Shen Weixing didn’t know how he fell asleep either.
When he woke up, he found that the TV and lights were both turned off, and he was still lying on the sofa with a blanket covering him. 

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Laozi’s bath was taken for nothing?!




Shen Weixing furiously got up and walked to the bedroom.
He climbed up onto the bed, slipped under the covers, and □□ Ye Jiuyue. 

Ye Jiuyue was fast asleep and didn’t wake up even when he was flipped over by Shen Weixing.
It was just that when the blanket was gone it was a little cold, so he subconsciously burrowed deeper into Shen Weixing’s arms, found a comfortable position, and continued to sleep. 


I get paid more than ten million per show just to be used as a body pillow by you? Shen Weixing kissed him, his hands moving here and there for a long while, then felt that there was not much fun in this, so he stopped, and was extremely unhappy. 

Usually, Ye Jiuyue would cooperate in the act or even initiate things.
Although at first it was generally Shen Weixing who wanted to do it, but as long as it started, Ye Jiuyue would get lusty and forward, which caused Shen Weixing to get hooked after one taste.
Now that he was facing a dead fish Ye Jiuyue, he was very unsatisfied. 



Shen Weixing poked Ye Jiuyue’s face again.

Ye Jiuyue continued sleeping. 

Shen Weixing was feeling a little wronged.
“I already took a shower.
Hey, you liar.”


Ye Jiuyue was sleeping very soundly. 

Shen Weixing applauded himself for not being a beast, and didn’t have any interest in fucking a corpse.
Moreover, it wasn’t that he absolutely had to have sex right now; hence, he could only lay back down under the covers and go to sleep as well. 

He couldn’t fall asleep, so he thought about some things.
As he pondered, he felt that perhaps Ye Jiuyue had a very big misunderstanding about their relationship. 

It couldn’t be that—-it couldn’t be that Ye Jiuyue thought they were dating, could he?!

Shen Weixing sat up in alarm and stared at Ye Jiuyue in caution and dissatisfaction.  

Ye Jiuyue really might have overthought.
After all, his thought processes were very strange and out of left field. 

Don’t dream.
It’s impossible, me and you, it’s impossible.
Shen Weixing thought, feeling high and mighty. 

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Just as Shen Weixing was happily thinking about how to disperse Ye Jiuyue’s crazy dreams while happily holding Ye Jiuyue in his arms, Ye Jiuyue suddenly said, still asleep, “Save—-Sui Dong.”

Sui Dong?


Shen Weixing remembered that tonight by the lakeside, this was the name that Ye Jiuyue called that little shrimp. 

His face darkened immediately.
Just as he was thinking about kicking Ye Jiuyue aside, he heard Ye Jiuyue say, “I don’t want to repeat a year……” 

Shen Weixing:?

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.
If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“P kjca ab mtfmx atf rmbgfr …..”

“Lfs, ktja fzjmais jgf sbe vgfjwlcu jybea?”


Yo mbegrf, Tf Alesef vlvc’a gfrqbcv jcv kjr ralii fcagfcmtfv lc j clutawjgf.
Pc atlr clutawjgf, tf’v ubcf yjmx ab tlr tlut rmtbbi vjsr.
Dfmjerf Vel Gbcu kjr qijslcu klat j ilutafg jcv jmmlvfcajiis wjvf j ylu olgf, atf afra qjqfgr lc Tf Alesef’r afralcu mfcafg jii vlvc’a wjxf la, rb Ktf Zlclrags bo Svemjalbc jccbecmfv atja Tf Alesef kbeiv tjnf ab gfqfja jcbatfg sfjg jcv gfajxf atf fzjw.
Tf Alesef kjr rb ogjcalm tf kjr jiwbra ublcu ab mgs.
Cygeqais, tf ujnf Vel Gbcu j xlmx jcv rtbeafv, “P kbc’a!”

Shen – almost got kicked off the bed – Weixing:“……”




Only then did Ye Jiuyue wake up, gasping while still feeling the after-effects of his fear.
Good thing it was a dream. 

Shen Weixing frostily asked, “What did you dream about?”

Ye Jiuyue paused.

Shen Weixing said, “I heard you call out for Sui Dong.
You were very agitated and were very pitiful.” 

Ye Jiuyue laughed.
“No, I dreamt that my national exam test paper was burned up, so I had to repeat a year.”

Shen Weixing:“……”

Are you a weirdo!? 

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“I apologize.
Let’s continue sleeping.” Ye Jiuyue laid down and went back to sleep.


Shen Weixing complained, “You kicked me just now.
It hurts.”

Ye Jiuyue got up again, filled with remorse.
With the blanket still draped over his head, he asked, “Where did I kick you? Sorry, I’ll massage it for you.” 

Shen Weixing said, “My leg.”

Ye Jiuyue massaged his leg. 

Shen Weixing seized the chance to be a perv.
“My □□ was kicked too.”

Ye Jiuyue:“……” 


Ah, let’s stop being a fan.
Idol, can you not talk? I beg you, don’t speak, just be nice and silent and let me look at your face, okay?

Ye Jiuyue was feeling very pained. 

Shen Weixing urged him, “Go on and massage.” 


