Shen Weixing really did catch them. 

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But he could hold in his temper, he was able to be patient.
Wearing a hat and a mask, he hid behind a tree watching Ye Jiuyue and ‘the other man’ tangle together by the side of the campus lake in the middle of the night. 

It was a little far, so he couldn’t clearly hear what they were saying. 



Shen Weixing was a little anxious.
Observing the route, he silently inched closer to them, in a manner reminiscent of a slithering snake. 




By the lakeside, Ye Jiuyue quietly said, “Sui Dong, don’t come looking for me anymore, if you keep this up, others really will find things out.”

Before him stood a young man the same age as him, handsome and charming, tall and fashionable.
He looked like a person who would be classed as a school idol, and the reality was that he indeed was, for ever since elementary school to university, he went through life without a hitch or stumble, growing up always being praised and loved. 

Otherwise, a face-con like Ye Jiuyue wouldn’t have liked him so much in the past.


Too bad, they had chemistry but no luck, and ended before they even started. 





Sui Dong hastily said, “But at that time, it’s not like you could ask me to just come out of the closet to my parents! What I mean is, it’s not that I won’t come out, but this sort of thing has to be done slowly, you can’t rush, we have to keep it hidden for a few years.
Once we’ve graduated and are working, then they can accept it and then we’ll tell them!”

Ye Jiuyue shook his head.
“I explained already, I’m not forcing you to come out of the closet.
It’s because you were dating a girl at the same time, that’s why I broke up with you.”

“I already explained too, I only wanted to try it out.
I’m not a homosexual, you’re the only man that I’ve liked, so I wanted to try and see if I—” Sui Dong was actually feeling pretty wronged.
“It was you who made me gay, you have to take responsibility for me, I wasn’t gay originally.”

Ye Jiuyue said, troubled, “I didn’t.” 

Sui Dong persisted.
“It was you.
You just had to tutor me.”

Ye Jiuyue said, “It was the teacher that told me to tutor you.”

Sui Dong continued to say, “You also made me lunch boxes to eat.”

Ye Jiuyue said, troubled, “That was my lunch, you’re the one who forcibly ate it …..” 

Sui Dong proceeded to say, “You even washed my clothes for me.”

Ye Jiuyue said, feeling wronged, “You put your uniform in my bucket, I thought it was mine.”


Sui Dong said, “In the winter, you slept in the same bed, under the same covers as me.”

Ye Jiuyue scratched his head.
“It was you who sleepily got into the wrong bed after going to the bathroom, I was already asleep and didn’t know.” 

Sui Dong interrogated, “Can you say that you didn’t like me before? Then why did your gaze look exactly like the girls who secretly had crushes on me?”

Ye Jiuyue said, hesitant, “But I only looked at you along with everyone else, it’s not like I did anything else.”

“Your staring just did make me bent.” Sui Dong said with finality. 

Ye Jiuyue paused, explaining, “Others looked at you as well.” 

Sui Dong asked, full of reason and firm with it, “What does that have to do with me?”

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Ye Jiuyue slowly said, “Then that means that it wasn’t me who made you bent.”

Sui Dong said, “In any case no one else helped tutor me, made lunches for me, washed my clothes, slept with me and knitted a scarf for me!”

Ye Jiuyue patiently said, “I’ve already explained, the tutoring was organized by the teacher, the lunch was forcibly taken by you, washing the clothes was you putting your uniform in my bucket, I thought it was mine.
It was you who got into the wrong bed, I was already asleep.
I’d been planning on wearing the scarf myself, you gave me an apple on Christmas, and then just had to take my scarf away as a gift in return.
I was too embarrassed to persist and ask for it back.” 

“But I only like you.” Sui Dong said.
“Otherwise, why don’t I like other people?”

Ye Jiuyue hesitated for a few seconds, then said, a little softy, “I dunno.”




After sneakily inching from ten meters away to three meters behind a tree, Shen Weixing had listened to the whole exchange with difficulty and was now feeling complicated. 

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Ye Jiuyue really was too sneaky, his level was too high.
Shen Weixing thought.
‘Gotta take this as a warning lesson, I absolutely can’t become an idiot like the idiot standing in front of Ye Jiuyue, ha ha, no wonder Ye Jiuyue wasn’t after money and didn’t want cars, he was an emotional trickster, and found joy in playing with men’s hearts, nowadays there is this sort of person in society as well. 



Vel Gbcu kjnfv j tjcv, jcv rjlv, “Yxjs, atfc ifa’r cba vgfvuf eq biv rmbgfr, ifa’r rajga bnfg jujlc, bxjs?”


Tf Alesef rjlv, “Rba bxjs.”

