Ch.6 – Murderer

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PUBLISHED ON 22 April 2022

         “Don’t you… have something that you wanted to tell me?” 

         Xin Yi asked him before getting out of the car.

         Because he wanted to know last night’s answer, and also wanted to give it another chance to Zhou MuHui and him. 

         Zhou MuHui was stunned and shook his head.


         Thus Xin Yi looked at him for a while, then got out of the car. 

         But Zhou MuHui followed him, Xin Yi pulled on the backpack’s strap and did not understand what he wanted.

         “Let’s go.” 

         Zhou MuHui told him.

         He took a step, following behind Xin Yi, Xin Yi was muddled and felt a bit dizzy because of him, he finally reacted when they walked through the school’s gate and curled up his hand. 

         Around noon, the sun was strong, even the school’s corridor couldn’t shield them from the heatwave, Xin Yi walked forward with his head lowered, then paused in the next second, and turned to look at Zhou MuHui.

         “You can go back.”

         S University was special for Zhou MuHui, and Zhou MuHui would rarely take a step in because of personal reasons, although Xin Yi thought that it wasn’t a big deal, Zhou MuHui always persisted. 

         So Xin Yi didn’t want to make it difficult for him.

         “The sun is strong, I’ll send you.”

         Zhou MuHui didn’t move and stood behind him.

         “…What are you doing.”

         Xin Yi couldn’t help but ask him.

         Yesterday, he was the one who didn’t want to speak, and now, he was also the one who didn’t go, even if it was some sort of compensation, Xin Yi didn’t want that at all.

         “…Send you.”

         Zhou MuHui licked his dry lips, and gave the essentials in simple language.

         Xin Yi looked at him again, his eyes turned redder and redder, and fiercely turned around with his back facing him.

         “Do as you want!” 

         He said with a muffled voice.


         “Xin Yi.”

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         Zhou MuHui caught up to him, followed behind, and said in a low voice, “The weather is hot, be slower.”

         Xin Yi didn’t answer him, but he felt bad in his heart, because Xin Yi didn’t understand what following him had to do with the hot weather, he didn’t even have an umbrella, could it be that by following him like this the sun would not be so strong and the weather won’t be hot anymore?

         It was an excuse that the other party had found, even Xin Yi could understand that.

         He didn’t want to pay attention to Zhou MuHui anymore, because he didn’t want Zhou MuHui’s “compensation”.

         He only wanted Zhou MuHui to love him.


         “Xin Yi, are you angry?”

         Zhou MuHui pulled him, and didn’t let him go.

         His palm was stuck to Xin Yi’s skin, it didn’t feel as dry as it used to be, Xin Yi made a move, and couldn’t free himself, only to rub until his hand was wet from sweat. 

         Xin Yi didn’t want to reply, nor wanted to see Zhou MuHui, because he was very weak,  he was afraid that after seeing Zhou MuHui, he would be softhearted once again and then easily forget about this matter, and allow Zhou MuHui to lie to him.

         Only kids would feel this way, but Xin Yi didn’t want to be a kid.

         “Xin Yi, don’t be angry.”

         Zhou MuHui lowered his voice.


         The two of them were bickering, no one was willing to speak properly, Xin Yi lowered his head, his heart was a bit stuffy.

         “Yesterday I…”

         “Do you want to make up with me?”

         The both of them spoke at the same time, Xin Yi’s heart trembled, he was about to ask him about yesterday, when he heard him let out a hum, said, “Want.”

         The tips of Xin Yi’s ears flushed red, sneakily looking at him with his hand clasped behind his back.

         Xin Yi was really useless, and couldn’t stand it when Zhou MuHui teased him like this, he was stumped, he opened his mouth for a long while but didn’t know what to say, Zhou MuHui didn’t seem to pay attention to it, only got closer to him, and pulled the hand his hide behind his back.

         “Want to make up with you, Xin Yi.” 

         Zhou MuHui admitted defeat and begged him in a small voice.

         He didn’t know why Xin Yi was so angry, just like yesterday’s evening, Xin Yi fell asleep in his embrace, but he still didn’t understand.

         Did he do something wrong? Can Xin Yi tell him, he could change.

         Zhou MuHui didn’t want to make him sad.

         “Just now, you want…”

         “Xin Yi!”

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         A clear and resounding voice interrupted them, Xin Yi turned his head, Zhou MuHui saw the profile of his face paused for a while, then his sight quietly became sharp.

         “It’s almost time for class, what are you still doing here?”

         The young man didn’t pay attention to the expression in Zhou MuHui’s eyes, walked forward, and pulled him.

         “Hey, it’s your brother?” 

         Fang YiHe felt cold afterward, and let out a shiver.

         But Xin Yi was frightened by him and didn’t say anything for a long time.  


         Zhou MuHui recovered his indifference, and didn’t seem to want to clarify this appellation, nodded to acquiesce. 

         Hence, Fang YiHe then hurriedly greeted Zhou MuHui, on one side, Xin Yi looked at them for a good while, after confirming that he really hadn’t recognized Zhou MuHui, let out a sigh in relief.

         “Xin Yi, how come I’ve never heard you mention it.”

         Fang YiHe stood beside him for a while and asked with a smile.

         Xin Yi made a perfunctory nod, and changed the topic, “Isn’t class going to start, you should quickly go.”

         Seeming to be fiercely protecting and was afraid that Fang YiHe would react, hastily wanted to drive him away.

