Chapter 17.
☆ Meng Meng is angry

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In the afternoon, Lu Zhengyuan stood at the school gate, playing a game with his mobile phone and glancing at the road on his right every now and then.


The game was about to end when a blue taxi suddenly stopped at the roadside.


Seeing that the person he was waiting for had finally arrived, he immediately put away his phone and ran over with a smile on his face to call out, “Mengmeng.”


Ruan Mengmeng hurriedly got out of the car, “Sorry, have you been waiting for a long time?”


“No,” Lu Zhengyuan said, not caring, “How’s the injury to your neck?”

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“Pke pbl ts vs vbl bsprkvyz vs tlv kv valyvle?”



“She went.” Ruan Mengmeng and Lu Zhengyuan said as they walked along, “But I’m still not at ease.
After we find out about the supplementary class… Zhengyuan? “


Lu Zhengyuan was distracted.
His immediate mind was still on the fair and tender skin that Ruan Mengmeng had just revealed.
The golden autumn light lightly covered it, making it rosy and eye-catching.


“Zhengyuan?” Ruan Mengmeng said with a laugh, “What are you thinking about? I’ve called out to you several times.”


Lu Zhengyuan snapped back to his senses.
He clenched his fist against the corner of his lips and coughed to hide the panic inside.


“I was thinking about… which ones to make up.
I heard there is an English teacher who is particularly good.
Does Mengmeng want to make up?”


“Yes, I’m particularly bad at English.
I’m taking advantage of the fact that Sundays are not currently being taken up by school, so I can hurry up and make up for it.”



Ruan Mengmeng nodded repeatedly and said, with a frown on her little fleshy face in frustration, “Math, Physics, and Chemistry might also need to be made up.
Why are all the high school textbooks so difficult?”


After a pause, seeing Lu Zhengyuan quietly looking at her, she couldn’t help but complain, “There’s also so much homework.
If you apply for all four subjects, there isn’t even enough time, ugh… Zhengyuan, you’re so good.
It only took half a semester to leap to the top ten of the class, and now you’re still in the science experimental class, while I’m…”


Lu Zhengyuan’s grades were actually not bad, but because of his body weight, he was ridiculed by his classmates.
He ended up developing low self-esteem and avoiding school.
After he figured it out, he put his mind on the right track and enrolled in extracurricular classes with Ruan Mengmeng, catching up with the rest of his classmates in no time.

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Ruan Mengmeng had always been in the middle of the pack, and there was no concept of grade ranking in junior high school.
Coupled with the fact that Ruan Mengmeng’s father did not ask for it by nature, her mentality of muddling through high school was simply not enough to get to the top.
It was only when she almost couldn’t even get into the senior high school that she woke up.


Now, every night’s self-study was used to do her homework.
It was especially for science, where she had to ask He Yiyang for help on big problems.


But He Yiyang would be a senior next year, so he wouldn’t have enough time.
After she thought about it, it was better to enrol in a few more remedial classes.



“Don’t worry, you are only a freshman in high school now.
You can find me if you don’t know how to do math, physics, and chemistry,” Lu Zhengyuan said.
“Classes 6, 7, and 8 will be divided into arts and science next semester.
If you aren’t good at science, you could always study the arts.


“But my memory is not good either.
I often lose things.” Ruan Mengmeng was very unsure of herself.


Lu Zhengyuan smiled gently and encouraged, “Memory can be improved with exercise.”


“Is that so?”


“En, just trust me.” Lu Zhengyuan nodded heavily and passed by a milk tea shop, “Mengmeng, let me treat you to milk tea?”


Ruan Mengmeng: “It’s on me! Last time you treated me to a mango milkshake, so this time it’s my turn.”



After saying that, she took the lead and walked towards the milk tea shop.
Lu Zhengyuan followed behind her one step slower, wanting to say that she should let him do it.


As if she knew what he was thinking, Ruan Mengmeng’s almond eyes glared round, and her little fleshy face puffed out like a small beanbag.


Hehe, the legendary milk fierceness was probably like this?


He wasn’t scared at all, instead he wanted to rub her face.


“Okay,” he said sensibly, “I’ll have the Flowering Branch Oolong.”


“Yeah, no problem.”

Ruan Mengmeng lifted her small chin in satisfaction and carried the small bag with two white balls of fur hanging from it to order.


