Ye Jiuyue felt like he was kind of unlucky today.
In the morning, when he went out on a morning run to school, he sprained his ankle.
While it wasn’t anything serious, but because of that, he didn’t get to buy and eat breakfast, so he passed his first class suffering through pangs of hunger.
When the end of the class came around, he was like a dead fish sprawled and lying down on the desk.  

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Recently, his lifestyle had been more or less going according to schedule, so whenever he got hungry it was very noticeable, his stomach felt a little uncomfortable. 

Ye Jiuyue was looking at his phone while lying down on the desk.
He unexpectedly found that Hotshot Celebrity Shen asked him: Which classroom are you in?



Ye Jiuyue was surprised:  ·﹏· What are you going to do?

Shen Weixing immediately replied: It’s none of your business 

Ye Jiuyue:……


Zhang San: Hurry up and tell me!

Ye Jiuyue: If you come over you’ll be gawked at (°ー°〃)

Zhang San: Who said I’m coming over?


Ye Jiuyue: Then why are you asking for my classroom number yah?

Zhang San: It makes me happy to ask. 

Ye Jiuyue:……


Zhang San: Nevermind I’ll go ask someone else. 

Ye Jiuyue: ·﹏· How are you going to ask, though?

Zhang San:


Ye Jiuyue felt that there was no one in the world who take charge of Shen Weixing’s business.
He thought about it, still told him which classroom it was, then reminded him: You really will be gawked at, it’ll be hard to explain later. 

Zhang San: In your dreams, I’m calling take-out for you. 

Ye Jiuyue: I’m in class, though, I can’t eat take-out, why are you treating me to take-out all of a sudden yah ⊙ω⊙?

Zhang San: I dreamed that you starved to death!

Ye Jiuyue: (=°Д°=)? 

Zhang San: You talk too much! End of conversation!



Ye Jiuyue:……


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Ye Jiuyue put down his phone and continued lying down like a salted fish.

That is, until a burst of noise sounded around him.
Ye Jiuyue felt the seat beside him be taken by someone, and the burst of noise had been a reaction to that action.

He was shocked.  

Shen Weixing really came?!

Ye Jiuyue hurriedly raised his head and looked in that direction, then promptly let out a breath of relief.
It wasn’t Shen Weixing, it was Sui Dong. 

Sui Dong said, full of concern, “I heard that you sprained your ankle, are you alright?”

Ye Jiuyue said, “It’s fine, I went to the school infirmary.” 

And decided to give up on going to the breakfast stall, so sad. 

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Sui Dong found a chance to act nicely, put his all into suppressing his happiness and continued to show concern for him.
“Then I’ll accompany you to and from class during this time, I’ll help you get food too.”

Sui Dong cursed that this school didn’t need students to fetch hot water, didn’t they all say that you had to fetch hot water in university? And the dormitories in this school had a water dispenser on every floor, which just happened to be by the door of Ye Jiuyue’s dorm room.
As for the hot water for showering, everyone used prohibited electric appliances to heat it up. 

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Plan successful. 





Ye Jiuyue obviously didn’t know about Sui Dong’s plans, and didn’t think too much about it.
After withdrawing his gaze, he continued lying on the desk. 

Sui Dong saw him being like this and thought that he was just being cold towards him, but didn’t care.
He started chatting with the surrounding classmates, trying to composedly and stealthily find out who that man from last night was. 

Because he’d been thrown overseas by his family, Sui Dong started school relatively later than most students.
He didn’t even participate in military training, and had only just reported to school last week.
Although he’d been chasing after Ye Jiuyue all this time, he was afraid that he’d missed someone.
It turns out that he really did miss someone, for example the mysterious person from last night. 




Although Sui Dong came late, he automatically had a school idol halo about him.
Furthermore, he was always coming to Ye Jiuyue’s class, so the other students were pretty familiar with him and started up their chatting mode in no time at all, expressing one after the other that Ye Jiuyue didn’t have any boyfriend at school, so be at ease.

