Chapter 28.
☆… Three Lightbulbs.

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Two days ago, the temperature in City C plummeted sharply.
Ruan Mengmeng was wearing a white turtleneck jumper, with a dark red diamond plaid short dress, and an apricot-coloured tweed jacket on her wrist, standing on the electronic scale with a blank expression.

He Yiyang also changed his clothes and came out of the bedroom.
Seeing her motionless, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Alert, it’s 119.”

Ruan Mengmeng’s mouth sank.
She couldn’t cry if she wanted to.
It was all the flesh she had grown up with.


He Yiyang indifferently glanced at the scale, showing 119.6, and the little fatty had rounded down to 119.

 Haha, height was inches but weight was rounded.
Rounding was really useful in the eyes of girls.

Ruan Mengmeng was a little embarrassed.
She scratched her face and got off the scale,”Brother, do you think I’m fat?”

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Chen Linjia was playing a game on her phone with her head down, unable to see the emotion on her face, while Gu Tingzhi, standing next to her, was talking to the cinema staff about something.

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“Jiajia.” Ruan Mengmeng greeted.

Chen Linjia raised her head and Ruan Mengmeng was startled, pointing to the corner of her lips and asking, “What happened to you here? There’s a small cut.”

Chen Linjia’s originally depressed face instantly burst into red.
She wanted to get angry but was unable to.
She gritted her teeth, “It’s nothing.”

The cinema staff left with flattering smiles.
Gu Tingzhi walked over and glanced at the corner of Chen Linjia’s mouth.
Chen Linjia suddenly exploded, glaring at Gu Tingzhi as if she wanted to rush over and hit him.

Ruan Mengmeng looked back and forth at the two people’s faces, always feeling strange.
Why did Gu Tingzhi come along? That would be five people with three light bulbs?

That was too bright, right?

“Jiajia, hasn’t Zhengyuan come yet?” Ruan Mengmeng asked.

“I don’t know,” Chen Linjia pulled Ruan Mengmeng aside, “he had to come along, don’t mind.”

Chen Linjia was originally thinking of just herself, Mengmeng, and Lu Zhengyuan.
The three people would go to see the movie, and then she would leave to pee and not return.
Then, the remaining two would naturally be dating.

Unexpectedly, when Mengmeng called, Gu Tingzhi overheard her and suddenly went crazy.
He locked her in the room and forced her to answer questions …… He didn’t let her go until she explained that she wanted to set up Ruan Mengmeng and Lu Zhengyuan.

Gu Tingzhi was simply a divine annoyance!

“I don’t mind,” Ruan Mengmeng said.
She brought He Yiyang anyway.
Looking at Gu Tingzhi who was standing a few steps away, “Brother Gu is worried about you coming home late, right? Uncle Gu and Aunt Lili are abroad.
He’s quite responsible.”

Alas, Ruan Mengmeng sighed with pity for Lu Zhengyuan in her heart.
Now he wouldn’t be able to go out with Jiajia alone.

At that moment the lift door opened again.
Lu Zhengyuan hurriedly came over.
He saw Ruan Mengmeng and said eagerly, “Sorry, Mengmeng, wait ……”

He had a traffic accident on his way here and was stuck in traffic.
Sitting in the car, he was anxiously watching the time, wishing he had wings to fly to the cinema immediately.

The moment he saw Ruan Mengmeng at the door, his anxious heart relaxed, but when he saw the figure of He Yiyang and the others again, his heart was weighed down by a big stone.

“Been waiting long?” Lu Zhengyuan smiled reluctantly.
The long-awaited date with Ruan Mengmeng had turned into a reunion, and his good mood had hit rock bottom.
But people were here, so there was nothing he could do.

“No, I’ve just arrived too,” Ruan Mengmeng said, winking at Lu Zhengyuan, “It’s Jia Jia who’s been waiting for a long time.”

Lu Zhengyuan smiled politely at Chen Linjia and Gu Tingzhi, but inwardly he was extremely depressed.
Mengmeng was the only one who promised to call out to Chen Linjia on the phone.

If this little fatty hadn’t said that before, He Yiyang would have wanted to choke Ruan Mengmeng.
Daring to squint at another person of the opposite sex in front of him, she was lacking in conditioning.

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In fact, it was not good to know.
He Yiyang’s hand raised, pinching Ruan Mengmeng’s face and wrenching it over, “Didn’t you say before that the lamb chops stink? I’ll buy you some juice.”

“There is a delivery in the VIP hall,” the theatre staff who appeared at some point came over again.
Behind him were two beautiful women carrying fruit plates and snacks, “Young master Gu, if the people are all here, this way please.”

Lu Zhengyuan’s gentle smile tightened as a wave of unwilling depression suffocated in his heart.

He knew that Gu Tingzhi was the adopted son of the richest man in C City, the only heir, and was rich and powerful.
But the initiator of this party was him, and he should have been in control of the whole situation.
Now, he was the one who was rubbing it in.

Ruan Mengmeng was attentive enough to notice Lu Zhengyuan’s emotions and wanted to speak up to comfort him, but a hand suddenly covered her mouth.

“Ummmmmmmm?” Ruan Mengmeng’s clear almond eyes looked at He Yiyang.

He Yiyang gave her a sidelong glance, maintaining his posture unchanged as he swept her along behind the waiter.

“Lu Zhengyuan!”

A clear, crisp girl, and several people stopped in their tracks.

At the weekend, Li Man Le was also out to see a movie with her two best friends, and was just about to check the tickets when she saw Lu Zhengyuan, in a slim trench coat, standing on the VIP lane.

“You know each other?” Gu Tingzhi looked over at Chen Linjia.

Chen Linjia rolled her eyes, so Gu Tingzhi said to the theatre manager next to him, “Open two rooms.”


