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Edited by: Aeri, Lastinline, Ppeach

Ye Jiuyue had spent some time reading the textbooks.
After being basked in the sunlight from the window, he felt a little drowsy. 8ouTW5

He yawned a few times.
Deciding that studying like this was inefficient, he followed his body’s will and went to sleep on the bed. 

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During afternoon naps, his sleep was light. Ye Jiuyue didn’t know how long he slept either; he distantly heard Shen Weixing’s voice and didn’t know what he’d muttered either, but it must not have been very meaningful, so he continued sleeping. daqdKH

Another short period of time went by and the bed dipped a little.
Shen Weixing had gotten in bed as well, and took half of the blankets. 

Ye Jiuyue continued sleeping. 


Before, when Shen Weixing brought Ye Jiuyue to this room, he’d actually had some ulterior motives.

Last night, they hadn’t been able to do it, so today he wanted to find some excitement in a new environment, that was his original intention.

But Ye Jiuyue fell asleep again.  fxbGL6

Sleep sleep sleep, all you do every day is sleep!

Shen Weixing became even more irritable. 

He thought, how could he be losing out so much? Recently, it felt like the frequency that they did it dropped a lot.
Ye Jiuyue wasn’t even as forward as he was at the beginning.

During that time at the start, Ye Jiuyue, this scheming □□ was extremely forward.
On the outside, he pretended to be upstanding and respectable, but once they’d gone into the room and closed the door, his original form would be revealed and he’d be completely lusty and brazen. sFTk3c

Now? Ha ha, now all they did in bed was sleep, purely sleeping, just lying under the same covers and sleeping. 

Schemes, this was a type of ploy as well, in order to get me to make the move first instead. 

Dream on! Have you read too many novels?! m6OQo

Shen Weixing thought with gritted teeth. 

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He wouldn’t let Ye Jiuyue’s plan come to fruition, even if he suppressed himself to the point of dying, he would make sure they both suffered, and he would take Ye Jiuyue down with him.

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Thus, Shen Weixing took half of the blanket, sat in bed and started doing practice questions for the public service exam. Df3ZCJ

He decided to use actions to give Ye Jiuyue a warning: don’t be too arrogant, don’t think too much of yourself!


Ye Jiuyue had comfortably taken an afternoon nap on a nice day, and felt like his entire body was limp.
Unbidden, he stretched and let out a moan. 

Seeing that the move of ignoring me doesn’t work, now you’re crying out lustily to seduce me. 

Shen Weixing coldly laughed and wasn’t moved, continuing to do the practice questions instead.


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Lf rdelcafv ja atf ybbx lc Vtfc Qflzlcu’r tjcvr jcv jrxfv, nblmf terxs klat riffq, “Gb sbe kjca ab ajxf atf qeyilm rfgnlmf fzjw?”

Vtfc Qflzlcu mbivis vfclfv la.
“P vbc’a.” TxD2um

Tf Alesef meglberis jrxfv, “Ktfc kts jgf sbe vblcu atfrf?”

Shen Weixing didn’t reply, and continued to answer the questions.

Ye Jiuyue didn’t continue pursuing this line of questioning, he continued sitting there with the blanket over his head.
Gradually, he completely woke up from the bleariness of sleep.
He stared at Shen Weixing for quite a while. 


Shen Weixing’s face really was good-looking. 

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For males, if your facial features were too delicate, then it was very easy to veer into the ‘shrimp’ category, but Shen Weixing wasn’t like that.
He, who is said to have a long line of ancestors who were born and raised as poor native farmers, actually had a mixed-blood feel.
What’s more, he had that sort of quality to him that was wild and a little melancholic.
If you didn’t read his background information, then it was very easy to think that he was that type of wealthy family’s heirwho was born with a silver spoon, being praised and loved by everyone, and had come out to play at acting and waste money.

But actually, that wasn’t it.  u2qjat

Shen Weixing was born in a remote and poor mountain district.
His mother died giving birth to him, and his father and stepmother treated him and his older sister very poorly, beating them and cursing at them under the slightest pretext.
You could basically use ‘the little match girl’ to describe Shen Weixing and his older sister’s childhood.
The two had basically half run away, and were half driven out of there.
They survived in the city with difficulty, and almost didn’t finish the nine years of public schooling.


Just when Shen Weixing had debuted, thanks to his face, and they were going to have good days, his older sister passed away from over-exhaustion. 

