Ye Jiuyue was in his midst of his first year, and was an extremely ordinary, unremarkable member among the many first year university students. 

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Shen Weixing was one of the leading celebs most in the limelight amoung the nation’s young male celebrities–although his age wasn’t ‘young’, as he had debuted ten years ago and was now twenty six years old.
He had already experienced the stages of being famous–having basically vanished–returning with a famous comeback–staying with longtime fame, but his appearance was extremely deceiving, if you were to say that he was Ye Jiuyue’s classmate it wouldn’t even feel wrong.  

Three months ago, if someone were to say that Ye Jiuyue and Shen Weixing could have a relationship other than that between a celeb and a fan, then Ye Jiuyue would have laughed.
If someone were to say that Ye Jiuyue and Shen Weixing would develop an ‘unclear’ relationship, Ye Jiuyue would have thought that that was some type of new scam. 






Ye Jiuyue woke up from a dream, silently looked at Shen Weixing, who was on the pillow beside him, and swallowed. 



Shen Weixing was very handsome.
Not a single one of his facial features didn’t appear as if they have carefully carved out of stone, and what’s more, they were all very well balanced and well proportioned.
He looked extremely like a rich young master born and raised in luxury, and this young master had grown up to become a domineering CEO—but all his fans knew that Shen Weixing had been very poor since childhood, hadn’t enjoyed much luxury, and the fact that he could grow up to look like this was probably the compensation of the heavens or something. 




Ye Jiuyue stared for quite a while more, as he was a face-con at heart, and couldn’t resist scooching over and kissing him. 



Shen Weixing frowned in his sleep.  

He was very handsome even when he frowned. 

He was very handsome even when he frowned and opened his eyes. 

When he just woke up and sort of impatiently mumbled, ‘it’s so freaking hot, don’t get so close to me’—it was true that he was handsome, but it was pretty awkward. 



But, they were fuck buddies, right, so it was normal. 


Ye Jiuyue was extremely satisfied, after all, if you’re easily satisfied then you’ll have more fun in life.
Three months before, he wouldn’t dare to even think of this scenario.
Right now no one was losing anything, at least he didn’t feel like he was losing anything.    




Ye Jiuyue quietly apologized, got up in a flash, put on his clothes and washed up.
Then, he went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast. 

Shen Weixing had to maintain his figure, so he couldn’t eat too much, but at the same time was extremely picky.
He wouldn’t eat take-out and was also disdainful towards Ye Jiuyue’s cooking.  

Although it was indeed true that Ye Jiuyue wasn’t that skilled at cooking. 



Shen Weixing couldn’t sleep anymore either, so he lay in bed and looked through Weibo for a while, picked out a few celebrities that he had work collabs with and replied to them or commented on their posts, creating a rush of online interactions.
He heard Ye Jiuyue call him, and only then lazily got out of bed.  

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The food that Ye Jiuyue made was extremely ordinary, just like him.
It definitely couldn’t be called good, but nor could it be called bad, it was so common that if you threw it into a crowd you wouldn’t be able to find it again. 

There were quite a few times where Shen Weixing turned around and realized that Ye Jiuyue really had disappeared into the crowd, and got hopping mad.
What the hell! Walk around a bit and he gets lost! 



But this type of relationship was still maintained and continued. 

The first time was an accident, the second time was recalling the taste and taking another taste, the third time was being unable to resist wanting yet another taste.  

Once he had come to his senses, Shen Weixing had already gotten someone to help him rent an high-class flat close to Ye Jiuyue’s school.
What’s more, he had thrown the key to Ye Jiuyue and said, frown on his face, “Just live here, I’ll pay the rent, and additionally every month I’ll give you—I’ll ask how much is suitable.” 

Ye Jiuyue hurriedly said, “It’s fine, you don’t need to give me money.”

Shen Weixing thought to himself, it’s true that it would be you that’s taking advantage. 



Afterwards, he still got some basic info about this sort of thing from his bros, who mocked Shen Weixing for being a university student’s sugar daddy yet wasn’t even giving him any money.
Was he really so down in fortune to this extent? Did he need everyone to give him a hand?  Then Shen Weixing forcibly transferred money over to Ye Jiuyue and forced Ye Jiuyue to accept it. 

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.
If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Pa kjrc’a ilxf Tf Alesef kjr vfjv rfa bc gfoerlcu jcv rfflcu atja Vtfc Qflzlcu kjr qfgrlralcu, rb tf jmmfqafv, j ilaaif agbeyifv.
Lf jirb jvvfv, “Ktfc kf’ii xffq la klat wf obg cbk, cbgwjiis ktfc sbe mbwf bnfg jcv P yes atlcur P’ii xffq atf jmmbecar.
P’ii ags ws yfra ab wjxlcu lcnblmfr jcv atfgf’ii yf j sfjg-fcv gfmbcmlijalbc bo atf jmmbecar…..”


What the fuck do you mean, taking accounts and writing invoices?! What the fuck do you mean, year-end reconcilation of the accounts?! 

So when you buy things for me you keep account records?! 