  “……” Vel Gbcu jrxfv, “Qts lr la cba bxjs?” 

Tf Alesef lccbmfcais rjlv, “Tbe jrxfv wf lo la kjr bxjs bg cba, atbeut.”

Vel Gbcu jrxfv, “Jjc’a sbe pera rjs ‘bxjs’? Qts mjc’a sbe rjs ‘bxjs’? Gbc’a sbe ilxf wf jcswbgf?”

Ye Jiuyue said, “En, I don’t, though.”

Sui Dong froze, then became agitated in the next moment.
“Why? Then who do you like? Lu Xinan?” 

Ye Jiuyue said, perplexed, “That’s not it, he’s my friend.
I don’t like anyone ah.”

Sui Dong asked, “Then why don’t you like me anymore?”

Ye Jiuyue fell silent for a little while, before he said, “Feelings fade, I don’t like you anymore.
Sui Dong, I’m sorry.”

Sui Dong went to grab ahold of his hand.
“Then you can like me once again, Jiuyue, I like you, this time I definitely won’t make mistakes anymore, give me another chance.
You used to like me so much before, it was my fault that made you sad, I’ll change.
For you, I didn’t even go study overseas, and chose the same school as you.
I really like you, Jiuyue, I don’t know how to describe this feeling, but I want to kiss you, want to hug you, want to do it with you, as if I’ve gone crazy.” 

Ye Jiuyue’s face was a little red.
He avoided Sui Dong’s hand and said, “Sui Dong, calm down a little.”

“I’m very calm.”

“But you’re already saying nonsense….”

Sui Dong grabbed hold of his shoulder. “Jiuyue, I’m serious.” 

“I’m being serious too, I don’t want to start over again.” Ye Jiuyue tried his hardest to pull his hand away.
“First, let go, if someone sees, even if you aren’t coming out of the closet you’ll have to.”

Sui Dong asked, “If I come out of the closet, will you agree to get back together with me?”

Ye Jiuyue was struck dumb for a few moments, then looked at him tentatively.
After a pause, he still shook his head.
“Sui Dong, you should let go.”

“I won’t let g—” 


Sui Dong was in the middle of speaking when suddenly a hand forcefully yanked his away.
The force used was very strong, the long fingers were very nice looking, yet were as tough as steel claws. 


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Sui Dong was struck dumb.
Looking towards the owner of the hand that had appeared, he saw that—he was very tall, had wide shoulders, was in a mask and hat, so you couldn’t see his face. 

This person pulled Ye Jiuyue into his arms, then coldly said, “Scram.” 

Sui Dong’s senses returned.
“Who’re you?”

But this person didn’t say anything.
He put his arm around Ye Jiuyue’s shoulder and left.



Ye Jiuyue was also scared for a beat.
He looked at the mysterious person, who looked like a murderer on a rainy night in that outfit, and couldn’t help being scared into a cold sweat by his own imagination.
After all, last night he had just watched a horror movie with his dorm mates.
Originally, he didn’t want to watch it, but those three played a prank on him and watched the movie without wearing headphones.
It was very scary, it made him so scared that he didn’t dare go to the apartment by himself. 

Of course, when Shen Weixing didn’t come over, Ye Jiuyue wouldn’t go to the apartment in the first place, unless he couldn’t get a spot in the self-study rooms and the dorm was very noisy. 



Shen Weixing noticed that Ye Jiuyue abruptly shook, so he stopped, took off his jacket and draped it over him.
He spoke as if each word was worth gold.
“Wear it.” 

Ye Jiuyue saw Shen Weixing’s exposed watch, wavered a little, then quietly and testingly asked, “Zhang—Zhang San?”

“……..” Shen Weixing said, “Shut up.”

The voice was basically right.
Ye Jiuyue was relieved now.
“I’m not cold, you wear it yourself.” 

 “Shut up.”

Ye Jiuyue said, “Tomorrow morning I have class, so I’ll just go back to my dorm.
How long are you staying? I’ll go to you after class.”

“No, shut up.”


Ye Jiuyue stopped speaking, silently pulling on Shen Weixing’s hand. 

Shen Weixing didn’t use much force, so Ye Jiuyue very easily pulled away.
But as soon as he pulled free, Shen Weixing grabbed hold of him again, and so the cycle continued: pull free, caught again, pull free, caught again.



Yet Shen Weixing coldly hmmped.
“How childish.” 

Ye Jiuyue: “……..”

You’re more childish, though.





Sui Dong hurriedly chased them, saw that he couldn’t catch a hold of Ye Jiuyue, who was half in Shen Weixing’s arms, switched to grabbing onto Shen Weixing’s shoulder.
“Who the heck are you?!”

