Chapter 20.
☆ SpongeBob SquarePants

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Ever since she and He Yiyang discussed the separation of arts and sciences and the entrance exams for art students, Ruan Mengmeng had gone into hard mode.

She didn’t know how she poked his thunder point.
When she went to the president’s office at noon the next day, there was a foot-thick collection of mathematics, physics, and chemistry problems laid out in front of her.

He Yiyang sat behind his desk.
His sleeves were rolled up to reveal a sturdy arm, as if he was the only one in the office concentrating on the keyboard.
Ruan Mengmeng wandered back and forth between the exercise book and his face…

Steamed buns.jpg



Fortunately, her personality was relatively Buddhist in nature, and He Yiyang was also trying to improve her grades by honestly brushing up on her problems.


She yawned again and rubbed her eyes.
This was just the sixth or seventh yawn since she woke up early, right?

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“Xb, by-” fwpv yp pbl prsjl, ydsvbla uyod lpnyrle yde vlyap pvalyxle esod bla lulp.


Fbl vssj vbl calye vbyv Tl Zkuydt bydele vs bla, “Fs pzllru, ps pzllru! Ebu kp kv calye ytykd? R oydv vs lyv aknl dssezlp okvb pswr yde xlyv!”

Mbl alpldvxldv sq dsv byhkdt y tsse calyjqypv casjl vbaswtb, yde Swyd Yldtxldt rwqqle swv bla nblljp.



“Who told you to sleep so late and be unable to get up?” He Yiyang said as he peeled a tea egg.
“Eat an egg first to nourish your brain.
Maybe your memory will improve and you’ll be able to recite your books at night with half the effort.”


Ruan Mengmeng tilted her head to avoid it, “I don’t want to eat.
I don’t have an appetite! It’s my brother’s fault for making me do the exercises.”

“Science is more practical than liberal arts, and the majors you can choose in college are also better,” He Yiyang raised his eyebrows, pinched an egg, and stuffed Ruan Mengmeng’s face, “Eat it!”

She hated the smell of boiled eggs; she always felt that they made her throat stick, and the yolks were a bit smelly.
Even a marinated tea egg couldn’t cover that smell.


“No, no, I won’t eat it!” Ruan Mengmeng jumped a big step away, “Zhengyuan said it is through exercise to improve memory.
That is science, brother.
You are superstitious… You just want me to eat eggs.
Is it possible to eat more eggs to get a double hundred?”

He Yiyang knew that Ruan Mengmeng hated eggs, and he was not superstitious himself.


But who let her go out with Lu Zhengyuan for most of the day that day and come home at night to deceive him about Zhengyuan this and Zhengyuan that?


‘I’m not happy to think about it!’ He was better than that boy in any way.
It was enough for Ruan Mengmeng to ask him for advice on anything, so why should other boys interfere? Ruan Mengmeng was also stupid and had no opinion at all.



Seeing her refusal, He Yiyang’s temper was immediately provoked.

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With one hand on her shoulder, he forcefully pushed an egg into her mouth with the other.


“You’ve only been eating for a week.
What effect does it have?”


In fact, it was enough to punish her for five days, and it would have been fine if she hadn’t eaten today, but who let her bring up that annoying whoever again?



The granny selling tea eggs had a tigerish face.
“My, granny Wang’s, tea eggs are famous in the neighbourhood for being authentic and tasty.
People are always buying them, and you, a little girl, still dislike them? You don’t know what you are doing!”



Granny Wang was a little angry, “The lecithin and choline in eggs can improve memory.
Scientists and my son say so.
It’s absolutely true.”


Ruan Mengmeng could mess with He Yiyang, but she didn’t dare to face the old woman.
She panicked and admitted her mistake.


“Auntie Wang, I’m sorry.
I’m just too sleepy and a little emotional.
The tea eggs are delicious, the most delicious!”


Turning her head to look at He Yiyang, her eyes signalled to quickly give her the eggs.


He Yiyang looked at her so embarrassed that her face was red, and he felt a little distressed.
He peeled open the egg with the plastic bag, handed her the white and ate the yolk himself.


Ruan Mengmeng was so touched that she was starry-eyed and finished it in three or two bites, giving a thumbs up to Auntie Wang.



“See,” Wang pointed to a hospital in the distance, “my son ate my tea eggs to get into medical school and then work at Yaxiang.
How about it, little girl? Are you convinced?”


It was not necessary to mention the nationally renowned Yaxiang Hospital, just the words “study medicine” also proved that his brain was good.


Ruan Mengmeng nodded and said, “Yes, give me two more!”


Only then was Auntie Wang satisfied and gave Ruan Mengmeng two tea eggs straight away, in a beautiful mood for no money.


“Hurry up and let’s go.”


He Yiyang grabbed Ruan Mengmeng’s puffy head to cross the street.
He took the tea eggs away from Ruan Mengmeng and replaced them with a bottle of banana milk.

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Ruan Mengmeng was touched inexplicably, “Ooooooooo, brother is the best.”


He Yiyang faintly glanced at her.
Even if she was stupid, she wouldn’t have to worry.


As more school uniforms from their high school appeared beside him, He Yiyang’s face became expressionless, appearing aloof.


Ruan Mengmeng sucked on her milk and inwardly spat: “Idol baggage is so heavy.
No one can imagine how arrogant and torpid this person is in private and how much he likes to move his hands.”


When she walked to her seat, Chen Linjia was copying her homework frantically at a high level.


She saw her holding ‘caterpillar’ bread between two stacks of books, swooping diagonally across the desk and twisting her head to take a bite.


With her eyes fixed on the workbook, her right hand grasped the pen and scratched, and the number 8 was magically ripped into ∞.
The left hand was not idle either.
A history paper under the palm of her hand was filled with single and multiple choice questions clattering with ABCDs.
It was very awesome to properly fill in the multiple choice box without going out of bounds.