“That’s not good, is it?” Li Manle looked at Gu Tingzhi reservedly and then placed her gaze on Lu Zhengyuan’s face.

The two girls who came with Li Manle were excitedly pushing each other instead, “Xiao Man, we’ve never even felt a VIP private room for movie watching ……”

Li Manle didn’t speak.
She looked embarrassed and seemed not to want to be seen together.

Chen Linjia complained “drama”, took Ruan Mengmeng’s arm and left first after roasting him with a “playboy”.

Lu Zhengyuan’s depressing mood worsened.
His lips pursed in a tight line as he looked towards Li Manle and said, “Come along, Young master Gu is treating us.”

Of the two halls, the four people in front of them were the first to choose one, and after entering the door was closed by someone.
He didn’t know who.

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Lu Zhengyuan’s hand lifted and dropped, and he and Li Manle entered the other room.

There were six single sofas in the front, a long sofa in the middle, and two large sofas near the door, so you could sit on them and half lie down.

Chen Linjia found a single sofa to sit on, and Gu Tingzhi was silent for a moment before settling down next to her.

Ruan Mengmeng sensed Jiajia’s bad mood, but didn’t know why; was it because she had disturbed her and Lu Zhengyuan?

Feeling slightly apologetic, she pulled He Yiyang, who was standing in the doorway, and ran to the middle, “Brother, shall we sit here?”

“En.” He Yiyang replied indifferently, sitting lazily on the corner of the sofa and waving at Ruan Mengmeng.

Sitting in the corner and squinting at the movie was much worse than sitting in the middle, but Ruan Mengmeng still obeyed and went over.

During the meal, she noticed that He Yiyang had yawned several times.
Although he didn’t say anything and still came along, Ruan Mengmeng knew that He Yiyang wanted to sleep more than watch the movie.

Sure enough, after the staff had put away the prepared fruit plates and snacks and gone out, in less than ten minutes, He Yiyang said in her ear, “Let’s go to the back.”

There was a fleece blanket on the big sofa.
As soon as Ruan Mengmeng opened it, He Yiyang grabbed it with one hand and threw it aside, saying with disgust, “It’s dirty.”

Ruan Mengmeng: “……” Forget it, this man has a cleanliness fetish.

“Although the air conditioning is on, it will be cold when you fall asleep,” Ruan Mengmeng reached out and hooked back the blanket, “You bear with it.”

Snap! This time, he threw it straight to the ground.

He Yiyang had a cold face, and under the flickering screen lights, he looked at Ruan Mengmeng quietly.

“Uh,” Ruan Mengmeng sighed, “Why don’t we go home?”

The plan to set up Jiajia and Zhengyuan had gone down the drain anyway.

He Yiyang didn’t say anything.
His long arm passed around Ruan Mengmeng’s waist.
His head rested on her shoulder and his other hand was on her stomach.
He said in an accommodating tone, “Let’s do it like this.”

Being half-hugged like this was indeed good for warmth.
Ruan Mengmeng didn’t move a muscle.
A strange emotion lingered in her heart, tingling and tickling.

It felt a little strange, and it wasn’t good to get too close.
She moved, and He Yiyang’s hands tightened, saying in his arrogant voice: “Do you want me to catch a cold? Who carried you to bed this afternoon, ungrateful 120?”

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The first half of the sentence made Ruan Mengmeng ashamed, but in the second half, she blew up, “It’s 119! I’m wearing heavy clothes.”

120 pounds was actually the bottom limit Ruan Mengmeng had set for herself, and when she weighed herself today, it was a bolt from the blue.

“Don’t move!” He Yiyang laughed.
After a while, he even pinched the soft flesh around Ruan Mengmeng’s waist, laughing quietly, “It’s okay to be fat.
It’s comfortable to hold and warm.”

Ruan Mengmeng took a deep breath and held it, her cheeks as angry as a blowfish!

Forget it.
She didn’t want to say anything.
Let’s just watch the movie.

The Little Prince” has a fuller plot than the original with the addition of the little girl character.
Ruan Mengmeng was already a fan of the original, so she couldn’t help but cry after seeing a large part of it.

She sobbed, not daring to cry out loud.
He Yiyang almost put her in his arms as a hug pillow, so she had to keep wiping her tears with the back of her hand for fear of disturbing him.

He Yiyang originally intended to squint for a while, but Ruan Mengmeng’s body smelled so nice, and her soft skin was so comfortable when she brushed against it occasionally, that he gradually fell asleep.

He was about to drift off to sleep when the person in his arms trembled, and then trembled again within a few minutes.

He opened his eyes and Ruan Mengmeng’s eyes were tear-stained and filled with emotion.
Her little nose and petal mouth were red, and a tear mark hung miserably on her fair, rosy little face.

“What’s wrong?” He Yiyang asked, his voice hoarse.

“Just watching the movie.
Did I wake you up, brother?” Ruan Mengmeng asked, tilting her head sideways.

Her tear-washed eyes were clean and innocent, and her childish appearance was particularly painful.

He Yiyang shook his head slowly, his fingers stroking her eyes, wiping away the teardrops at the corners, “Don’t cry.”

“En.” Ruan Mengmeng said softly, “I don’t want to see the rest.
Let’s go back?”

He Yiyang didn’t say anything.
His hands rubbed her little fleshy face before pulling her up.

 The warmth of his palm permeated his tear-dampened cheeks, and a burst of warmth melted into her heart.

Ruan Mengmeng couldn’t help but rub against it, and smiled in embarrassment when she reacted, revealing six neat little shellfish teeth.

He Yiyang looked at her dotingly and walked away quietly holding Ruan Mengmeng in his arms.


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