Sin City.

Welcome to Sin City

s so close to her. He then leaned back into his chair and in a deep voice that she was

in love with. he said, ” The names Jason. And yes. l suppose Im the guy youve been hearing about ”

”Well, Im Athena. One of the senior accountants in this firm. How about this, how Would u like me to show u around the building and maybe around town?Would help u get acquainted with the area. ” Athena said as she stood upright. Jason couldn resist the offer. In front of him was this stunning woman who had just asked him out. He was quiet for a moment to allow for her anxiety to build up. He could see it all over her face. He knew, that she knew. he was scanning her body. His eyes raised to meet hers and this time he maintained eye contact

”Well. well, well. Im barely two days old and somebodys already asking me out, huh! ” he said with a chuckle. He saw her face flush red instantly and before she could say anything he continued

”Im up for it. But since you
e the one who approached me,Ill let you pick the first place that I get to see. And I can see that our lunch break is in thirty minutes, Ill be free then ”

Athena smiled and turned her gaze towards something

else. She had planned for everything but she had not planned for this.

”It wasn supposed to be a date.l just asked to show you around. But I wouldn mind going on one so then I suppose its a date. Athena said as she playfully toyed with the buttons she had opened.

”I wish I could sit here and watch you blush the way

you are right now but my hands are a little tied up, ” he said as he got up. He got close to her and unexpectedly his hands were on her boobs. Not to caress them, but he buttoned up her blouse taking his time as his hands settled on them

Athena wasn expecting this and she found herself frozen

daring not to even breathe. Jason had completely turned

the tables and now he was in control and she knew it.

After composing herself. she finally said. ”Meet me in the

Takeout Hotel at 2:30.And don be late ”

He smiled at her and as he glided past her he told her that hell be there. She stood there rethinking what had just happened. She does not know how long she stood there but her mind was in the distance. She let out a deep sigh as soon as he went past her. All she could think about was how his gentle hands felt on her soft skin. He seemed not to notice what he was doing to her as it seemed that he was doing something normal, such as making a cup of coffee.

Every time she replayed what Jason had done, she felt her

desires rise. She was getting thirsty for something and

even though she felt some moisture accumulate in a certain area of her body. She knew it would only quench another persons thirst. She liked her lips as her imaginations went wild. In her head, all she could hear was Jasons deep voice in her ears as he spoke. Her hand found its way to her now fully buttoned blouse as if she could still, feel his touch.

e still here, ” a deep voice jolted her out of this daydream and she opened her eyes. She searched for

him on his desk but she couldn see him. it is then that she felt his warm body coming from behind her. He slowly sandwiched her between him and his desk as he leaned over to take his Coat. She felt the fullness of his dick grind on her ass. His warm breath landed on her exposed neck nearly making her moan. As he picked up his coat, he said into her ear, ”I know what you were trying to do. ”

So many things went through her mind as she tried to think of what to say and how to react. Before she knew it, he had stopped pressing on her and was already leaving.

”Welcome to Sin City Jason. ” that was all she should have.He stopped in his tracks, turned around, and gave her a smile. And then continued walking.

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