Ye Jiuyue continued massaging his leg.
After a while of this, he clapped his hands and laid back down, pretending to be deaf and mute, returning to sleep.

Just with this bit of teasing, Shen Weixing was very happy.
His ploy wasn’t successful, but he wasn’t angry.
Once again, he hugged Ye Jiuyue and held him in his arms, then gave him a kiss.

“En?” Ye Jiuyue asked with eyes closed.  

“Tonight that guy was your ex-boyfriend?” Shen Weixing asked.
“You two really have nothing going on?”

Ye Jiuyue said, eyes closed, “En.”

Shen Weixing said, “Don’t lie to me.
Even if you tell the truth, it’s not like I’ll do anything to you.”

Ye Jiuyue said, eyes closed, “I didn’t lie to you.” 

“Then you two really won’t get back together?” Shen Weixing asked.

Ye Jiuyue thought that he really was very gossipy, ah, and said, eyes closed, “Won’t get back together.”

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Shen Weixing then asked, “Why? Because his dad is the mayor and his mom is the director of the district court? You’re afraid that his parents will do something to you?”

Why are you so gossipy? Ye Jiuyue sighed. 

Shen Weixing got wary.
Already sighing, it seems like his emotions are not over yet. 

Although Shen Weixing disapproved of Ye Jiuyue’s overthinking that they were dating, this was speaking from Shen Weixing’s own perspective.

Shen Weixing put himself in Ye Jiuyue’s shoes and analyzed the situation: right now, Ye Jiuyue was dating him, then this behaviour of Ye Jiuyue’s would be called ‘eating the food in his own bowl and looking at the food in the pot from before’, which was super despicable.
It would make anyone’s blood boil, he was basically an emotional player deserving of critique.

Shen Weixing, whose thought process was extremely bizarre and incredible, stared tightly at Ye Jiuyue with fury and accusation. 



Ye Jiuyue opened his eyes.
In the dim moonlight, it was hard to tell his expression, so Shen Weixing could only listen to his voice which was very calm as usual.
“Not because of anything, there’s just no feelings anymore.”

Shen Weixing was about to say more, but Ye Jiuyue continued on, “I never graze on old grass.” 

Shen Weixing froze. 

Ye Jiuyue thought that there would finally be no more questions, and he could sleep now, right? 


Unexpectedly, after a short pause, Shen Weixing’s unhappy voice sounded out again.
“Wow, your relationship history seems pretty varied? You ‘never’ ? How many relationships have you had? With what people?” 

I beg you, please just shut up! Ye Jiuyue played dead. 

Nonetheless, Shen Weixing had finally found dirt on Ye Jiuyue, so he continued asking.
“Speak, you.”

Ye Jiuyue was annoyed to death by him and so could only cleverly throw the question back at him.
“Then what about you?”

“What about me?” 

Ye Jiuyue asked, eyes shut, “Have you had any romantic experiences?”

Shen Weixing froze, and subsequently tactfully said, “Why do I have to tell you this kind of thing?” He abruptly remembered that Ye Jiuyue believed, on his own, that he’d become ‘official’, so he hurried to distance them.
“These are my personal affairs.”


Ye Jiuyue said, “En, okay.
Then go to sleep.”

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Shen Weixing waited for another period of time, saw that Ye Jiuyue really wasn’t going to continue speaking, and hesitantly asked, “Angry?”

Ye Jiuyue was already drowsy and almost asleep, so didn’t say anything after hearing him. 

Shen Weixing thought that he was angry.
In his head he was very high, cold and mighty : Ha.
With what identity are you getting jealous? Do you really think you can be official with me? Who gave you that idea?

Shen Weixing waited again, but Ye Jiuyue still didn’t say anything and only turned around, with his back facing Shen Weixing. 

——Does Shen Weixing really like to hold someone in his arms this much? The contrast is a bit moe.
But after hugging for too long it is so hot.
Ye Jiuyue thought sleepily. 


“You’re angry for real?” Shen Weixing scooched closer, tentatively kissed his face, and was swatted at by Ye Jiuyue in distaste at the itchiness. 

Ha, so you really did get jealous! And even as a player, you’ve finally gone down too many alleyways at night and met a ghost, ah no, met me.
Well, falling by my pants isn’t such a bad ending for you.  It’s just, this time you’re in for a tragedy, the karma of playing with others’ feelings has come back to you.
I’m that heavenly sent retribution, I won’t fall for you.
You’re destined to be disappointed, heartbroken and lose your dreams.   

Shen Weixing smugly imagined for a long time, then suddenly felt something was off. 

He recalled what Ye Jiuyue just said : I never graze on old grass.




This seemed a bit like a true statement.
As such, doesn’t that mean that as soon as I come clean with him, he won’t graze on the old grass that is me? Then I can’t come clean with him yet.
If I come clean I can’t have fun anymore. 

But I’m different from the type of person Ye Jiuyue is.
It’s not like I’m a conman who plays with people’s feelings. 

No, no, no.
I’m not playing with his feelings.
It’s just him misunderstanding one-sidedly.
I didn’t mislead him.  

Then we’ll just be like this for now. 

Shen Weixing, under the intoxicating moonlight, deeply considered.



The author has something to say: 

Today Shen Weixing is also very troubled by his own manly charisma :   )

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