Ye Jiuyue thought silently. 

Ye Jiuyue said, “En.” 

He put his phone back in his backpack, stayed in the empty parking lot for a short while, then slowly walked towards the direction of the cafeteria. 




Ye Jiuyue bought an order of Zhajiang mian, and brought it back to the dorm.
He wasn’t in a hurry to eat it, so he first turned on his laptop and logged into Weibo.
He wanted to click on a food video and eat with it, but just as he refreshed the Weibo page, the first post in his feed was from a big media corps account.
It said that just now, there was a small accident at a set during filming, Xia Qiu fell down some stairs on set.
Fortunately, the current info obtained was saying that it wasn’t serious.
As for Xia Qiu, he was at a nearby hotel getting a check-up, in case of anything like a concussion. 

Xia Qiu’s looks didn’t really do it for Ye Jiuyue, but recently he was watching a show that Shen Weixing and Xia Qiu were both in.
He’d laughed at Xia Qiu’s funny moments, so now that he saw this type of unlucky news, he was more or less a little concerned as he clicked the link to take a look.
It was only when Ye Jiuyue saw that the staff members said that it was just a few scratches on Xia Qiu’s hand that he closed the article in relief, found a food video and ate the noodles.

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Melon eating netizen: definitely Ye Jiuyue.



It was just, as he was eating and watching the food video, he suddenly pieced together all the clues.
The fact that Shen Weixing looked out for and cared a lot about Xia Qiu wasn’t a secret.
In actuality, Shen Weixing bringing Xia Qiu into sets with him was already a point being continuously brought up by Shen Weixing’s antis.
They were basically sure that Shen Weixing had ‘that kind’ of relationship with Xia Qiu. 

Although Shen Weixing’s fans, the Satellites, protested and said that if Shen Weixing really were in that sort of relationship with Xia Qiu, then no matter how you put it, it was Shen Weixing who was losing out.
However, this type of protest wasn’t very effective, the anti-fans would all express that who knows, maybe Shen Weixing likes this sort of type. 

Of course, Ye Jiuyue didn’t believe in the rumours that claimed that Shen Weixing had taken liberties with Xia Qiu.
After all, he was very clear that if Shen Weixing had had someone to take liberties with, then he wouldn’t be so hungry, so ferocious, to the point of not being picky.  

Furthermore, at the start, Shen Weixing would always use his own virginal status to interrogate Ye Jiuyue, acting as if Ye Jiuyue had stolen his virginity and so he had to take full responsibility for this. 

Ye Jiuyue didn’t believe that someone like that had the courage to take sexual advantage of someone else.




In any case, Shen Weixing had a good relationship with Xia Qiu; no matter why, their relationship was good. 


The set that Xia Qiu was filming at was near the school.

Shen Weixing suddenly said that he had some stuff to do.  

Ye Jiuyue successfully came to the conclusion: Shen Weixing went to see Xia Qiu.



After coming to this conclusion that didn’t have much meaning, Ye Jiuyue continued eating his noodles.  

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Xia Qiu’s injuries were no big deal, just his arm was scraped, and his leg was bruised a little bit as well.  

Towards the staff members that had come with him, he apologetically said,  “I apologize for making everyone so worried, and for delaying filming as well.”

“It’s fine so long as you’re alright.” In front of Shen Weixing, who had rushed over as soon as he got the news, the director had to say some civilities no matter what.
“Switch the order of the scenes to be filmed.
These few days you can just rest, your health is the most important.”

Xia Qiu was about to accept, when Shen Weixing opened his mouth, “No need.”

Everyone looked towards him. 

Shen Weixing said, “It’s not something serious.
He’s the male lead and has a lot of scenes.
Once the progress has been disrupted, it’ll be very troublesome, and will affect the whole process.
It’s just a few scratches on his hand, the blood’s staunched.
He can continue tomorrow morning.”

The director realized something. 

Shen Weixing was famous for being a workaholic, and it seemed that he wasn’t completely lax with Xia Qiu.

The director actually wasn’t very willing to delay the filming schedule.
After all it was as Shen Weixing said, Xia Qiu’s the male lead, he has a lot of scenes and lines, if his scenes were switched, then the entire thing would get messed up; even one day’s delay meant huge amounts of money going down the drain.  

It was just that the director had worked with Xia Qiu for a while now and could see that Xia Qiu was pretty delicate and fussy.
The female lead, Zhong Yi, was even willing to personally film dirty scenes or scenes suspended in the air by wires and such, but Xia Qiu would say he had a cold or that he was afraid of heights, and always found stunt doubles.
But since Xia Qiu had such a ‘big tree’ as Shen Weixing as backing, the director could only say it like that.

It wasn’t serious if they offended Xia Qiu, but he didn’t want to offend Shen Weixing.


Now that Shen Weixing had spoken, the director inwardly let out a sigh of relief.
Yet on the outside, he continued to slyly say civilities, “If it’s like this, then it’ll be a bit more difficult for Xia Qiu.”

Shen Weixing didn’t take it seriously.
“We all did it like this.
Xia Qiu can endure hardship.” 

Xia Qiu smiled.
“That’s right, ah.
It’s nothing big, Director Gu, I’m fine.”

The director only nodded then.
“Okay then.
Then, Xia Qiu, if you’re uncomfortable, tell me anytime.”

Xia Qiu smiled.

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