Chapter 26.
Awkward to the point of splitting

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Chen Linjia’s phone call was particularly funny.
She had her hand on her forehead and she was kissing her teeth with her other arm crossed.
She didn’t know what the other party had said, but her fingers suddenly became claws.
She was mad as if she was the ‘Roaring God’ in an action movie.

Ruan Mengmeng was sure that if that person had appeared in front of her, Chen Linjia would have grabbed their shoulders and shook them violently!

Pfft, the yoghurt almost sprayed out as she burst into laughter.

She was curious about who it was, but it was better not to ask too many questions.
She would naturally tell her when she wanted to talk to her.

“Are you done fighting?”


Ruan Mengmeng handed over a cup of yoghurt and joked, “Dry mouth, huh?”

Chen Linjia took it, glaring at her, “Let’s go back to the playground.
We have to gather at the end of class.”

“Okay.” Throwing the bag of snacks into the trash, Ruan Mengmeng admired herself for eating a huge bag of snacks for only eight hundred metres.

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“Huh? Isn’t that Lu Zhengyuan?” Chen Linjia pointed to the Zhenmei building over the playground.
“Who’s the girl next to him?”


They were both in school uniforms, and apart from the hair and body shape, it was really impossible to tell who was who.
Ruan Mengmeng squinted for a long time, but couldn’t make it out.

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She didn’t really care.
What she had been looking at had nothing to do with high school anyway. 

But the other day, when Lu Zhengyuan suggested going to the movies, Chen Linjia looked excited.
Ruan Mengmeng suggested again, “Should we pretend to walk over and take a look without thinking?”

“It’s a must,” Chen Linjia’s face was pulled in anger, “Which green tea dares to steal someone? See if I don’t tear her up with my hands.”

Ruan Mengmeng: “……”

It seemed that Jiajia really liked Zhengyuan.
A class flower and a class grass… It was also a match.


Li Manle herself didn’t know when she started to like Lu Zhengyuan.

Perhaps it was when she first watched him play basketball and was attracted by his handsome and dashing posture, or perhaps it was because the big fat guy she once didn’t even bother to notice out of the corner of her eye had turned into a tall and gentle man.

When she came back to her senses, her heart beat wildly, uncontrollably every time she saw Lu Zhengyuan.
She wandered off in class while awake, and her eyes fell on him time and again.

Li Manle began to approach Lu Zhengyuan little by little.
After class, collecting homework, knowing the games he played through other students, inviting him to team up after she was skilled.
She asked for his micro signal, and tried to have a private chat after evening study for two ……

She felt it was almost the same.
She felt that her closeness was in place, and that Lu Zhengyuan should confess to her soon.
She just never expected to find another girl when she accidentally clicked on his home button……


What an irony! Li Manle was half dead with anger when she saw the girl on the screen.
She was prettier than her and better than her.
Was Lu Zhengyuan blind and couldn’t see it?

No, Lu Zhengyuan just hadn’t met a better one!

“I heard from Liang Xiaoqi that your student union is going to form a basketball cheerleading team?” Li Manle called out to Lu Zhengyuan, who was running, and led him to the side to ask.

The cheerleading team was requested by He Yiyang, specifically to cheer and boost morale for this college basketball friendly competition.
He and the captain, Qin Tian, were both members of the student union, so He Yiyang assigned the matter to him as he was the head of the publicity department.
Qin Tian, the vice president of the official department, acted as a shirker.

“Are you interested?” Lu Zhengyuan asked.

Li Manle smiled, “Yes, I was already the cheerleader, and after you made the varsity team, of course I want to be on the school cheerleading team too.”

She looked at Lu Zhengyuan with a smile.
This hint should be obvious enough.

Lu Zhengyuan just thought about it and said, “Yes, you can.
Go and ask for the registration form from senior sister Lou Yueru.”

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The cheerleaders were all girls and had to dance, so He Yiyang had asked the Recreation Department to assist at the same time.
Lou Yueru was the head of the Recreation Department.

