icking himself to Lu Bei and ‘bumping porcelain’ through levels. 




Xia Qiu gave an “Oh”, then didn’t say anything more.  



Shen Weixing brought Xia Qiu back to the hotel, once they got to the door he said, “I won’t go in, it’s too late, I still have things to do.
Remember to change the medical ointment and don’t let your wound get wet.
If anything happens, call me.”

“Now I’m embarrassed, just this little injury and I’m still talking to you about it.
I was afraid that you would see the news and be worried.
Originally, I just wanted to just give you a heads up, to reassure you is all.
Who knew that you’d run over here.” Xia Qiu smiled.
“Shen Ge, you’re so good to me.” 

Shen Weixing paused for a few seconds, then said, “It’s what I ought to do, Professor Xia and Shiniang are very good to me.
You’re their only child.
In truth, they don’t want you to go into the entertainment industry, it’s messy here, but since you were so persistent, they agreed.
They all spoil you a lot.
They often tell me to take care of you.
You have to work hard.
Since you like the entertainment industry so much, then you should make something of yourself for them to see.”

Xia Qiu smiled.
“I know.
But you always act in a ‘just taking care of you because of your parents’ way.
Then, if my parents weren’t in the picture, would I just be a stranger hmm?”

When he said this, he had a bit of an intimate, playful teasing air.
Shen Weixing was used to it. Xia Qiu grew up in a honey pot, he was used to using coy tactics with the people close to him, and was always very well-liked. 

That’s why Shen Weixing would never flatter himself and think too much.  

This crush could only be a silent secret for his entire lifetime.
Shen Weixing thought.
This is already fine.

Shen Weixing smiled at Xia Qiu.
“Of course not, I take you for a little brother.”




Zhong Yi’s hotel room was across from Xia Qiu’s.
Thanks to Xia Qiu, she finished work early today.
After she had finished her meal, she studied the script in her room.
When she was taking a short break to stretch, she heard sounds coming from outside.
She went over and saw through the door’s peephole Shen Weixing leaving.
Then, she watched Xia Qiu go into his room and close the door, after which she rolled her eyes. 

Just now, the group chat for the drama’s crew had said that tomorrow’s shooting schedule remained the same.
Zhong Yi was very annoyed. 

Tomorrow she would have to listen to Xia Qiu’s horrible lines again, which would occasionally have ‘one, two, three, four’ mixed in, shit.
She practically wanted to advise the director to give Xia Qiu two more days to memorize his lines. 




Shen Weixing went back to his car and immediately contacted Ye Jiuyue.
“Where are you?”

Ye Jiuyue replied, “At the dorm ah.” 

“I’ll come pick you up.”

“I’m sleeping.”

Shen Weixing glanced at the time again.
“It’s only eight, what are you doing sleeping? Have you gotten pregnant recently? Sleeping from day to night, all you do is sleep, didn’t you already take a midday nap today?”

Ye Jiuyue:“……” 



Shen Weixing said, “I’ll come pick you up.”

Ye Jiuyue replied, “I’m sleeping.” 

“It’s only eight o’clock, how can you be sleeping?”

“I don’t know why either, these past few days I’ve been getting tired easily.”


“Did you catch a cold?’

 “I haven’t, yah.” 

“Then it’s the latent period of sickness.”

“It wouldn’t be, would it?”

“I’ll come pick you up.”

 “I’m sleeping.” 

“It’s only eight, how can you be sleeping?!”

 “I might have come down with a cold, yah.”

 “Ye Jiuyue, you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?!”

“No~? You’re the one who said it.” 

Shen Weixing banged his fist on the steering wheel. 

Fuck, don’t think you’ll anger me to death! I won’t be angered to death by you, Ye Jiuyue! Before I’m angered to death by you, I’ll definitely strangle you to death first! Shen Weixing thought with gritted teeth. 




In truth, Ye Jiuyue had told a little, borderline lie.
He was indeed lying on his bed, under the covers, but he wasn’t sleeping, he was still playing with his phone. 

Normally he wouldn’t sleep so early, but tonight he couldn’t muster up the energy to study.
He didn’t know what was up, so he didn’t force himself and just laid under the covers while on his phone. 

After angering Shen Weixing—Ah no, it was after refusing Shen Weixing’s offer to fuck, Ye Jiuyue continued scrolling on his phone.
The other three people in his dorm were all out on dates or out self-studying, so it was very quiet in the dorm.
Ye Jiuyue only had a little table-lamp turned on by the head of the bed, after two hours on his phone, he gradually became tired.  

Just as Ye Jiuyue prepared to put down his phone to let it charge, he received a message.
When he clicked to see it, it was a photo sent by Shen Weixing.

A picture of abs. 


It didn’t show a face, but was almost revealing the □□.

It seemed to have been taken just after a shower, there were a few drops of water that hadn’t been wiped away.  

Ye Jiuyue:“……”


Ye Jiuyue couldn’t stop himself from thinking: when men get horny, they really are capable of doing anything in order to have sex, huh.

Still in the sage mode, Ye Jiuyue saved the photo, then turned off his phone and plugged it in to charge.  



Shen Weixing smugly waited for ten minutes, his smile slowly and gradually fading. 

Unable to keep it in, he tried calling but the other party had turned off their phone.  


Shen Weixing nearly smashed his phone. 

Rinrin: aiyoooo hhhhh.
Too bad, SWX, your ploy didn’t work this time (maybe woulda worked if you were there in person, gotta use the face with your abs for a combo move)

Sel: pffffft hahahahahaha 

Lastin: Nice try, but YJY is too smart to fall for it.

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