Ch 1 – Divorce agreement

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PUBLISHED ON 18 March 2022

           Xin Yi dug out a divorce agreement in a drawer at home. 

           On the paper, one name was already signed, he was very familiar with the handwriting, it belonged to the husband he was married to for two years, Zhou MuHui.

           Xin Yi dumbly looked at that sheet of paper, didn’t return to his senses for a long time, he didn’t quite understand it, he was thinking, did something happen between him and Zhou MuHui?

           But they were chatting just fine a while ago, there was still a trace of the exhort of the other party on his cellphone.

           “Eat well, don’t run around.”

           The man’s tone was just as brief as usual, but Xin Yi trembled inexplicably.

           The paper in his hand was bewilderedly crumpled, making an effort to restrain his eyesight, but it still landed on that name written on it, Xin Yi didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly, and could only think about it carefully. 

           Zhou MuHui wants to divorce him?

           Or else, this thing…wouldn’t appear in their home…


           The phone made a small sound, Xin Yi was stunned, he turned his head and saw that it was a text coming from Zhou MuHui. 

           “I will come back in the afternoon.”

           Xin Yi unconsciously nodded, and in the next second, he dumbly came to his senses and in a hurry, took the phone to reply. 

           He said ok, but his next sentence was not fluent, it took him a long time before sending it out. 

           “Are you going to the auditorium?”

           He asked Zhou MuHui with uncertainty.

           Zhou MuHui replied very quickly, seemed to wait for him on purpose, Xin Yi saw that small “go”, and pursed his lips, and did not speak for a long time.

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           The auditorium they were talking about was in Xin Yi school, but because Zhou MuHui’s identity was peculiar, he never goes inside. 

           There was nothing more important than his job, was thinking Xin Yi, Zhou MuHui kept his time and energy for his job, and forgot about Xin Yi who was waiting at home for him. 

           He didn’t reply to Zhou MuHui, even put back that sheet of paper in the drawer, the moment the drawer closed up, he felt like he was violently knocked on the head by someone, slowly feeling pain. 

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           At 2:30 in the afternoon, Xin Yi arrived at the auditorium from his classroom. 

           Outside of the auditorium were countless people, he found a space in a corner and crouched there, looking at the flock of people not far away, silently lowering his head. 

           He actually shouldn’t be coming here, to wait for Zhou MuHui to go back home, he asked for a vacation a few days ago, contrary to expectations for Zhou MuHui to return, he could only endure it, and like a persistent follower to following him here.

           Who let Xin Yi to be useless, always can’t help but miss him. 


           “Walk faster, walk faster, the auditorium opens at 3:30, Qi Fang is about to come!”

           Beside him was the smell of fragrance, girls that passed through nearby, Xin Yi stepped back a little, thinking in heart, he won’t.

           It will at least take him another small half-hour before arriving, Xin Yi went to a lot of his events, Xin Yi knew everything. 

           The surrounding people gradually approached in the direction of the auditorium, the air became more silent, Xin Yi also moved two steps, only for someone to lowly shout in the next second.

           “Where did that little kid come from?”

           Xin Yi lifted his head at a loss.

           The person that came had very large sunglasses, lowered his head while raising his brows, that face was as familiar as on the screen, it happens to be Qi Fang, the young man that was a hot topic and had some site traffic. 

           Also, the person he was waiting for, the person that was coming to the auditorium today. 

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           Hence Xin Yi held his breath, his eyes aimlessly searching for someone behind him. 

           The sun of the afternoon was thick, making shadows even darker, it was hard to have the full view of the silhouette enveloped in the dark, only the long and narrow scar on the side of his face could tell who it was. 

           That scar ran from the cheekbone to the nose, it didn’t look like a normal scratch, it looked like it was made by something that fiercely stabbed him during some kind of struggle. 

           Xin Yi almost couldn’t control his breathing, his eye rims couldn’t help but turn red, he hurriedly stood up and wanted to stretch out his hand to hold that person. 


           But his hand only stretched out halfway when it was hurriedly stopped by someone. 

           “Why are you hiding here, want a sign?”

           The person in front of him exaggeratedly stepped back, blocking right between them, Xin Yi was stunned, he looked at the other party with red eyes, and reacted in the next second, tears rapidly falling. 

           The one standing behind Qi Fang is Xin Yi’s husband Zhou MuHui, also the person who Xin Yi eagerly wanted to see by running to the school. 

           Zhou MuHui is Qi Fang’s manager, he was on a business trip for some time and was gone for more than a month, Xin Yi looking forwards to the stars and the moon waiting for his return, but the moment the other party returned he said that he was going to the auditorium because Qi Fang was holding an event here today. 

           Zhou MuYi always put his job first, Xin Yi also knew it, but he still couldn’t help, sneakily followed him there. 

           “Hey, why are you crying?”

           Qi Fang who was standing in front of him was having a headache, seeing that little kid crying so hard all of sudden, couldn’t help but speak out, “Stop, stop crying.”

           He couldn’t understand, all he did was just ask a question, why is this kid crying like this, but he felt awkward so he compromised. 