What do you take me, Shen Weixing, for?!



Although it was Shen Weixing’s first time being a Sugar Daddy, personally, he had at least seen others doing this kind of stuff before.
And so he thought that Ye Jiuyue really was a oddball weirdo with a really strange thought process.  

He thought, there must be some kind of emotional complex at work in his case, otherwise he must have something wrong with him for continously, frequently meeting-up with Ye Jiuyue in a relatively long-term relationship.
(Their meet-ups would obviously 100% of the time equal to sleeping together, otherwise why would he insist on meeting up in the middle of a busy work schedule? Does he have nothing better to do? By Shen Weixing)

After all, he was already at this age and had normal, very large physical needs.
Before, he hadn’t had any suitable people to choose from–Shen Weixing was mentally a germaphobe, he didn’t want to touch those people in the show-biz circle who had rolled in who knows how many beds, and who might or might not have diseases.
What’s more, he had the reputation of a celeb to uphold outside, was afraid of being conned, and was afraid of someone who would cling to him and wouldn’t give up, was afaid that it would influence his reputation, so because of this and that, he was a virgin up until he met Ye Jiuyue.

That’s right, it was a virgin circumstance.
If it wasn’t for the fact that he’d had his first roll in the sheets with bloody Ye Jiuyue, then who the hell would bloody want to roll in the sheets with Ye Jiuyue for the hundreth time?!

Shen Weixing would rather admit to that, instead of admitting to other things.
After all, the old sayings are right, problems are found from the interior.  



The first was an accident, and the very next day, Shen Weixing dragged Ye Jiuyue to go do a full-body examination—at the time he hadn’t planned on developing any long-term relationship, he purely felt uneasy. 

Ye Jiuyue didn’t have much of a temper, he was actually pretty happy with it, as he said that he could get a check-up out of it, and asked if he could get a few more areas checked along with it?   

Shen Weixing:“……”


After Shen Weixing finished, he shoved a wad of money to Ye Jiuyue and told Ye Jiuyue to get a examination by himself.
As for himself, he hurriedly left, in order to minimize the risk of being found out by others. 



The results came out, of course, there weren’t any of the imagined illnesses. 

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Originally, Shen Weixing thought that that would be the end of things, but he couldn’t sleep with thought about it.

How should he say this, he sort of wanted another taste. 

He felt that you couldn’t blame him for worrying, although Ye Jiuyue had said that that had been his first time, but he didn’t seem like it, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten addicted after just once. 

It was all Ye Jiuyue’s fault. 



Although Shen Weixing didn’t know what a first time was supposed to be like, but in his mind, and from the laughing conversations of his bros, a normal first time should be like a dead fish, or at least shouldn’t be so well cooperated!

Not only did Ye Jiuyue move his hips vigorously, he even said dirty talk!

In comparison, it made Shen Weixing seem like the dead fish, so he was really angry. 

What fucking first time?! 

Is there such a unreserved, untimid first time?!

The main thing was that Ye Jiuyue’s personality normally didn’t seem lusty or horny at all, and even seemed a bit shy.
So, contrasting his setting of becoming super forward once in bed, Shen Weixing felt that it really wasn’t that he wasn’t willing to  trust in humanity.
That’s why, forcefully dragging him to get a check-up wasn’t all on him, right, or at least it wasn’t all his own fault. 


If Ye Jiuyue was more of a dead fish, then he might not have done that.   

–if Ye Jiuyue had been more like a dead fish, then he might not be wanting another taste right now.

So in the end, it was all Ye Jiuyue’s fault. 


Shen Weixing, who had dodgedly gotten to this conclusion, had already appeared at the airport.
His manager still on the other side of the phone line emotionally asking him why he wasn’t resting at home during this rare two day break, and asking him where he was going.  

Where was he going? He was going to brave the invitation to the lions den alone.
Shen Weixing coldly laughed. 




Shen Weixing arrived in the vicinity of Ye Jiuyue’s school and gave him a phone call, but Ye Jiuyue didn’t pick up. 

He unceasingly kept on phoning Ye Jiuyue, and when the call finally went through, he lowered his voice, and viciously asked, “Hey! Is this Ye Jiuyue?”

“No matter what it is, I’m not buying.” Ye Jiuyue replied, “And I don’t have a son either.”


And then Ye Jiuyue hung up.  



Fuck, last time they should have exchanged Wechat accounts! Shen Weixing’s level of impatience rose up to 80%.
He called again.  

Ye Jiuyue picked up again.
“Can you stop calling me? I don’t have any money, and can’t afford to buy anything, can I ask you to erase my name from the name list?” 

“You’re Ye Jiuyue, aren’t you?” Shen Weixing asked. 

Ye Jiuyue replied, “No, I’m not.”

Good thing that at the time Shen Weixing had used his own phone number to Ye Jiuyue, so there wouldn’t be the possibility of having accidentally saved the wrong number.
After thinking awhile, Shen Weixing said, “I’m Shen Weixing.”

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Ye Jiuyue fell silent for a while, then cautiously said, “I won’t invest in anything.” 