The door of the milk tea shop was too heavy to open, and she was so small that even with two hands clenched together, it was hard to hold her breath and pull back.


Lu Zhengyuan couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
When she looked over in annoyance, he reached out and swept his hand past her ear, easily helping her pull the door open.

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Ruan Mengmeng was holding her milk tea, scooping a spoonful of whipped cream from the top of the cup.
She was so satisfied that her eyes narrowed into slits.


Lu Zhengyuan’s heart was soft, “We won the game in the morning.
We will play the winning team of senior two next Sunday.
Will Mengmeng still come to watch? “


“Let’s talk about it then.
We don’t know how the make-up classes are arranged yet.” Ruan Mengmeng said.


Lu Zhengyuan was slightly disappointed, “Okay.”


The high school teaching building of First Middle School was a mouth-shaped structure with two buildings connected by a long corridor in the middle.


Ruan Mengmeng’s class eight was in the east corner of the ground floor, and his class was on the west side of the first floor.
If he didn’t take the initiative to visit her, he could only glance at her school uniform between the classes.


It was not enough.


‘I wish I could be at the same table as before and see her every minute of every day.’


When she came to the training facility for supplementary classes, Ruan Mengmeng asked about enrolling in two courses: English and Maths.
Both of these were taught on Sunday mornings.
Lu Zhengyuan enrolled in English, but in reality he didn’t need extra tutoring.
He just didn’t want to miss the rare time he had with Ruan Mengmeng.


With the schedule in hand, Ruan Mengmeng said, “I can’t make it to your game next week.”


“It’s okay.
You’ll be full of energy as usual if you tweet me to say “cheer before the game.” Lu Zhengyuan said.


“Hahahaha,” Ruan Mengmeng’s almond eyes twinkled, and she teased, “Zhengyuan, you’re so handsome now.
Jia Jia said that you’re our first year grass.
I bet half of the girls who screamed their voices out this morning were there for you.”


Lu Zhengyuan’s heart was beating fast thinking of Ruan Mengmeng’s crisp’super handsome’ in the morning.


“Were you screaming for me too?” He asked.


“Yes! Jiajia and I just went for you,” Ruan Mengmeng said bluntly.
“To tell you the truth, I am very pleased with you.
It’s as if I can pull up the kid drawing circles in the corner [1].
When everyone looks carefully, they see that this teenager is so handsome.
He can capture the hearts of countless young girls with one three-point shot.”


You are the one I want to capture the most!


Lu Zhengyuan wanted to say this badly, but seeing the frank expression on Ruan Mengmeng’s face, who was purely happy that he had come out of his mental shadow, he couldn’t.


When they reached the outskirts, Lu Zhengyuan saw the cluster of buildings halfway up the hill covered with greenery and wondered, “This is the best private hospital in our city.
Are you sure Jiajia is here?”


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“En, she sent me a WeChat to tell me.” Ruan Mengmeng responded.


Chen Linjia was bored watching TV on her iPad.
When she saw them coming, she threw it away and tried to get out of bed.


“Mengmeng, go and help me get discharged.
Gu Tingzhi, the long-winded man, told Huang Lili that I was beaten up by someone else.
Huang Lili almost fainted, crying, and had me  hospitalised.
It’s just two nail marks.
What… er, Mengmeng?”


Ruan Mengmeng rushed over and pressed Chen Linjia’s shoulder with one hand, “No moving around!”


“……” Chen Linjia, who was stuck, was full of confusion.


Why did she feel like Ruan Mengmeng was someone else at this moment? Where did her soft and sticky best friend go? He Yiyang was toxic!


“Jiajia,” Ruan Mengmeng said in a childish tone, “you are not allowed to make a fuss about this.
If you hurt your face and leave scars, you will have to get plastic surgery later!”


Chen Linjia continued to be confused for two seconds, then poofed, “Oh my Meng Meng, you are so wrong.
Don’t make the same fuss as Huang Lili, okay? I’ve asked the doctor.
When the scab comes off, I just need to put some aloe vera gel on it every day.
It won’t leave a scar.
It’s not as bad as you think.”


Ruan Mengmeng didn’t believe it, “The wound on my knee left a scar!”


Chen Linjia rolled her eyes and lay back on the hospital bed, not wanting to talk for the time being.