           “Then…alright…” He stiffly shook his head, drily said, “I’ll sign it for you, a photo together is also fine, quickly stop crying.”

           Then Zhou MuHui was called out, and before any of them reacted, Qi Fang took the camera from his assistant’s hand and handed it to Zhou MuHui.

           “Brother Zhou, quickly help, randomly take two photos.”

            He avoided Xin Yi who was crying, spoke to Zhou MuHui in a low voice

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           Zhou MuHui was a bit rigid, but Qi Fang didn’t notice it, he signed an autograph under Xin Yi’s tears, pulled him to take a photo, even called his assistant and told him to give the photo to the kid later. 

           Xin Yi didn’t say a word the whole time, but his tears didn’t stop, Qi Fang was thinking that maybe he saw him and was excited? But this thought only went through his mind for an instant that it stopped. 

           Because for some reason, Xin Yi suddenly grabbed Zhou MuHui’s wrist. 

           Leaving a confused Qi Fang, looking at the two of them suddenly holding hands, didn’t understand what happened. 

           “Qi Fang, you go first.”

           Zhou MuHui took a step forward, pulled Xin Yi behind him, said to Qi Fang who had a blank face. 

           Qi Fang let out an oh, and by reflex was going to go, but he took a step and felt that something was wrong. 

           Wasn’t this kid his fan, why did he have to go? Moreover, Zhou MuHui’s face didn’t look good, Qi Fang paused his footsteps, quietly looking behind him. 

           The nose of that little fan of him turned red from crying, a red circle even appeared on the wrist that was being gripped, Qi Fang was stunned, hurriedly said, “Out of the question!” 

           Thinking that Zhou MuHui would bully him.


           His out of question was too abrupt, Xin Yi who was wiping his tears stretched out his head, finally opened his mouth.

           “What are you doing…” he asked with a tearful voice.

           Qi Fang faltered and couldn’t speak out, he couldn’t possibly say that the man who is gripping you is so fierce, he probably wants to cause you trouble by wanting to stay with you alone. 

           When he thought about Zhou MuHui’s peculiar identity, he couldn’t help but be worried, moreover the scar on brother’s Zhou face…

           Qi Fang remembered that the first time he saw Zhou MuHui, Zhou MuHui’s fierce expression when he was hitting people in the underground parking of the company, couldn’t help but shiver. 

           His brother Zhou has never been someone who easily gets along with others, he looked cold, he was even colder when getting along with him, if one really provoked him or made him angry, the consequences were not something a kid could handle.

           He tactfully opened his mouth, told Xin Yi to quickly go back, then timidly pulled Zhou MuHui back, said that they were almost late, and cannot delay it anymore. 

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           Zhou MuHui did not even move, only telling him once again with a cold face, “Go in.”

           The little kid behind doesn’t seem to be afraid either, instead, was obediently staying behind his brother Zhou, he sneakily called him, “You, leave quickly, brother Zhou is really fierce.” 

           He was afraid that the little kid wouldn’t believe him, added fuel to the fire, “It’s real, he also hit people!”

           In the beginning, Xin Yi didn’t clearly hear what he said, till the other party repeated it again, he then stupidly shook his head, telling him that it was not it.
But Qi Fang did not pay attention to him, he only wanted Xin Yi to quickly leave, however, Xin Yi just had to be stubborn as hell on this matter, halted the tears, and very seriously explained to him, “Zhou MuHui wouldn’t hit people.”

           Xin Yi was used to be fiercely protective of his child, he disliked the most when people talked badly of Zhou MuHui, especially when they made things up, both people oddly were unable to move on this matter, even started to argue like a chicken talking to a duck.

           At the end of it, Xin Yi wasn’t even crying anymore, he stood in front of Zhou MuHui blocking him like he was protecting his cub, pursing his lips in anger, telling Qi Fang to go. 

           “…”  the other party also got angry, glared at him, “forget it if you don’t want to listen!” 

           The two of them looked like little kids arguing in kindergarten, in the end, they were separated by force by Zhou MuHui.

           Zhou MuHui first told the assistant to take him away, warned him to stir up troubles outside, then when they were gone, he picked Xin Yi up, put him aside under the flower stand, and reasoned with him. 

           “But he said you…”

           Xin Yi’s cheeks were full of tears stains, said sadly, “I explained but he won’t even listen.”

           “……” His family’s little kid is right no matter what he says,  not to mention if it was for his sake, therefore Zhou MuHui let out a sigh, “I’ll scold him once we get back.”

           And held the back of his neck, coaxing him, “No crying.” 

           Xin Yi in his embrace shook his head, evaded his hand, his pair of arms carefully wrapped around him, tightly hugged him.

           “Forget it.” He silently let his tears fall, spoke in a small voice, “Don’t scold him.”

           He buried his face in Zhou MuHui’s clothes wiping dry with tears on it, begging Zhou MuHui with a stuffy throat, “I want to go home with you…” 

           Cicadas cries were coming from the trees’ shadows on the side of the road, the group of people no far away also gradually went inside, Zhou MuHui didn’t speak for a long time, after a good long while, he then caressed Xin Yin’s hair, said, “Then wait for me.”

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