Weixing turned off his phone, feeling satisfied.
He got up and changed, washed up, sat on the sofa, then picked up the English practice book that Ye Jiuyue had left there and started practicing his pronunciation.  




Because of his roots, Shen Weixing quit school in elementary.
Afterwards, he didn’t get a chance at official schooling.
It was actually after he’d entered the entertainment industry that he’d had a bit of money to invest in himself.
He especially enjoyed reading during his free time. 

But he didn’t like to do so in front of others, because he’d been dissed and mocked about it before, saying that he was making a show of things.
Someone who hadn’t even graduated middle school was holding a copy of ‘The Birth of Tragedy’, this sort of high-level difficulty book? If it wasn’t making a show, what was it? Was he even able to understand it? (Shen Weixing truthfully couldn’t understand the book, every time he started from the first page and every time he felt that this was a new book that he’d never read before.
He could understand every word when it was individually separated, but when it was put together, it was like French to him, but he still persistently believed that one day he would be able to be patient and finish reading as well as understand it, and then his mental level would upgrade another level)

Shen Weixing had been mocked many times, in theory he shouldn’t care about this sort of small, harmless weakness, and just take them as additional publicity.
But he wasn’t willing to be mocked in this sort of subject, and was very uncomfortable about it in his heart.


Schooling was the area in which he was the most lacking in confidence, because he really didn’t have it, and so he was rather sensitive about it, and didn’t want people bringing it up. 

So afterwards he wouldn’t bring out books in front of the public eye, and would only read them in private.
He wouldn’t brag about them either, because he was afraid of trying to be clever but messing it up and being mocked again.  

If you were to say what weak point Shen Weixing had, then it would be this. 




Shen Weixing practiced some daily conversational English for a while, gave himself a break in between, picked up his phone and started browsing.
He ignored the interactions that that reply had caused, and habitually clicked into Ye Jiuyue’s Weibo profile. 

His Weibo account was also sometimes managed by the company, so he hadn’t secretly followed Ye Jiuyue; he would manually type in the profile ID every time.

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Good thing Ye Jiuyue was lazy, and only changed his profile name once in a blue moon.

Not only did he not change his profile name, he also didn’t post that much either.  


Always saying (didn’t, actually) that you like me, yet on my birthday you don’t even send a Weibo post to wish me a happy birthday, Ha.
Shen Weixing coldly laughed.
Just as he was about to exit the page, his finger stopped, his eyes focused and saw that the replies in the post Ye Jiuyue had posted before had increased!


Ye Jiuyue, with an account that was eternally growing grass, generally didn’t have many replies at all. Shen Weixing remembered it very well.
Now, he didn’t know what he was thinking, but he clicked in and went to see who replied.
He saw that the ID had Dong in it, called Jiu Yue Ru Dong. 

Scram back to your south side of the planet! Shen Weixing coldly laughed. 



Shen Weixing clicked into Sui Dong’s profile and looked for a while, mocking what he saw as he went.   

Truthfully, the stuff that Sui Dong posted didn’t have much to be mocked, but Shen Weixing was going to do so even if he had to create stuff himself.
For example, Sui Dong posted: “This year it’s almost the holiday again [picture of a lonely back.jpg]” and Shen Weixing would say ‘putting on an act’, when Sui Dong reposted a post about relationship advice, then Shen Weixing would say it’s ‘sappy’, when Sui Dong reposted Ye Jiuyue’s post, then Shen Weixing would go ‘Ha.

Shen Weixing dissed all the way to the end, until he saw an original post that Sui Dong had written. 




Jiu Yue Ru Dong: reminiscing about the fried pancakes by the entrance of my high school, as well as the person who I ate them with. 



You can only reminisce, the person is mine and the fried pancake is mine too.
Shen Weixing coldly laughed as he scrolled up, about to log off, but he got a new, just posted post from the user. 

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How come this dude has so much to say? Shen Weixing looked with a frown. 



Jiu Yue Ru Dong: Perseverance leads to victory 



Shen Weixing: Ha.

He even nearly replied under the Weibo post, hurriedly put a stop to those misbehaving fingers, then stared at that line of text for a long while.  

The author has something to say: 

Shen Weixing: Take a look, check it out, tut tut tut, he’s so perverted, what sorta taste did you have before, huh?

Ye Jiuyue: yeah, what kinda taste do I have? (feeling conflicted as he stares at the idol he formerly was a fan of)

Today’s count of lost fans (1/1) 

Rinrin: Sorry for the wait! The next chapter will be coming faster, don’t worry~

  is so lucky YJY’s a facecon



Little lesson + recall for the mc’s names. 

Shen Weixing= the weixing sounds like the word for satellite, Wei(谓) is a word that has a variety of meanings such as : speak, talk, report, tell.
Xing (行) means the way (road) in it’s oldest, most basic meaning.
Though this word (行) has multiple ways of pronounciation and meaning (such as hang, a different hang, heng, a different xing), SWX’s name uses Xing.
(谓行) appears in some poems (lots of chinese names come from poems, by either using a phrase or mixing words (important ones) from a line in a poem—the practice is an art, so there are some rules to make some names better than others (more sophisticated, etc). 

Ye Jiuyue= the last name is Ye (叶), which is the word for leaf.
Jiu is nine and Yue is moon.
Together, Jiuyue means the ninth month, or September.

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