He wasn’t very at ease! Sui Dong thought, so he’s not from school but someone from outside of school? Wait a moment, last night that outfit didn’t seem cheap either, and he was so mysterious, later he drove away in a car, is he a working adult? 

How did Ye Jiuyue come to know that type of person?

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The more Sui Dong thought the more scrambled he got, but because of the crowd, he could only hold it in and not ask. 




Not long after the start-of-class-bell rang, Ye Jiuyue sat up and continued to listen to the lecture while making notes. 

Sui Dong sat by his side, listening absentmindedly.
Every now and then, he would stare at Ye Jiuyue.

Ye Jiuyue was extremely focused, as if no one was around him, and only had the teacher in his eyes. 

Just like how he was in high school. 

How should he say it, after all, he was one of the national exam’s Zhuang Yuan……


When Ye Jiuyue studied, he was extremely focused, probably being the only time that he was extremely focused.
It was to the point where his gaze would even seem a bit piercing.
And normally, he was slow and bumbling, soft and cuddly, seemingly very easy to bully.
Sui Dong really liked teasing him and just wanted to see what it would take to get him to lose his temper.

Of course, in the end, Sui Dong never got to see that happen.  

No matter whether it was a prank or something, Ye Jiuyue would get shocked, but he wouldn’t get angry or distraught at the person who did it.
He would only use that sort of soft and mild voice of his to slowly say, “You scared me.”

…..but you look like you’re very calm.
Sui Dong was speechless.




Ye Jiuyue was wandering around in the sea of knowledge and was unable to extract himself, until it was the end of class and he remembered his stomach, which was almost flat with hunger.
He put away his stuff in a hurry and prepared to go eat something.

Of course, his ‘hurriedly’ seemed to be slow and languid in Sui Dong’s eyes.  

Sui Dong was going to help him carry his backpack, but Ye Jiuyue shook his head.
“It’s fine, thanks.” 

“I’ll send you back to your dorm.” Sui Dong smiled at him, “It’s hard for you with your ankle like that.”

Ye Jiuyue asked, a little uncomprehendingly, “But even if you accompany me, my ankle will still be strained.”

Sui Dong immediately seized the opportunity and said, “Then I’ll piggyback you?”

Ye Jiuyue immediately shook his head and looked down at his phone, which just happened to start ringing.  

Sui Dong looked over as well.
However, Ye Jiuyue immediately picked up, and turned to the side, hiding from Sui Dong’s gaze on purpose.
Although it was just a fake name, Ye Jiuyue still thought that it was better not to reveal too much, for Shen Weixing’s sake. 

Sigh, I’m stressing out for my idol, hope my idol can be more careful as well.
Ye Jiuyue soundlessly sighed. 




Shen Weixing asked, dispensing with pleasantries, “Done with class?”


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Ye Jiuyue said, “En.”

Shen Weixing said, “Come out, I’m on the ground floor of the building you’re in, by Entrance A, there aren’t as many people here.” 

Ye Jiuyue was surprised for a moment, then continued to turn him down, “My dormitory is too far from Entrance A, so I won’t go.
Don’t come here either, there are too many people.”

Shen Weixing said, impatiently, “Just laze to death, why don’t you.
Can’t you walk a few more steps? With my net worth, you’re not even willing to walk a few more steps?”

But no matter how much net worth you have, what does it have to do with me…..does showing off to a normal university student like me really make you feel pleasure and satisfaction……

Ye Jiuyue said, troubled, “My ankle’s sprained, it’s not convenient for me to walk too far, so I’m planning on going back to my dormitory. Sorry.” 

Shen Weixing paused at that.

And then he hung up. 




Sui Dong asked, “Who was that?”

Ye Jiuyue glanced at him.
Seeing as the students around them had basically all left, he quietly said, “My boyfriend, the one from last night.
Sui Dong, don’t come looking for me anymore, I have a boyfriend already.”

“Then what type of person are they?” Sui Dong asked, concerned, “A working adult?” 

Ye Jiuyue nodded. 

“Don’t be tricked or scammed.” Sui Dong said, filled with concern, “Jiuyue, this circle is very messy, they’re really good at coaxing people, in truth they’re just tricking you.”

