The rotation period and angle seemed to be different, sometimes I could see them at the same time, sometimes only one, and today there was still only one.
Maybe it would come together later in the day, but I didn’t know because I basically went to bed early.

Once every few years, the day when the two moons came together in the mid-sky fell on some kind of festival day, and a big ceremony was held at the temple in the royal capital.

Yes, it seemed to be the same in every world that there were festivals or festivals now and then.
There were festivals related to the seasons and harvest, and then there were spirits and royal court related.
I heard that in the summer there were festivals to thank the spirits.
Well, even though it was called a festival, it did not seem to have food stalls or Bon Odori dancing, and was more like a Shinto ritual.
They said it was like a spirit floating down the river or something like that.
I was told that it would be suitably glamorous in the castle town of the royal city.

I took a sip of tea while gazing at Buddy’s lazily wagging tail lying next to me and the sky that was glowing with stars.
The warm tea seemed to flow into my stomach and sink into my heart.

I wondered if the clinic had already closed.
Mark said he got home at different times because the doctor’s office hours were never the same….
The moon seemed to squint and looking down at me as I fretted alone, realizing once again that there was someone who had unconsciously popped into my head.


Good for you, I said, and my apprentice, who stopped in the middle of cleaning up the mess, wasn’t happy.

“…Am I that easy to understand?”

“No? If it were anything else, you’d be totally good at hiding your expression.
I guess Margaret is the only exception to the rule.”

“…Is that so…”

He turned his face away so as not to look unnatural, but there was no way to hide the fact that the tips of his ears were dyed.
While pretending not to notice, I enjoyed watching him as if I was watching my own child grow up.
I wondered if it was conceivable from that alleyway that this child could have come to accept someone and seek further beyond.

“…Well, that said, it’s still kind of a one-way street.”

“You are unusually modest.”

“That’s probably true.
It’s heavier than you think.”

My, he didn’t sound too sure.
So some things were too close to the vortex to see.
I took the last instrument away from the disinfectant solution and put it away in a container.

“Margaret is not one to lie about her feelings, you know that?”


“As far as I can tell, she wasn’t thrilled with her lover in the original world.
Take good care of her.
If you make her cry, Addy and Buddy will fly in.”

“I don’t need to be told.
I’m sure teacher won’t keep quiet about it either.”


After a pause of bitter laughter, Mark put the bag in his hand on the desk and turned straight to me.

“Teacher, the last documents are in order.
We will proceed with the story you have been telling me for some time.
If that’s alright with you?”

“That’s what you’re here to hear.
You’re not getting much in the way of benefits.
I’m the only one who benefits.”

“The benefits, etc… I couldn’t be more grateful.”

There was no doubt in my mind that his eyes were sincere and he meant what he said.
However, I still felt guilty.

“A mere provincial baronage is stealing a brilliant heir from the prestigious Count Disraeli family in the capital.”

After Mark had been sitting in Meissery for a while, I was the one who first asked him if I could adopt him as he was.
I didn’t know when I began to see him as more than just a successor to a medical clinic… Maybe it was from the beginning.

He agreed, but was keeping a close eye on his feuding parents’ family, and decided at this point in time.

“As long as they don’t get involved with me, they are good in their own way.
First, I have never felt attached to the family name.
If the doctor hadn’t picked me up, I would have thrown it away long ago… And now, I can’t let that house use Margaret.”

The ‘Orison of the Holy Spirit’ did not have direct political influence, but there were many who expect sweet nectar from the position as an important figure on the continent.
It was futile to even think about what Margaret would think of such a world, as she was hesitant to accept even a small benefit.

The existence of the spirits had already been announced, but the official announcement about the orisons would not be made until Walter returned to the capital and the report was scrutinized.
He was working with people to make sure that Margaret’s surroundings were not too noisy.

“… That’s right.
Have you decided when you’re going to the capital?”

“I will go with Walter when he returns.
We will be closed for two days.”

“I don’t mind.”

“When you come back, it’s Mark Reynolds.
I don’t accept returns.”

I held out my right hand to Mark, who smiled mischievously on purpose.

“You’re going to take care of me, right? That’s what sons do.”

“We’re not there yet… Dad.”

Use the strongest card you have for those you want to protect.
It was difficult to do, even if it was easy to say.
I was genuinely happy to have a wonderful son.

His handshake, which he was hiding his embarrassment about, was very forceful.

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