e would also be very crazy.
Truthfully, he didn’t know what type of answer he wanted either, but now that Ye Jiuyue had already said he felt ‘honored’, what else could he say? 

But it was just that he felt like something was odd.





How did this strange thing start again?

It seemed to have been the first year of university — a TV station came to D University to do a show, and Shen Weixing was one of the program’s participants.
So, he joined in on one of Ye Jiuyue’s boot camp military training sessions. 

At the time, the military training had already gone on for three days.
Shen Weixing was purely an airborne participant. 


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The moment that Ye Jiuyue saw his idol, he froze, heart wildy thumping a few beats. 

And then, that was all the courtesy he gave towards his idol. 

Ye Jiuyue regained his composure, and continued chatting with his friend on the outskirts of the excited crowd. 

Buddhist-type fan behaviour, that’s what it was.  

Not going the buddhist-type fan route wasn’t viable, as Ye Jiuyue often didn’t wear his glasses.
When he didn’t wear his glasses, he basically couldn’t tell the difference between a man and women if they were farther than three steps away from him.
So, he couldn’t see what differences the ‘in the flesh Shen Weixing’, who he’d been a fan of for one year, had with the Shen Weixing he saw on-screen.
As such, it’d be better if he just went back to see the show. 



Lu Xinan was the friend that Ye Jiuyue chatted with.
He also hadn’t been excited, but that was because his dad was one of the investors for this show, and Shen Weixing had already come over to his house a few times as a guest. 



Actually, Shen Weixing’s first impression of Ye Jiuyue was: ‘he’s purposefully trying to catch my attention’. 

It really wasn’t that Shen Weixing was overly narcissistic, it was just that Ye Jiuyue’s actions really seemed like that.  

When the students all surged over, Ye Jiuyue stood neither near nor far from the crowd like most of the other male students.
But when Shen Weixing was pushed over by the crowd, he heard Ye Jiuyue excitedly say to Lu Xinan, while holding up his phone, “Isn’t Shen Weixing super handsome? I like him so much, how can he look so perfect?! Oh my god, he’s so handsome!”

Shen Weixing:“……”


Then why don’t you turn around and look at me? You fake fan. 



Shen Weixing had been in the entertainment circle for ten years, considered himself different from the unsavory types, but the things he should see and the things he shouldn’t see, he’d seen it all.
This type of pretending to be pure and innocent behaviour, of purposefully trying to catch people’s attention, he’s seen before.
What’s more, he gave it an immediate judgment in his own mind: trying too hard without the skills.


Ye Jiuyue’s looks were honestly very plain and unremarkable; his features were neat, delicate, and ordinary.
Looking at him was comfortable, that was the highest evaluation that Shen Weixing could give out.  

They really weren’t suited for using such a move. 

If it weren’t for him standing next to Lu Xinan, Shen Weixing wouldn’t have even given this person another glance. 

—oh, it could also be for the purpose of drawing Lu Xinan’s attention. 



Lu Xinan very impatiently listened to Ye Jiuyue quietly mutter for a long while and rolled his eyes, saying, “The guy’s right behind you, why don’t you turn around and take a look?”

Ye Jiuyue continued to check on Shen Weixing’s pictures (that’s right, he didn’t even have any pictures of Shen Weixing saved in his phone), and said, without even raising his head, “I’m not wearing glasses, so I can’t see clearly.”

Lu Xinan asked, “Aren’t you going to ask for an autograph?” 

Ye Jiuyue, without even looking up, returned the question with a question, “What would I get an autograph for?”

“Then what about a picture with him?”

“There are too many people, I don’t wanna squeeze in there.”

Lu Xinan stared at him, as if looking at a hard-to-solve question.
“I truly don’t know what you’re thinking about.” 

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What he’s thinking? His thinking was very normal, it’s not like autographs could be eaten, and what’s more, the people over there really were too numerous.
Ye Jiuyue answered in his mind, then he brought his phone close to Lu Xinan again and asked, “Look, isn’t he handsome? The official Weibo account just posted it.”

Lu Xinan:“……”





The way in which Ye Jiuyue participated as a fan was extremely ‘buddhist-like’, or perhaps it should be called bootlegging.

He didn’t want autographs, or pictures with the idol, and normally didn’t buy any merchandise.
He would just ‘lick’ their on-screen appearances and pictures, as well as follow and watch their shows.
When his interest came he would look up the celebs videos and fervently ‘lick the screen’ for a while.
Once that was over, everyone were strangers again.
When he met fans and antis fighting he would click on the thread to see the drama, and then come out calmy and unperturbed once done. 

Basically, he was the type that wasn’t considered a fan by the fandom. 



Finally, the crowd—mainly the female students and a small portion of fanboys—became slightly more calm.
The instructing officer got their intimidating force and power back, and directed the students to form lines and stand straight. 

Only when Ye Jiuyue heard the voice of the instructor did he turn around.
When he did, he froze, stared at Shen Weixing who was no farther than three meters from him.
Ye Jiuyue stared for three seconds, then withdrew his gaze and remarked to Lu Xinan with wonder, “No wonder the noise was so loud!” 

Lu Xinan: “……”

Shen Weixing: “……”



And so, Shen Weixing didn’t know why he would want to get with Ye Jiuyue, and what’s more, had gotten a bit addicted once he started.

It can only be understood as, Ye Jiuyue’s ‘playing hard to get ploy’ was very well played, ha. 

The author has something to say:

Ye Jiuyue: But I didn’t, though. 

Shen Weixing: Shut up, if I said you did then you did. 

Ye Jiuyue: Okay (you’re handsome, whatever you say goes)


Shen Weixing: Tell me, what do you like about me?

Ye Jiuyue: Your face is good-looking 

Shen Weixing: Continue shutting up, you

Ye Jiuyue: Okay.
(you’re handsome, whatever you say goes)

Shen Weixing: Don’t always stay silent! Say something! 

Ye Jiuyue: What should I say? 

Shen Weixing: Shut up!

Ye Jiuyue:…… (even if you’re handsome I can’t keep going on like this)

Shen Weixing fans -1

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