Ye Jiuyue nodded.

And then Ye Jiuyue packed up his things and prepared to leave.  

Sui Dong knew that this type of attitude meant that he hadn’t taken his words to heart, and so hurriedly stopped him and said, “Jiuyue, I’m not just saying this because of being jealous, even if I was just a friend, I’m very concerned for you, I’m afraid that you’ll get hurt.”

Ye Jiuyue sincerely said, “I know, thank you.”


Sui Dong said, “Then you should break up with him.”


Ye Jiuyue wavered for a second, not knowing how to explain that he and Shen Weixing didn’t even have the requirements to break up in the first place.

Then, put a stop to their fuckbuddies relationship?

Ye Jiuyue thought, no, let’s not, at least not now.
Something like sleeping with your idol, how much good karma would you have to save up for it to happen! 

Although this idol was a little….hard to describe, when Shen Weixing was doing the deed, he didn’t like to talk much, so Ye Jiuyue felt that he could stand the normal Shen Weixing for those moments.  

Furthermore, seeing that Shen Weixing was so nervous about the body examinations, he could be deemed to have maintained his integrity, at least at the moment they were keeping a one-on-one physical relationship, it was an extremely ideal fuck buddy relationship! It fell from the heavens! You can’t pick it up on earth!!

Ye Jiuyue thought of Shen Weixing during those times, his face got hot, and was secretly a little excited.

The Shen Weixing that didn’t speak, wasn’t wearing clothes, who scrunched up his brows and had sweat dripping down, was really too sexy!


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And so what Shen Weixing saw was Ye Jiuyue, face red, standing by the window with Sui Dong by his side, who was looking deeply in love and filled with tenderness.  

Shen Weixing was now truly furious.

What about you saying that you never graze on old grass?! Then why are you freaking blushing?!

Shen Weixing pounded a fist onto the classroom door frame, scaring Ye Jiuyue and Sui Dong, who both looked over.  

Sui Dong: My love rival came online! 

Ye Jiuyue: What the heck is Shen Weixing thinking?!





Shen Weixing walked over with big strides, coldly gave Sui Dong a glance, then coldly looked towards Ye Jiuyue, then continued to coldly stare at Sui Dong.
“Didn’t I say it clearly enough last night? Ye Jiuyue is mine, don’t cling to him, I don’t care who your parents are.”

“This doesn’t have anything to do with who my parents are.” Sui Dong frowned.
“On the other hand, are you feeling guilty because of something or what? You’re not even revealing your face, what, can’t be seen in public? Or do you not have the guts to face me? You can trick Jiuyue, but you can’t trick me, I’ve seen loads of people like you.”

“Looks like you have a lot of experience, huh.” Shen Weixing coldly laughed. 

Sui Dong was made speechless by this remark of his; he hurriedly said, “No, don’t say nonsense.” 




Ye Jiuyue was worried about his idol and Sui Dong’s parents, and was very worried that if they started fighting, it would cause him to be written about in the headline news with them against his will.
He hurriedly said, “You two sirs, please listen to what I have to say.” 

Fuck, where did you learn to speak in this sort of tone?! It sounds weird no matter how you listen to it, it feels like you’re going to start singing opera in the next second! Shen Weixing looked towards Ye Jiuyue with a frown.

Ye Jiuyue sighed, then said, “First, me and Sui Dong are only high school classmates.
Second, Zhang San hasn’t tricked me.
Third, both of you should think of your reputations.
Lastly, let’s all just be nice and go our separate ways.”

Shen Weixing and Sui Dong decided to ignore him, continuing to glare at each other. 

Ye Jiuyue sighed again, thought about it, put on his backpack, then moved his leg that had a sprained ankle with difficulty towards the exit.  

Since I can’t save them, I should at least save myself. 

Those two can go on the news, I don’t want to. 

Ye Jiuyue silently thought. 

Rinrin: same, the imagined mortification alone would be life-ending  


Sel: *buries face in embarrassment for Ye Jiuyue*

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