Chapter 16.
☆ Only You In My Eyes.

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At the Hua Ya Garden Community Hospital, Ruan Meng Meng sat obediently while the dark-faced god, He Yiyang, rummaged through the medical box.


She had been living in the community for three or four years and was quite liked by the grandparents because of her chubby body and polite sweet mouth.
Now she was in a mess and her hair was ruffled, so people who knew her well came over to look at her.


Grandpa Liu came over with his hand behind his back and asked, “Mengmeng girl, who did you fight with? Your hair is all tangled up.”



Ruan Mengmeng quickly glanced at He Yiyang next to her and said sheepishly, “I didn’t fight, I didn’t want to fight.”


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Ruan Mengmeng was stunned and ducked back, a cool tingle rising from her heart.
She was embarrassed.



Next to him, Grandpa Liu looked at He Yiyang, “Mengmeng, who is this?”




Ruan Mengmeng blinked and Grandpa Liu tsked, blinking furiously as if in code, before she responded in a daze, “Oh, he’s my brother.”


Grandpa Liu nodded his head, “En, not bad! A brother who loves his sister will definitely treat his wife well in the future, eh.
How old are you, young man?”


He Yiyang’s hand paused.
The cotton swab pressed against the wound, and Ruan Mengmeng frowned and drew a breath backwards.


He hurriedly released his hand and said indifferently, “Seventeen.”



“Only seventeen?!”


Grandpa Liu was surprised.
He scanned He Yiyang’s tall figure up and down, shaking his head regretfully, “No, no, it’s too young.
He hasn’t graduated yet.”


“Old man Liu, you’re really, hehehehe ……” There was good-natured laughter from around the room.


Ruan Mengmeng’s almond eyes curved.
Grandpa Liu had a granddaughter who graduated from university this year.
The old man was looking for a grandson-in-law.


Hahaha, she wanted to laugh but couldn’t when someone pinched her face.

How could He Yiyang not understand? He grabbed a pinch of the small fleshy face and said dangerously: “I have not yet settled accounts with you.
How dare you laugh at me, eh?”



“I, I, I didn’t.” Ruan Mengmeng denied it.

He Yi Yang let out a cold laugh.
His starry black eyes flashed, and his thick eyelashes brushed a little.

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For just a moment, Ruan Mengmeng’s heart thumped rapidly.
She nervously clenched her hands into fists and rested them on her chest.


How far was too far? Just a look from her brother… She was afraid to go too far.


She stared in confusion at He Yiyang’s back as he helped her to the counter to get her medicine.


He Yiyang happened to turn around and said with concern, “Mengmeng?”


“…… ah?” Ruan Mengmeng was half a beat slower, “What is it, brother?”



He Yiyang raised an eyebrow, “Nothing.”


This little fatty’s eyes were so hot that they could burn through his back, and she was still pretending to be stupid? He saw right through her!


Ruan Mengmeng: “……”


He Yiyang prescribed a bag of medicine from the doctor to treat her wounds, and he happened to meet Dr.
Yang, who praised him.
After the compliment, he was told to take care of the presumptuous Ruan Mengmeng.
This little chubby girl really had good elder relations.


He sat on the sofa with his arms around his chest and lifted his chin to Ruan Mengmeng, who was standing in front of him.


“Go ahead, run through your thoughts and start by confessing why you lied.”


Ruan Mengmeng puffed out her cheeks and half-hanged her head, one hand scratching her pillowy head uneasily.
She poked her flesh at her waist again as if she had nowhere to put it.


He Yiyang coughed impatiently, and Ruan Mengmeng’s eyes were startled.
She glanced at him and turned to look her fingers.


He Yiyang was not at all anxious in his heart.
People were caught by him.
How could they still run? Instead, he was quite interested in watching the little fatty’s frequent small movements; silly and cute, but ……


But his face was harder and darker than the blackboard.


“Don’t be angry, brother.
I didn’t lie.” Ruan Mengmeng thought for a moment and defended herself first, “The remedial class is going to be there, but it’s in the afternoon ……”


Er, still black in the face.


Ruan Mengmeng continued: “I didn’t want to fight either.
It was the girl who talked too much, but Jiajia got angry and did it.
I can’t watch Jiajia get beaten up.
When that girl said that about me, Jiajia even helped me dislike her.
Going back, you can’t be unrighteous, right brother?”


