggestion, I, Amane, and Konoha-chan at the table nodded.




 And the time was around 16:30.

 The area was completely tinged with sunset by the time ……
we ended up spending a full Sunday in action.

 Yes ……
that means I've been with Amane all day…

 I don't know how ……
this sense of fulfillment, or superiority, that wells up in me.
It's been years since I've had such a fulfilling holiday!!

 A day off to kill a day playing games, that's great too ……
but not nearly as fulfilling as this!!

 Konoha, in fox form, is on Amane's shoulder, which is tinted orange by the setting sun.
Her figure also looks like a princess of a certain style, which is appropriate for the climax of today's event.


“See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, see you…”


 As we were about to enter our respective houses, Konoha-chan, who was on Amane's shoulder, said in wonder.


“Are? You two don't live together?”




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 A casual question, but the little fox dropped a huge bombshell.

 At first, we freeze, but we manage to get back on our feet.

“No, no~.
We're neighbors, our houses are different, right?”

“That's right…
what do you say out of the blue…”


 But the little fox didn't care, and this time she threw incendiary bombs.


“But okaa-sama told me not to bother because “The two of them are spiritually tied together”.”



As expected, I at least know what that means.

 In short, humanly speaking, we are classified as a married couple or steady………….
We involuntarily looked at each other and ……
hurriedly turned our faces away.


“W-W-W-What did you say !? There is no way! We are still high school students !?”

“T-T-T-That's right !? We're still at an age where it's legally impossible to do so!?”


 I don't understand what I'm saying ……
Oh no! I have a very bad feeling that continuing this conversation is a very bad idea!!


“But okaa-sama said there is no mistake…”

“Stop!! I'm going home now !! B-Bye, Yumeji-kun !!”

“O-Oh!! See ya!!”


 Amane's face was as red as the setting sun as she hurriedly retreated behind the door of her home ……
perhaps even mine now.

But a couple…
Is this kind of language or feeling slightly more bestial than that of the animals…
That animal-eared mother and daughter.

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