Shen Weixing:“???”



Ye Jiuyue hung up again.  

Shen Weixing was going to be angered to death by him.
He called again, and rushing before Ye Jiuyue could open his mouth, said the name of the hotel name and the hotel number where they had their first time. 

Ye Jiuyue fell into a long, deep silence. 


Shen Weixing said, voiced lowered, “Come out.”



Wearing a hat, sunglasses and a mask, Shen Weixing waited by the school door for quite a while before finally spotting Ye Jiuyue when he came out, completely leisurely, acting it up with an expression of innocence. 

He might be super happy, who knows.
Shen Weixing coldly laughed in his mind. 




Shen Weixing saw Ye Jiuyue standing by the door, looking right and left.
He couldn’t help but give him a call without prompting.
“Can’t you give me a call to ask me where I am?”

That option suddenly dawned on Ye Jiuyue.
“Ah, I forgot.” 

Whatever, if he really did have something wrong with his intelligence, then that might actually be a good thing.
Shen Weixing thought, self-defeatingly. 



He got up and went to stand in front of Ye Jiuyue, pulled his mask down a little, then whispered, “Go to the hotel.” 

Ye Jiuyue backed up a small step, then warily looked him up and down.
“Who are you?”

“Shen Weixing!”

Ye Jiuyue’s gaze became even more cautious.
“Prove your identity.”

Shen Weixing said, through gritted teeth, “There’s so many people here, yet you’re telling me to show my face? Go to the hotel and I’ll let you see your fill.” 

“Then I won’t go.” Ye Jiuyue had a very strong sense of danger, and in no time at all started imagining a scenario about human trafficking and selling human organs.

Shen Weixing thought about it, turned on his phone, logged into Weibo, and handed it to Ye Jiuyue to see.
“Believe me now?”


Ye Jiuyue thought about it, then slowly said, “You could have hacked his account, though.”


You really had Laozi there!



Shen Weixing furiously turned around and left, but after walking around ten metres away, he hurriedly came back, looked around him, then pulled Ye Jiuyue into a corner.
He then took off his sunglasses and mask, let Ye Jiuyue look for around ten seconds, then lightning fast put both back on.
He asked in a whisper, “Do you believe me now?”

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Ye Jiuyue seriously thought about it.
“You could have had plastic surgery, though.”

Shen Weixing clenched his fists, then said through gritted teeth, “Last time we exchanged numbers in person, can’t you just check the phone number? Did I even steal Shen Weixing’s phone card? How much are you worth if I cut you open and steal your organs? Why don’t I just sell Shen Weixing?”

Ye Jiuyue frowned, troubled.
“Last time you finished calling me, you deleted the dial ID, though.” 

Shen Weixing had indeed done that, at the time he’d used Ye Jiuyue’s phone to call himself.
However, he had deleted the call history on Ye Jiuyue’s cell, in order to prevent Ye Jiuyue from obtaining his phone number and using it to his advantage.

He asked, through gritted teeth, “Couldn’t you redial the number afterwards?”

Ye Jiuyue became even more puzzled.
“Why would I redial?”

Redial to obtain my number, and then save it, and then stick to me! Harass me! Cling to me! Have impossible dreams about flying onto the branch and becoming my official partner! 

Shen Weixing erupted in fury.



Shen Weixing breathed deeply, in order to get his emotions to calm down.
Then, he looked left and right to ascertain that there were no people around them and asked in a quiet voice, “Last time was your first?”  

The look Ye Jiuyue used to stare at him was weird, and only after a long time did he slowly ask a question to counter his, “Why are you still hung up about this?” 

Shen Weixing gritted his teeth.


Because I seriously wonder about this attitude of yours!


“Why are you acting as if nothing happened?” Shen Weixing lowly asked, “If that was the first time you slept with a man, you’re just so easy about it?”

Ye Jiuyue looked at him in surprise for a while, then slowly his face went pink, although his voice was still slow and mild.
“But, it’s not as if I’ll get pregnant, though.
And if you’re so scared of me having an STI, then you definitely don’t have one, though.” 


This logic, you just gotta accept.  



Shen Weixing breathed deeply once more.
“That’s not the problem, you, you——you slept with me!”

Ye Jiuyue’s face turned a bit redder, lowered his head and stared at the floor.

What do you mean, ‘Oh’?!

After some time had passed, probably because Shen Weixing wasn’t speaking anymore, Ye Jiuyue looked up at him, blinked, then slowly asked again, 



So are you an oddball freak?! Shen Weixing punched the trunk of a tree by the side of the road. 


The author has something to say:

Shen Ge is, at the moment, the gong with the best temper that I’ve written, after all, he still didn’t strangle Ye Jiuyue even when it’s gotten to this step(×) 

Jiuyue is, at the moment, the shou with the best temper that I’ve written, after all, he can still continue chatting with Shen Weixing even when it’s gotten to this step(√)

Above is just nonsense that the author has written.


Their brainwaves aren’t on the same page, sooner or later there’ll come a day when they get on the same page =V= probably

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