         “En En.”

         But Fang QiHe didn’t move, pulled on his arm, and wanted to go with him.

         “I still haven’t figured out last time’s question, explain it to me again.”

         Xin Yi’s initial reaction was to refuse, he didn’t even know how to do it, what could he explain to Fang YiHe, furthermore…

         He wasn’t done talking to Zhou MuHui.

         Zhou MuHui stayed silent, looking at them chatting, even if Fang YiHe talked to him, he would just nod, during the whole time, Xin Yi didn’t turn his head, but from Zhou MuHui’s perspective, he could see the bent corners of his mouth.”  

         Hence, he spoke up and told them, “Go ahead.” 

         Xin Yi was stunned, and uneasily lifted his head, but after seeing Zhou MuHui’s expression, he felt that he was thinking too much.

         “Ok… Then we’ll get going.”  He pushed Fang YiHe, back facing Zhou MuHui.

         Xin Yi took great care in Zhou MuHui’s matters, even if he was hurt by Zhou MuHui just now, he still pulled Fang YiHe forward, not letting him turn back.

         “I’ve never heard you mention that you have a brother, right, aren’t you a single child? I’ve never heard that Professor Xin has other children?” 

         Fang YiHe said while smiling.

         Xin Yi ambiguously didn’t say anything and did not want to explain it further. 

         “It shouldn’t be an elder cousin from your mother’s side or father’s side1 right, you don’t look alike.” Fang YiHe slowed down his pace, looked at Xin Yi who was rushing straight forward, and pulled him, “Xin Yi, he is not your elder brother right.”

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         The other party abruptly paused, Xin Yi didn’t return to his senses and bumped into his chest. 


         Xin Yi covered his head with his hand and took a step back, and avoided his light of sight, “We’re going to be late, Fang YiHe, let’s go quickly.”

         Fang YiHe’s expression was weird, however, he started talking about another matter, “Right, do you still remember the case the professor talked about last semester?”

         “The one who was given an eight-year sentence, that person has a scar on his face.” 

         He awkwardly laughed, “What a coincidence.”

         Xin Yi was immediately stunned and anxiously looked at him.

         Fang YiHe had a hard time maintaining the smile on his face, the corners of his mouth stiffly twitched, “Don’t tell me that…”

          Xin Yi said nothing and took a step back, his eyes were alert.

         “Xin Yi.”

         Fang YiHe’s face had completely turned cold, “Don’t play the fool.”

         “It’s not it…”

         Xin Yi wanted to explain, but Fang Yi He’s reaction was too big, he dragged him and walked forward, “You muddled head thing, I think you’ve gone crazy.”

         But in the next second, he was vigorously pulled by someone. 

         Zhou MuHui caught up, and pulled Xin Yi behind him.

         “You’re ok?” 

         Zhou MuHui looked at the red print on his wrist and asked him.

         Then turned around, looking at Fang YiHe, “You can go ahead, I’ll send him myself.”

         “Xin Yi!”

         The vein of Fang YiHe’s forehead throbbed and snapped at him.

         The atmosphere turned sharply, Xin Yi’s hair stood on end, he grabbed the hem of  Zhou MuHui’s clothes, stretched out his head from behind the man, and hurriedly said, “Fang YiHe, you don’t have to care about it, I will tell you…”

         “Is he your brother?!”

         But Fang YiHe only asked him.




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         Zhou MuHui pushed Xin Yi back, looking at the young man before him, his voice cold, “It’s boyfriend.”


         The words that have come out couldn’t possibly be taken back, Fang QiHe was almost angered to death by him, “Xin Yi! You, come over here for me!”

         Xin Yi didn’t want the least Zhou MuHui to admit it at this moment, he didn’t have the time to be happy or worry about why the other party had to say this, he was only afraid, because he knew what Fang YiHe was about to say.

         “Fang YiHe, you go first.”

         “I’ll go my ass!”

         Fang YiHe went over to drag him and pushed Zhou MuHui who was in front of him.

         “Get out of the way!”


         The hair on Xin Yi’s back stood up, like a cat in a defensive posture, “Don’t touch him!”

         “Xin Yi?”

         “It doesn’t concern you!”

         Xin Yi snapped at him.

         Xin Yi never had this kind of one side, Fang YiHe was nervous, and felt that he was bewitched by Zhou MuHui.

         The both of them were in a stalemate, even their gaze was burning up, Zhou MuHui frowned, and turned around to pacify Xin Yi who had his hair stood on.

         “It’s fine.”


         “I think you’ve gone crazy.”

         Fang YiHe scolded him, “Don’t you know what kind of person he is?”

         Xin Yi was pressed in ZhouMuHui’s arms, the man was kneading the back of his neck and pacifying him, tilting his head to talk to Fang YiHe, telling him to go first.

         But he was confronted with Fang YiHe’s harsh words. 

         “Get the f*ck off!”

         Xin Yi’s expression became fierce, and made grunting noises, and struggled free from Zhou MuHui’s arms, glared viciously at the other party, “Don’t poke around in others’ business.”

         Fang YiHe was in disbelief, snapped, “F*ck! He is a murderer!” 



FYH uses 表哥 (Biǎo gē) an elder cousin from the mother’s side and 堂哥 (Táng gē) elder cousin from the father’s side.
Chinese have distinct nouns to designate family members from the female and male sides.

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