s lectured by his deskmate before coming there, the other party told him not to believe those glib tongues, and told him to find someone who looks like they won’t pay attention to him, that was someone experimented.



           Then Zhou MuHui appeared at this moment.

           In the beginning, Xin Yi actually didn’t notice him, because Zhou MuHui was wearing a mask, he is also tall, so he didn’t see his face at all when he walked past him, until he circle half of the antique market and collide with head first in the other’s party arms.

           At that moment, Zhou MuHui was carrying merchandise and was still carrying a solid wooden box, Xin Yi stood there and was watching others inspect objects, got squeezed by someone on the side of the path, then with a blank mind, he got knocked on the box in Zhou MuHui’s arms.

           He was knocked silly, he didn’t even get to cry out in pain when his butt landed on the ground, Zhou MuHui was also confused, when he finally lowered his head, the little kid’s eyes were full of tears, hugging his backpack and was crying for a while already.


           The people carrying the delivery nearby were calling him, Zhou MuHui furrowed his brow, and handed the object to the other party, saying, “You go first.”

           Then bent down to drag Xin Yi up. 

           “Can you still walk?”

           Zhou MuHui asked him.

           Xin Yi’s eyelashes were wet, seeing that he was a bit familiar, then only did he tardily reacted, just now when he came in, Xin Yi met him accidentally.


           Xin Yi rubbed his eyes and nodded while hugging his backpack.

           His forehead was feeling hot and stinging with pain, it seemed like a part of it was swollen, but it also felt like the skin was broken, the weather in October wasn’t warm, but in the antique market that was in full swing, it was really felt a bit stuffy, it pickled the wound and made it feel like it was about to burst.

           “Follow me.”

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           Zhou MuHui let go of him.

           Xin Yi paused, stared at his back for a while, then returned to his senses, and hurriedly followed after him.

           After that, he felt like he wasn’t precautious enough, others tell him to follow them and he would follow, but then Xin Yi thought about it and felt that couldn’t be blamed on him, after all, at that time he was knocked silly, and Zhou MuHui’s half-exposed eyes looked really good, he muddleheadedly nodded, and followed the other party. 


           Zhou MuHui led him to disinfect it, Xin Yi obediently stood in the shop waiting for him, just now he entered in a hurry, only now did he notice that this shop was a bit different from the other shops he just visited, he hugged his backpack and look at it with curiosity, but didn’t expected that someone inside would suddenly call him, “Little kid, what are you doing?”

           Xin Yi got scared, hastily took a step back, and explained to the other party.

           “I, I am waiting for someone.”

           An old man came out from behind the door curtain, he was skinny as a bamboo pole, wearing an undershirt and waving a bamboo hand fan, and gave him a careless glance, “Waiting for who, I am the only one in this shop.”

           Xin Yi swallowed his saliva, tightly hugged his backpack, and said in a quiet voice, “That person who is wearing a mask… who is very tall.”

           And also very good looking.

           Zhou MuHui coincidently came back at that time, iodophor and gauze in his hands, and told Xin Yi to go over. 

           It was as if Xin Yi saw his saving star, and hurriedly hid behind him. 

           “Xiao Zhou1, didn’t you go to deliver the merchandise?”

           “Knocked on a little kid on the road, already handed the merchandise to Du Jia.”

           His mask hasn’t been taken off yet, he used the alcohol to wash his hands, then did he help Xin Yi to deal with his wounds.

           Xin Yi kept his head lowered and glanced at him from the corner of his eyes, not daring to say anything, he and Zhou MuHui were really close, from that angle, he could see the other party’s high nose bridge, and the shadow cast by the dense eyelashes.

           It was the first time that Xin Yi was curious about someone, his heart wasn’t listening to him and was pounding nonstop.

           This feeling was too unfamiliar so he didn’t react even when the old man behind him called him for half a day.

           “Little kid.”

           The skin on his forehead seemed to be really broken, the other party applied some ointment for him and used the gauze to wrap it, Xin Yi was dizzy during the whole process, he felt like he was swimming in clouds, fortunately, the person in front of him didn’t like to speak, and didn’t ask him anything, Xin Yi blinked, and saw him tie a knot, and lowered his head while packing up the things.

           “Little kid, what are you hugging in your arms?”

           Xin Yi’s shoulder was slapped, and he blankly lifted his head, the person who called him just now was standing before him, and was stretching his neck to see the object in his arms.


           He said in a small voice but didn’t want to take it out.

           Because that person didn’t seem like an experimented person like his deskmate has said.

           “Want to sell? Or is it to find someone to look at it?”

           Xin Yi said nothing, and unconsciously rested his sight on Zhou MuHui.

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           “Go to the hospital if it’s inflamed, this is my number, tell me the expense.”

           He handed him a piece of paper, Xin Yi raised his head and looked at him in confusion.

           “…It’s not you who bumped on me.”

           But his hand was very honest, and tightly curled up the piece of paper in his palm. 

           Zhou MuHui looked at him, and did not argue with him.

           “I’ll take you out.”

           He tidied up the things, turned sideways and told Xin Yi to follow him.

           “Little kid, take it out for me to see, I’ll help you take a look at it.”

           The old man saw that he was about to go, and waved his bamboo hand fan to urge him, Xin Yi was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly shook his head, “No need, no need.”

           “If you don’t want to sell it, then you’re not short of me taking a glance, or else, if you randomly find someone on the street, they will fool you with a few unreliable sentences.

           He raised his head, and said, “I happened to have made it on time today, if you miss it, you won’t have any other occasions.”

           He shook his fan and walked back, sat down behind the counter, and drank a few mouthfuls of tea, Xin Yi’s hands that were hugging the backpack tightened, and slowly stopped his footsteps.

           “… Is he reliable?”

           Xin Yi didn’t believe him, he pulled the hem of Zhou MuHui who was next to him, and sneakily asked.

           Zhou MuHui was stunned, and said, “He’s ok.”



           “… Then help me to look at it.”

           Xin Yi turned around and took the inkstone out of his backpack.

           The day after tomorrow is his mom’s birthday, he didn’t have much time. 

           The old man behind the counter moved the cup of tea, showing a wide-eyed smile, he hurriedly said, “Zhou MuHui, you wait for a while before leaving! Bring me the things from the back!”

           Xin Yi stopped without a word, and looked at him from the corner of his eyes, when the man went into the room, he then asked in a small voice.

           “Is he here every day?”

           The old man did not even lift his head, “Here on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I don’t open on other days, today is an exception, only opening for a while.”

           Xin Yi let out an “oh”, and secretly smoothed the piece of paper in his palm, and carefully put it in his pocket. 


‘Xiao’ for ‘little’, his nickname is ‘Little Zhou’

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