One heart, three minds, great! Ruan Mengmeng once studied with a teacher and didn’t learn it.


“Jiajia, you’re going home without a single book of homework, aren’t you?” Ruan Mengmeng asked, taking down the bread and tearing off the wrapper to feed the last bit into her mouth.


Chen Linjia held the bread in her mouth and didn’t stop with both hands, saying, “I’m a wounded person still writing my assignments.
If not for Lao Wang and Lao Guo being great, I wouldn’t even want to copy the multiple choice questions.”


She used to be like that too; she didn’t like studying and hated writing homework, but now she’s woken up.
After all, she was old enough to get an ID card like an adult, haha.


A sense of responsibility came over her and Ruan Mengmeng said seriously, “Jiajia, you can’t do that again.
We’re all adults now.
We have to think about our future.”


Chen Linjia stopped writing and slowly turned her head, staring at Ruan Mengmeng with a stunned expression.
In the next second, her hands were busy again.


“My hands are not free right now, otherwise I would definitely pinch your face.
Cold Face transferred into this school and your consciousness is raised, ha!” Chen Linjia’s mouth touched the two skins and said, “Hey, you are this close, is it not to hit me in the face?”


“Not at all! I didn’t mean that,” Ruan Meng Meng clarified, “Brother didn’t say anything bad about you either!”


“He doesn’t need to say that!” Chen Linjia sarcastically said, “A pretentious face that looks at everyone with disdain, eyes that look down at mortals, as if he is the only one who is arrogant and mature, hah~”

Eh… Chen Linjia and He Yiyang’s mouth skills were too good.
She had better not help anyone or say anything.

The morning passed in a hurry.
Ruan Mengmeng ran to the school janitor’s delivery room to pick up her package, and happily walked into He Yiyang’s office, where he was surprisingly absent.


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When she made the coffee and brought it out, He Yiyang was already busy at his desk.


Ruan Mengmeng really admired him for his ability to use every minute of his waking hours to the fullest and for his strict self-control.
She had never seen anyone else compare to it except for him, He Yiyang.


“Brother, coffee.”


A bright yellow SpongeBob SquarePants coffee cup.


He Yiyang raised his eyes and the corners of his mouth tugging delicately as he met the smiling almond eyes.
He said calmly, “You bought this?”


“Yes, I had it custom made, is it nice?”


He Yiyang didn’t say anything.
He calmly tapped on the keyboard for a while with his fair and wide hand reaching over to squeeze the cup.


Ruan Mengmeng kept an eye on it and asked again with gusto, “Doesn’t it taste good?”


His thin lips took a sip of fragrant coffee, “Childish.”


The word “childish” came out of his mouth, but his eyes still took a few more glances! Ruan Mengmeng’s eyes, which were hidden behind the book, could look closely.


She slowly collapsed onto the sofa with her book in her hand.


One minute she was meditating on the effects of Zhenguan’s rule, but all of them turned into plump Tang Dynasty beauties in the pictures of ladies.
One by one, all of them came out of the paintings with water sleeves dancing and fans swaying lightly.
In a short while, Ruan Mengmeng fell into a deep sleep.


The book made a loud knock on the floor when her fingers let go.


He Yiyang saw that the little fatty was sleepy as usual, so he helplessly got up and walked over.
He picked up the fallen books, and poked her little fleshy face with his fingers.


She was asked to brush up on her work for half an hour in the evening, but in the morning she couldn’t get up, and she was also very sleepy at noon.


The grades of a dud and the body of a baby.
She was a world apart from a genius type like him, but she was still happy with her grades and her baby body.


She had been secretly in love with him for years, but it seemed like it was enough just to like him from afar.
Even when she realised the huge gap between them, she didn’t have the sense to act on it.


It was true that she was a scatterbrain by nature, but wasn’t the fact that he spent time with her every day and encouraged her enough for Ruan Mengmeng to be worthy of him?

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The skin under her fingers was delicate and moist… He Yiyang unconsciously rubbed it, thinking that he was willing to give her the opportunity to be with him.
Did Ruan Mengmeng not feel it, or did she feel inferior and withdrawn? He couldn’t figure it out.


The same was true of… the successful slimmer Lu Zhengyuan, who seduced the little fatty and made her see things differently.


He Yiyang’s heart tightened.
The air pressure between his eyebrows lowered, and his two fingers abruptly pinched the sleeping Ruan Mengmeng’s fleshy face.




Ruan Mengmeng let out a soft cry and pulled away from He Yiyang’s hand, pouting, her eyelids not even trembling as she continued to sleep.


“Heh~ Sleeping quite well!”


He Yiyang was not pleased and intended to continue pinching her when he was tapped on the shoulder.


Qin Tian was carrying two large boxes of fried chicken, with an indescribably strange look on his face.
It was suffocating green.


“President, I’m disappointed in you,” said Qin Tim, pained.
“What are your hands doing? Can’t you control your beastly nature anymore?”


He Yiyang’s face darkened abruptly.
“What’s wrong with you?”


“Look at your hands!!!”


He Yiyang moved his hands.
It was just a poke at Ruan Mengmeng’s face.
What a fuss…


No, the touch of his left hand seemed very soft…


A cloud of fireworks exploded in his head, sparks crackling in the thick smoke.


He couldn’t understand how he had attacked her chest, obviously not…


He Yiyang got up violently, “Misunderstanding, what you saw was definitely a misunderstanding!”


Qin Tian’s face had a ‘I counted you as a person until today’ grim smile, looking at a certain aloof president blushing as red as the ketchup in his hand.


“Seeing is believing.
Is it still false? “

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