You can’t tell me the cause or even tell me what happened.
It was no wonder that in a 60-point essay, she could only score 40 every time.


He Yiyang quietly looked at Ruan Mengmeng for a while, and saw that she was beginning to get uneasy.
She wrinkled her light eyebrows and her almond eyes were flowing; all aggrieved and flustered.


“Come here.”


He Yiyang eased his expression and patted the sofa beside him.


“Oh.” Ruan Mengmeng let out a sigh of relief and sat down.


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“I know for sure that you didn’t start it, so I’m asking about the cause.
The cause, do you understand?” He Yiyang said.


“The reason is that the girl spoke badly.” Ruan Mengmeng tried to lump it all together, not wanting to cause trouble for He Yiyang, but when she met his gaze, she instantly wilted, “Jiajia and I had agreed to go cheer for Zhengyuan today, and….”

Ruan Mengmeng told the story, and after listening to it, He Yiyang said lightly, “You think Lu Zhengyuan is handsome?”


“Huh?” Is that the point?


She nodded her head dumbly, “Handsome! Most of the girls today are rushing to…


He Yiyang’s anger sank as his broad, firm chest slowly pressed closer to Ruan Mengmeng’s direction.


She didn’t even have to think.
She immediately boasted, with a strong desire to live, “Brother is the most handsome! Hahahaha ……”


He Yiyang coldly snorted and gave her a sidelong glance, his right arm resting spaciously on the back of the sofa.
His chin was raised arrogantly, and the corners of his mouth were slightly hooked in a ‘generous’ manner, as if he was letting her off the hook for the time being.


Ruan Mengmeng showed her little white teeth and smiled awkwardly, then asked tentatively, “That, brother, do you hate Zhengyuan?”

Glancing at her, He Yiyang said, “How so?”

“You always shrug it off whenever you see Zhengyuan.”

He Yiyang frowned and asked in return, “I do?”

Ruan Mengmeng nodded, “You don’t answer when he calls out to you.
You don’t even give him a look when he talks to you, and several times, I was embarrassed to be standing next to him.


“You’re pleading for him?” He Yiyang’s heart leapt up with anger, but his voice was flat and inaudible.
“Mengmeng, do you like Lu Zhengyuan?”


“No,” Ruan Mengmeng said.
“He and Jiajia are both good friends of mine.
You don’t allow me to fall in love early.”


He Yiyang hooked his fingers around Ruan Mengmeng’s chin.


“What if Lu Zhengyuan likes you and confesses his love to you? Will you say yes?”


“This ……” Ruan Mengmeng’s eyes rolled up in thought of the possibilities.


He Yiyang’s whole person was not good.
The low pressure dropped layer by layer down, and when the critical value was about to explode, Ruan Mengmeng spoke.


“No,” she said, “Zhengyuan and I were at the same table, and we were both fat people who had been mocked by the group.
How can sympathetic feelings be like that? I don’t think so.”


What if he just likes you! The sentence stopped before his teeth.
Was he infected by Ruan Mengmeng’s stupidity? Why did he bother to bait her, never mind not asking?


“Just remember not to fall in love early,” He Yiyang clasped his arms in a brotherly manner, “get into a good university and then come out to work to share the pressure for Uncle Hai.
He is working every day to save the family business for you; after all, you are so stupid.”


Ruan Mengmeng pouted.
Every day, he called her stupid, stupid, stupid.
If she was a glass-hearted person, it would break several times a day.
Fortunately, she didn’t take it seriously.


“I know, then brother can not be so cold to my friend in the future? You are obviously extremely good.”


He Yiyang didn’t want to promise, “Don’t think you have a big face just because you have a fat face.
What do other people have to do with me?”


Ruan Mengmeng stared with her watery almond eyes open.


After a long pause, he tilted his head.
“It depends on the mood.”

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Ruan Mengmeng instantly smiled sweetly.


He Yi Yang thought, “As long as you are honest and docile, I will sell you two points.”


His hand unconsciously touched her face, but the moment his fingers touched it, he withdrew it.


He Yiyang coughed covertly, “Go, get a composition book.”


Ruan Mengmeng was delighted, stepping on her house shoes and baring her way through the large bookcase to find a book.


