Sin City.

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She looked at herself in the mirror admiring what she saw.From her natural silky and black hair that glistened in the morning sun, to her feet, she was absolutely beautiful.Her face was complimented by two dimples that became visible whenever she smiled. Her smooth skin was as brown as the surface of a pearl. One would think Beyonce was referring to this beauty in the song brown skin girl. Without any dents or freckles, her eyes were wide yet captivating to the extent that no man would dare maintain eye contact with her during a conversation. Her eyes went to her burst where she was blessed to have full breasts that were always firm and very sensitive

to the touch. They were perky and always seemed to grab

the attention of men who came across her. Her hips were seductively shaped such that they complimented her stunning figure with her bum making a perfect curve that many women always seemed to envy. She was also blessed with long yet thick legs that would tempt a man to have them wrapped around his neck. Her name was Athena. And in general, she had the face of an angel but the body of a pornstar. She was in the washroom in the building where she worked. After a few minutes of self self-admiration decided to throw caution to the wind and unbuttoned the first two buttons on her blouse revealing some of her cleavage and a taste of her of h bra. She knew that this would gunner more than the usual attention in the

office but she didn care. She was particularly thirsty for some action having broken up with her boyfriend nearly six

months ago. She always loved the attention but she eyed

one of the new guys in the office.

He had caught her breath and she found it hard trying not to imagine his hands slowly caressing every part of her body. She was yet to muster up the courage to approach this lanky young lad. To her, he was stunning. Neither too masculine nor too slender, he had the perfect body and was always relaxed. He had a young-looking face but his deep voice always captured everyones attention when he spoke. He had on him an authoritative demeanor that always followed him everywhere he went. She loved how

he was composed and his eyes always seemed to look

through someones heart. More than once she had caught him stealing a glance and his eyes moving from her face down to her body as if he was slowly undressing her.

He always seemed to love it when she would look away with some embarrassment on her face. This was not to be the case today. Athena walked out of the washrooms and headed straight to his working table. This is when she was so into him that she had barely even known his name. As she approached, her male colleagues who passed by her did not miss the chance to stare at her now visible skin that revealed her cleavage. She knew that she had their attention and definitely, she would have the rookies attention as well. She walked slowly moving her hips from right to left ensuring that she left all the men behind her drooling at her bubbly assets from their rear view

Athena shifted her focus to the rookie and instantly their eyes locked. She almost lost her footing when she realized that he had been eyeing her from a distance. His eyes found their way to her breasts and she can swear that she saw his slowly licking his lips, for at one moment his lips

were dry and in the next, they glistened and were moist.

When she got to his desk she leaned over so that he could see her inviting cleavage. But the rookie changed his focus on his computer and pretended he had not seen her

”Hey, you. you
e the new guy the boss has been talking

about aren you? ” she asked in a soft voice

He turned to face her and before he first said anything, he took off his glasses and leaned towards her. She could feel his warm breath as he wa

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