the inertia, and caught the falling phone in a hurry. 

The phone’s screen was still on the original screen page, but after a while, another text appeared, Xin Yi looked distractedly at “I didn’t see them.” below Zhou MuHui’s profile photo, finally reacted, and tardily blinked.

At noon, he was even more well-behaved than usual, he warmed up the dishes in the fridge, even sent a photo to Zhou MuHui, but Zhou MuHui didn’t reply, Xin Yi thought that he was probably busy, so he carried the banners and went in the bedroom.

He walked very slowly, and was also a bit fidgety because he wanted to find back something, it was something Zhou MuHui left a long time ago.


Or it could be said, the certificate that Zhou MuHui “had borrowed from him”.

But he couldn’t find it.

The box in which he and Zhou MuHui put their delicate items was turned over, Xin Yi’s fingers searched carefully along the inside and bottom of the cabinet, but he couldn’t find that piece of paper.

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Xin Yi lowered his head in confusion, held the box, and sat on the ground, thinking, could it be that he threw it out?

Qi Fang said, Zhou MuHui only went into this industry because of his debt, Xin Yi was actually a bit confused because he never knew that Zhou MuHui owed someone money, but toward the one million1 he heard from Qi Fang’s mouth, he had a vague impression of it.

Because in Xin Yi’s memories…many years ago, he seemed to have given one million to Zhou MuHui. 

But that…

How could it be counted as a debt?

Zhou MuHui needed money, that was something Xin Yi noticed after that night.

He confessed to the man with difficulty, the man looked at him dumbfounded for half a day, then told him while frowning, “Don’t mess around.”

Xin Yi felt wronged, his body still hurt, but Zhou MuHui heard his confession and just wanted to leave, Xin Yi caught up, and said pitifully that he wasn’t messing around, as a result, the other party glared at him.

Zhou MuHui told him to get lost, but Xin Yi weirdly wasn’t afraid of him anymore, on the contrary, carried his backpack and followed behind him, and asked him where he was going.

Zhou MuHui’s mood was probably not good, because he totally ignored him, it was actually very late that day, but Xin Yi still didn’t leave, he wasn’t very clever, but he could sensibly feel that night was different from others, Xin Yi couldn’t leave, not when the man threw out such a big bomb.

Or else, he probably won’t be able to see Zhou MuHui anymore.


And it proved to him that it was indeed like that, Zhou MuHui changed for another job, when Xin Yi was looking at him with anxiety in a corner, he was dragged out by Zhou MuHui.

“Go back.”

“… Not, not going back!”

Zhou MuHui furrowed his brows, and looked at him with a cold expression, “What do you exactly want to do?” 

Xin Yi’s face turned beet red, and expressed the confession from before one again with embarrassment. 

“Pursue you…”

Zhou MuHui’s expression was very ugly, Xin Yi couldn’t think of the reason, but he didn’t want to make Zhou MuHui unhappy, hence he slowly let go, letting go of the corners of the man’s clothes that he was secretly grabbing on.

“… Don’t be unhappy, then I’ll go back.”

Xin Yi whispered.

Zhou MuHui didn’t reply to him, thus Xin Yi turned around with disappointment, but he only took a few steps, then he suddenly turned his head around and pursed his lips at Zhou MuHui who was at the end of the alley.

“I am not messing around… I really do like you.”

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Xin Yi didn’t know if Zhou MuHui heard him, but Zhou MuHui was still there when he came on the second day, Xin Yi carefully looked at him, when he confirmed that Zhou MuHui wasn’t going to drive him away, turned to look back repeatedly at every step at the cat which entered the alley.

That job of Zhou MuHui’s ended earlier than the previous one, Xin Yi hurriedly followed when he saw him walk out, he knew that Zhou MuHui had to go to another job, Zhou MuHui was very busy, from morning to night he had endless jobs, Xin Yi roughly knew that he needed money, but didn’t understand why.

After Xin Yi followed him for most of the month, Zhou MuHui changed his night job again, this time it was at a bar, Xin Yi just arrived at the door around eight o’clock, when he was stopped.
The other party told him to show his identity card, Xin Yi didn’t dare to take it out, because he wasn’t eighteen yet.

“Little kid, this is not a place where you should come.”

Xin Yi pursed his lips and nodded, sneakily looking behind him, Zhou MuHui had already gone in for a while, Xin Yi couldn’t see him no matter how he looked, but Xin Yi couldn’t wait for too long, because he had yet to finish his homework.

“… This, can I go in?”

Xin Yi anxiously took out a stack of money, and whispered, “I’ll just go in for half an hour, is that ok?”

Xin Yi didn’t even get to stay for half an hour, that he got dragged out by Zhou MuHui, the man’s expression was very cold, Xin Yi put his hands behind his back anxiously, and whispered, “I didn’t want to follow you…”

Zhou MuHui didn’t speak, just irritably looking at him, with obvious implication.

Xin Yi was pricked by his stare, and only said after a while, “I wanted to say that… I am going to exams…” 

“Next week… I won’t be able to come.” 

Because he didn’t know when Zhou MuHui was going to be able to come out, and he was also afraid that the other party would be anxious if he suddenly disappeared, that’s why just like a fartknocker, he sneakily went in to find him, wanting to tell him.

I am leaving, you don’t have to worry.


But the man only let out a hum, Xin Yi looked at him dumbfounded, then slowly nodded, and turned around disappointed. 

“Xin Yi.”

Zhou MuHui called his name for the first time, his voice was cold, but Xin Yi’s heart skipped a beat, hastily turned his head around, “I’m here!”

Zhou MuHui walked over, lowered his head looking weary, and said, “Don’t come again, I am very busy, don’t have time to play with you.”

“I’m not playing…” Xin Yi grabbed the straps of his backpack, and said anxiously, “Did I disturb you, then I…” 

“I don’t like men.”

Zhou MuHui cut him off, “Xin Yi, did you understand that?”


Assuming it’s Chinese RMB.
I did not convert any amount into American Dollars.

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