“Here.” A collection of high school entrance examination full-mark essays.


He Yiyang didn’t take it, “It’s not for me, it’s for you.
Sit there,” pointing to the single seat to the side, “and memorise three essays.”


“Huh?” Ruan Mengmeng was stunned.


“If you can’t even tell what happened in a simple conflict, how will you get high marks in the language exams in the future!” He Yiyang put on his rimless glasses, giving off an air of authority for no reason, “Go now, no nonsense.”




Ruan Mengmeng trailed off in a feeble protest.
Seeing He Yiyang indifferently open his laptop and ignore her, she knew there was no room for manoeuvre.


“Then I’ll call Jiajia first,” Ruan Mengmeng grumbled.
“Her face is scratched.
If she hasn’t gone to the hospital already, I will go with her first.”


He Yiyang gave a sigh.


The phone was dialed, and it took a long time to get through.


Ruan Mengmeng: “Jiajia, are you okay? Did you go to the hospital?”


The phone responded with a chaotic murmur, as if something had been knocked over.


Ruan Mengmeng hesitantly confirmed the status of the call, and then heard Chen Linjia’s exasperated shout, “Gu Tingzhi, that’s my phone!” ….


Who? Ruan Mengmeng stared at her phone in confusion, “What’s the situation here?”


“Ruan Mengmeng is it.” A clear male voice rang out.


Ruan Mengmeng: “Yes, you are?”


“Gu Tingzhi,” the stranger introduced himself succinctly, “Jiajia is restless now.
I want to take her to the hospital, but she refuses.
Please help me persuade her… “


“Who needs you to take them? Give me the phone!” Ruan Mengmeng heard Chen Linjia’s exasperated voice again.




“Hey, Mengmeng.” Chen Linjia took the phone back.

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“How are you hurt?”


“How are you hurt?”


Both of them asked at the same time, then laughed again in unison.


After laughing for a while, Chen Linjia huffed over there, and Ruan Mengmeng hurriedly said, “Jiajia, go to the hospital.
You have several scratches on your face.
Treat them promptly so that you won’t have scars later.”


Chen Linjia stammered for a while and squirmed, “Mengmeng, you can go with me, I don’t want surname Gu to accompany me.”


Ruan Mengmeng looked at He Yiyang, “Brother, I want to ……”


“No,” He Yiyang said, “You’re also injured.
Just stay home.”


“But ……” Ruan Mengmeng still wanted to fight, but before she could finish her sentence, Chen Linjia said on the other end of the phone, “Cold bastard won’t let you go, will he? Damn it, he is a sister-control tyrant, then I… eh, Gu Tingzhi, why do you grab my phone again!”


Beep beep beep… only a busy tone remained.


“Solved? Come over here and recite the essay.” He Yiyang said.

“Oh ……” Ruan Mengmeng moved over slowly, her whole body reluctant.


Only when she opened the book did He Yiyang say, “Gu Tingzhi, Gu Wei’s nephew and adopted son, and Chen Linjia’s nominal stepbrother.
He won’t let Chen Linjia go unchecked.”


“Like that? …”Ruan Mengmeng said in shock, “Jiajia never told me, so how does Brother know everything?”


He Yiyang’s sullen gaze moved from the computer to Ruan Mengmeng’s face, the corners of his mouth curled in slight disgust.


“Gu Wei is the richest man in C.
Who among the local entrepreneurs doesn’t know about his family’s situation? Hehe, you’re the only one who doesn’t know!”


Ruan Mengmeng scratched her face and smiled shyly.

“Gu Tingzhi is the president of the Yunlong High School student council, and their school was the last champion in the college basketball friendly tournament in November.
He came with me in the morning.
Didn’t you see?” He Yiyang asked.


“Nope, I only had eyes for you.” Ruan Mengmeng said rightfully.


At that time, He Yiyang was so fierce.
She was scared to death.
How could she notice anyone else?


“You ……”


He Yiyang was caught off guard by the confession.
He was stunned for a moment.
His face was hot, his heart was stifled, and his ears were red.


He waved at Ruan Mengmeng, “Come here.”


“What for?” Ruan Mengmeng complied and went over.


He Yiyang placed his hand on her face for a brief pause, then smiled and pinched her face.

“Pet your dog head.”


Ruan Mengmeng: “……”

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