Shen Weixing let go of Ye Jiuyue, grabbed hold of Sui Dong’s shoulder and twisted it around, then, just as he was applying force, Ye Jiuyue hurriedly shouted, “Don’t!” 

Shen Weixing and Sui Dong kept their stances of being a second away from grappling with each other and both looked towards Ye Jiuyue.


Ye Jiuyue concernedly said to Shen Weixing, “Don’t hurt him.”

Sui Dong’s eyes brightened.

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“His dad’s the mayor.” Ye Jiuyue said worriedly.
“His mom is the director of the district court.”

Sui Dong, “……”

Shen Weixing, “……”



After his senses had returned, Shen Weixing thought, ‘Can I not afford to hit the mayor’s son?’ Does he have the face to go tell his mom that he was harassing a man and so was beaten up by that man’s man?


Coming to this conclusion, he could still beat him up. 



And Sui Dong, who’d gotten agitated by this, also really wanted to fight. 



Seeing that the two were going to fight again, Ye Jiuyue said, “Stop, otherwise, I’m going to scream.”

Shen Weixing:“……”

Sui Dong:“……”



Ye Jiuyue said, troubled, “Both of you sirs, please give me some face.”

What sorta societal tone was this! Shen Weixing irritably let go of Sui Dong, and dragged Ye Jiuyue back to himself.
“Tell him!”

Ye Jiuyue asked, confused, “Tell him what?” 

Shen Weixing kept his arm around him, and tauntingly looked at Sui Dong. 

Sui Dong nervously looked towards Ye Jiuyue, then asked again, “Who is he?”

Ye Jiuyue was even more confused.
He looked to Shen Weixing, then scooched closer to quietly ask him after a pause.
“Should I tell him who you are?”


Ye Jiuyue was troubled.
“But then you’ll be exposed.”

“Just do it!”


Ye Jiuyue was thinking for his sake.
“Let’s not.”

“Say it!” 

Ye Jiuyue was urged by him, so tentatively said, “He’s Shen—”



“I’m not telling you to tell him that!” Shen Weixing got anxious, preventing him from blowing his cover. 

Ye Jiuyue shut up, looked at him with incomprehension, thinking Shen Weixing really was getting harder and harder to understand, first he told him to say it, then he told him not to say it, then what did he want him to say?

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Shen Weixing didn’t continue putting any faith in this screwball, and instead turned towards the ‘other man’, lowered his voice in an attempt to modify his voice, “I’m Ye Jiuyue’s boyfriend.
Don’t come and bother him anymore.”

Sui Dong said, agitated, “That’s not possible!” 

Shen Weixing coldly hmmphed.
“It is.”

Sui Dong looked at Ye Jiuyue imploringly, “Jiuyue, you just said that you didn’t like anyone else.”

Ye Jiuyue thought, troubled, I didn’t count in my idol either, though.
You didn’t ask about my idol either, though. 

For that matter, I also didn’t count fuck buddies, though.   




Shen Weixing wasn’t satisfied with Ye Jiuyue’s silence, he tapped his shoulder, and gave him a warning glance.  

Ye Jiuyue, under his urging, got inspired in panic and said, “Sui Dong, I don’t have someone I like, I love him.”

Sui Dong:“……”



In order to strengthen the credibility of his statement, Ye Jiuyue said ‘en’ to affirm himself, as well as nodded.
“That’s right.” 

Sui Dong:“……”



After leaving that idiot behind them, Shen Weixing walked Ye Jiuyue over to the parking lot near them, arm still around him, got into the car, and let out a cold laugh.  

Ye Jiuyue explained, embarrassed, “I apologize, I pulled you into this.
And also, thank you for your help.”

Shen Weixing was too lazy to pay him any attention, threw him a “put on your seat belt,” and then started the car. 

Ye Jiuyue hurriedly said, “Tomorrow morning I——” 

“I’ll send you to school.” Shen Weixing coldly said.  


“Shut up.” Shen Weixing suddenly tugged his face mask down and stared at Ye Jiuyue at close-range.

An ultra face-con didn’t need morals or self-respect.
Ye Jiuyue closed his mouth, and his heart started beating faster.
He pressed against the seat of the car, his vacant gaze on going over Shen Weixing’s face. 

Shen Weixing was satisfied with his reaction.
He reached out a hand to help him buckle his seat-belt and drove the car out of the school.   


‘!’ Ye Jiuyue huddled into the seat, and sighed, embarrassed.

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I don’t know what to say either, let’s give Sui Dong a slice of birthday cake 

Rinrin: use your looks to your advantage while you still can , …….it can only save a percentage of your fool self’s actions……



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