I can’t resist reading another novel.

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Maybe you already know.
But I tell you again, this is MTL.
So, I cannot guarantee that the translation 100% contextually accurate or appropriate since I don’t speak fluent Japanese and English.

This is simple, fun and easy going story.
There is no complicated setting or plot.
Also, there is no cruel or dark/despair element.

If you okay with it.
Then, enjoy reading

End of the First It Was All a Dream

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 I had a dream.

 I have no idea what happened before or after, just that I was there, but strangely enough, I didn’t feel any discomfort at all… Well, most dreams are like that.

 I could tell that I was in the middle of a forest, with a beautiful spring in front of me and a stone monument with magnificent carvings standing in the middle.

 In that place, I was standing and holding hands with “her”.

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 I had already said goodbye to my friends with whom I had shared so much pain and suffering, and I had finished visiting the grave of my mentor for the last time.

 There is no unfinished business here.

 I gazed at the monument with her with a feeling of great satisfaction, and soon the monument began to glow with a dazzling light and a beautiful silver-haired woman appeared as if from within.

“I’m really grateful to you, heroes and mages of the other world.
The world has been saved thanks to you.
I can’t thank you enough.”

 We shake our heads at the goddess, who says something incomprehensible with a truly grateful smile.

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“It’s not like I’m telling you not to worry about it.
But now, this world is not a stranger to us.”

“We helped because it was necessary for us, too… That’s all right, isn’t it?”

 When we said that, the goddess muttered, “You guys don’t change until the end,” and laughed, quietly closing her eyes and correcting her residence.

 Immediately, the atmosphere that had been so friendly and soft earlier became just that much more divine.

“We will restore everything according to the contract 5 years ago. According to the contract, I will fulfill your one wish for world salvation… “

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 As she said this, the goddess opened one eye thinly.

“It seems that both of you have already been decided, but… is it really okay that “it” is your wish?”

 We nodded to the Goddess to make sure we were okay.

 The goddess confirmed this, and this time, both of her eyes snapped open.
In praise of the dazzling light…

“All right… Then, “The Hero of Musou”, “The Mage of Wasles “… Return to the world where you belong.”

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