“Senior sister Lou?” Li Man Le said alertly, “She’s going to participate too, so is she the captain position as well?”

Li Manle had studied modern dance and had learned a bit from one of the cheerleading teachers.
She thought that the captaincy was within her reach, but she didn’t expect that Lou Yueru would also take part.

“I’m not sure about that,” Lu Zhengyuan was only responsible for the publicity call; as for the group rehearsal, it had nothing to do with him, “Do you have anything else?”


Li Man Le’s eyes widened in surprise, slightly turning her cheek sideways, “Now that everyone is resting, can’t you talk to me?”

Lu Zhengyuan looked at the playground.
Everyone had dispersed after the run, and there were only three or two girls left playing badminton in a joking manner.

His eyes fell back on Li Manle’s face and he paused, “Just say what you want to say.
I can’t chat.”

Seeing that he wasn’t in a hurry to leave, Li Man Le smiled happily, “Thank you just now.
If you hadn’t stopped me in time, maybe I would have talked to ……” She deliberately paused and smiled shyly, her fingers brushing her long hair.
“That would have been too unsightly, like a shrew.”

Lu Zhengyuan frowned, a little dissatisfied with her kind of statement.
He thought about it and said nothing.

“I also have bad points.
I shouldn’t say that at school,” Li Man Le continued, “One of my aunts is very close to the Gu family and knows something about the situation, but forget it.
Hehehe, these are other people’s private matters.
Even if I am very angry, I shouldn’t say anything.”

The boys always had something to talk about besides their studies, and games and pretty girls of the same age were a must every time.
The girl Lu Zhengyuan heard his roommates talk about the most was Chen Linjia.
They started with her face and talked about it in a crooked way every time.

He had heard some of it too.
Although it was all gossip, it wasn’t necessarily made up out of thin air.
There was a roommate who had even written a love letter, but then got so angry that he just tore it up and shut up about the three words Chen Linjia.

“Mengmeng has already apologised to you, so there’s no need to mention this matter anymore.”

Zhengyuan intended to end the topic.

“Eh,” Li Manle stiffly pulled the corners of her mouth, “So are you going back to class now? I’ll go with you.
I happen to have a physics problem to ask for advice.”



Chen Linjia suddenly interrupted, dragging Ruan Mengmeng to stand next to her.
She ignored Li Manle and said to Lu Zhengyuan, “Have you finished? Mengmeng and I have something to ask you.”

Lu Zhengyuan looked at Ruan Mengmeng with delight.
He later found out from his classmates what had happened and had a lot to say to her.
He had wanted to take advantage of the time to find her before class ended.

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“Sure, I’ll buy you guys a drink.” Lu Zhengyuan walked towards Ruan Mengmeng.

Ruan Mengmeng smiled politely, “Jiajia and I just came over from the kiosk.”

“Then can Mengmeng accompany me on another trip?” Lu Zhengyuan said, “I’m actually quite thirsty.”

The three of them turned around and left, leaving Li Manle in the same place.
She saw that Lu Zhengyuan’s eyes kept falling on Ruan Mengmeng, and was so angry that she wanted to rush up and separate them.

Ruan Mengmeng, a fatty, was no match for her.

Chen Linjia suddenly turned around.
Her harsh eyes pierced straight at Li Manle, whose angry and twisted expression was too late to collect itself.
It was looked at squarely.


Ruan Mengmeng saw Chen Linjia suddenly stop and look back at her.

Chen Linjia had long been uncomfortable with Li Manle, who had been targeting her like a mad dog for no reason at all, but today she even dared to throw dirty water on her.

Good! Then we’ll see who’s the best.

“Let’s go.
What are you looking at?” Seeing her lack of response, Ruan Mengmeng asked in a roundabout way.

Chen Linjia hummed and laughed.
She took Ruan Mengmeng’s arm and said, “I’m looking at the green tea table.”

She looked around.
There were only a few girls in the large playground, so Ruan Mengmeng didn’t know which table her friend was talking about.
Lu Zhengyuan was standing next to her, so she was too embarrassed to ask directly.