Lu Zhengyuan saw the awkward atmosphere between the two and patted Ruan Mengmeng’s shoulder.


“Look, Mengmeng, the cut on Jiajia’s face is not deep.
It’s just the corner of her eye that has cut through the skin.
You were shocked when you saw too much blood, right?”


Ruan Mengmeng wrinkled her eyebrows and nodded her head.


Lu Zhengyuan explained, “There are many blood vessels around the corner of the eye.
As long as it does not hurt the eye, it will be fine.
The doctor gave her a bandage.
Now she should be using… “He looked at the bottle.
“Anti-inflammatory medicine.
The other two marks I saw on your neck are about the same.
They’ll be fine in three or five days when the scabs fall off.”


“So……” Ruan Mengmeng’s face relaxed a lot; “Zhengyuan, your parents are both doctors, right? They know so much.”


“Did you not hear what I just said? I also asked the doctor, okay?” Chen Linjia rolled her eyes, with a helpless expression that couldn’t stand you.
“What Lu Zhengyuan says is right, and I have no credibility? You’re better off with him than with me, huh?”


Chen Linjia’s sudden gassy outburst left Lu Zhengyuan a bit at a loss.


When Ruan Mengmeng saw this, she slapped Chen Linjia’s thigh.

As she glared over, Ruan Mengmeng said, “Why do you sound so impulsive? You’re a girl, you can’t be careless with a wound on your face.” She pulled her friend’s hand and added, “This ward is quite a nice environment …… By the way, where is Gu Tingzhi?”


Chen Linjia brushed her head away, “Don’t mention him; he’s back at school!”

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“……” Ruan Mengmeng watched her explode and held back so many words she wanted to ask.


In her opinion, Gu Tingzhi was quite nice, and it was better to have someone stressed than to ignore it.


“What about Aunt Lili?”


Chen Linjia blushed even darker and pounded the bed in a rage, “She also said that I was impulsive.
Look at you poking me all the time.
You’re not allowed to mention anyone from the Gu family!”


“Er….” such a big reaction? Ruan Mengmeng smiled and gestured, “If you want to mention it, don’t mention it.
I’ll peel fruit for you to eat.
Do you want it?”


“…… I want.”


Chen Linjia replied, squirming.
She picked up her Ipad to shield her face from Ruan Mengmeng’s tolerant and knowing smile.


She knew that Mengmeng was worried about her.
It was just that she was so emotionally unstable right now that she was paranoid about saying anything.
She was also afraid that she wouldn’t be able to control what she said and ended up saying something wrong to really annoy her only best friend.


Chen Linjia had been forcibly twisted by Gu Tingzhi to come to the hospital earlier, covered in thorns.
Huang Lili rushed over and started crying without saying anything, and her anger was all dispersed by her crying.


As soon as they left, Chen Linjia was left alone in the hospital, not even eating lunch.
Her anger was instantly rekindled and grew hotter and hotter.


She had suffered a minor injury.
She could handle it alone, but Gu Tingzhi and Huang Lili were rushing to ask her for favours or something.
When she clearly didn’t need them!


They forced her to want it, and… one by one, they turned around and left.


Lu Zhengyuan and Ruan Mengmeng were washing fruit.
Ruan Mengmeng glanced at him quietly several times.
She and Zhengyuan were at the same table going through the same type of circumstances, so their relationship was naturally better than his and Chen Linjia’s as classmates.
Just now, Chen Linjia was obviously in a bit of a pissed off state, so she wondered if he would mind.


“Zhengyuan,” Ruan Mengmeng said apologetically, “Jiajia actually has no bad intentions; she’s just being childish.”


Lu Zhengyuan picked up a dry towel to wipe his hands clean and said gently, “You two are best friends.
I can understand Chen Linjia being a bit upset that you chose to trust me over her.”


“It’s good that you don’t mind,” Ruan Mengmeng said, remembering something and smiling lightly, “Who let Jiajia be a dreg like me? When you two are compared, you subconsciously choose to believe in the scholar.”


Lu Zhengyuan was stunned and smiled softly.
It turned out that Mengmeng liked scholars, so he should try his best to enter the first class.


Ruan Mengmeng came out with a plate of cherries and found the IV empty.
“Jiajia, ring the bell! This bottle is all done.
What are you gawking at?”


Chen Linjia looked up, gave a faint oh, and pressed the call bell.

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