Huh? Ruan Mengmeng blinked.
Could it be that Jiajia was jealous of Li Manle for talking to Lu Zhengyuan? It was quite possible.

She was suddenly blessed and felt the need to create opportunities for the two to spend time alone together.
It would be nice to have the conflict before class explained as well.

“Ouch, my stomach hurts,” Ruan Mengmeng said, covering her stomach, “Jiajia, you should accompany Zheng Yuan to the kiosk.”

After saying that, she slipped away.

“Eh, Mengmeng ……”

Lu Zhengyuan and Chen Linjia shouted in unison, but someone who had just run 800 metres and was still dying was now skating as fast as a rabbit.

The remaining two people looked at each other, speechless.
Embarrassment spread throughout the atmosphere, which was made more strange when Chen Linjia coughed and said: “Mengmeng moved to stand up for me.
She was not actively provoking people, so you should not misunderstand.”

Just now, Lu Zhengyuan had forced Ruan Mengmeng to apologise without knowing anything, and honestly, Chen Linjia was very upset.

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If she didn’t know that this kid’s family was a bookish family and his parents were both strict doctors, she would have exploded right then and there.
Still want her to be the inside man to chase Mengmeng? Don’t even think about it!

“I know.
She used to be very gentle and never got into trouble with anyone,” Lu Zhengyuan said, then added, “but in that situation, I was right to stop Li Manle from hitting Mengmeng, right?”

“Heh, you mean, standing on the moral high ground to maintain a harmonious school environment? Helping reason rather than relatives?” Chen Linjia squinted, dissatisfied with Lu Zhengyuan’s way of speaking and hating his high profile.

In Chen Linjia’s eyes, no matter what the situation was, Lu Zhengyuan should be the first to stand in Ruan Mengmeng’s camp, like the cold p*ssy face was doing a good job of.

Lu Zhengyuan smiled sarcastically, “I didn’t mean it.”

Chen Linjia pulled the corner of her mouth shut, not wanting to say any more nonsense.

The two of them got awkward again.

Lu Zhengyuan thought about it and said, “Let’s go to the kiosk? What does Mengmeng like to eat? I’ll buy some for her.”

Chen Linjia sighed.
This was all for the sake of her best friend’s relationship, “Let’s go.”

It was only when class was about to end that Ruan Mengmeng appeared from some unknown nook and cranny.
Chen Linjia and Lu Zhengyuan were so awkward that they were suffocating.
If it weren’t for the constant conversation around Ruan Mengmeng, Chen Linjia thought she could be so embarrassed that she would split her fork!

“Where have you been?” Chen Linjia pounced on Ruan Mengmeng and rubbed her face fiercely.

Ruan Mengmeng was not comfortable talking with her face pulled, and she didn’t feel she needed to explain, so she just gave Chen Linjia a rub.

Ruan Mengmeng: “Is it clear?”

“You said to explain to Lu Zhengyuan about what happened in the hallway just now, huh?” Chen Linjia asked.

“Yeah, yeah!” Ruan Mengmeng looked up brightly.
Li Manle’s dirty water was too harsh to let Zhengyuan misunderstand.

“Nah!” Chen Linjia shoved a bag of snacks at Ruan Mengmeng, “Sort of makes sense.”

Ruan Mengmeng opened the bag and exclaimed in surprise, “Wow!”

It was all Chen Linjia’s favourite food.
Ouch, she was relieved.
It seemed like the misunderstanding was cleared up.
Ruan Mengmeng smiled happily and silently divided the snacks when she returned to the classroom.

She smiled with almond-shaped eyes and saved two packets of salt-baked chicken legs in her hand, saying, “You can have all the ones you like, and I can have all these calorie-rich ones, okay?”

Chen Linjia glanced at the snacks, which were all low-calorie dried nuts and vegetables, and her heart warmed.

Since she was a little girl, she had been a bit picky about her food, but Mengmeng wasn’t.
She had to control her calories for dancing, but Meng Meng didn’t.
But they had never been at odds over this.
They had always accommodated each other and shared silently.

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