This incident was a heavy blow for Shen Weixing.
That year, he had just debuted and was in his upswing period.
Everything got delayed, and his entire selt was out of it, causing him to be greatly surpassed by others who had debuted in the same period as him.
Afterwards, it was only after getting through the pain and rising through it that he caught up with difficulties. 


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That was probably the reason why Shen Weixing, who obviously wasn’t of the cute-type appearance, didn’t act moe, and couldn’t be counted as young in the industry, still had mother fans and older sister fans in no lesser numbers than girlfriend fans.
This could be counted as one of the more peculiar things in the entertainment industry.


Many years ago, when he had first debuted, Shen Weixing’s disposition actually already had a few early hints of his current one.
His emotions were all very controlled and calm, but in the face of the cameras he was still a little green and unfamiliar.

And in these past few years, whenever he reappeared in the public eye, he always seemed composed and steady, and even seemed to have a maturity and composure exceeding what would be expected from his actual age. 

Shen Weixing was very skilled at playing push and pull with the media, but his attitude was also very earnest, especially towards his works; he was steady and down to earth.
Indeed, his professional ability really did pass the test.  OGY9ut

So it was very hard for Ye Jiuyue to imagine that the Shen Weixing in private was sooo different.

But if you were to say that Shen Weixing’s public persona was completely faked, then Ye Jiuyue was also a bit unable to believe it. 

Chrysanthemum Garden.

For example, when Shen Weixing was seriously doing the practice questions, he was very similar to how he usually was during interviews: earnest and serious. 

When the afternoon sunlight shone through the window and the white curtains into the room, it was already very gentle.
It softly fell on Shen Weixing’s face, causing a fuzzy appearance when looking closely.  qlJAe4

Shen Weixing was already pale, so when the light hit him, it was as if he had a beauty filter on and his skin seemed nearly transparent. 

He looked down at the book on his knee, his gaze tranquil and melancholic, as if he was gazing at his love. 


Ye Facecon had heavy rose-tinted glasses, and had gotten entranced while looking.
Unable to control himself, he pressed down on Shen Weixing’s shoulder with one hand, moved over with his head, turned and kissed his lips. 

Shen Weixing, entranced by knowledge:“……”



Ye Jiuyue that that horny devil wanted to do something again. 


Shen Weixing decided to teach Ye Jiuyue a little lesson, and so he seriously and properly pushed Ye Jiuyue away and said, “I’m doing serious business.”

Ye Jiuyue didn’t persist after being pushed away by him (this made Shen Weixing very unhappy again), and just leaned on his shoulder, looking at the questions that he’d just completed.
He asked, “Do you like doing questions?” dgHc5G

Shen Weixing hesitated for a beat, then quietly said, “En.”

“So cool.” Ye Jiuyue also quietly said. 

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Shen Weixing frowned as he looked at him; however, he found that Ye Jiuyue wasn’t mocking him.
It didn’t seem like flattery either, once he finished saying this, he laid his head on his shoulder and yawned. 

You even yawn differently than other people, it’s as if you’re pretending to act moe, do you think you’re cosplaying a cat? Ha.
You’ve miscalculated, scheming Ye, I’m different from other people, I don’t like cats, I won’t fall for this ploy of yours.  bt324B

Shen Weixing coldly thought. 


Ye Jiuyue lazily finished yawning, then said, “Let’s have a competition.”


Ye Jiuyue said, “Let’s have a competition to see whose score is higher.”

Shen Weixing:“……” RUaXD7

What type of ploy was this?

Ye Jiuyue smiled, and was suddenly excited, “I like tests and competitions.”

Shen Weixing:“……” kN oDF

He thought it over, then cruelly refused, “That’s so random, I won’t do it.”

“If you do questions like this, it’s very boring.
C’mon, switch to a different way.” Ye Jiuyue attempted to egg him on.
“It’s very fun.”


Shen Weixing furrowed his brows.
“What fun can it have?”

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Ye Jiuyue replied, “Two people doing questions is more fun than doing it alone.”

Shen Weixing said, unhappily, “Then your score will definitely be higher than mine.” YpFLAs

“Not necessarily.
I haven’t done any civil service questions before.” Ye Jiuyue seriously analyzed the situation for him.
“You have an advantage, you’re familiar with the questions.”

What the heck was all this? I earn upwards of ten million for each performance, why do I have to compete with you on mock-exams?!

Shen Weixing was about to continue refusing, but Ye Jiuyue moved close to his ear and whispered, “If you win, then I’ll……if I’m the one to win, then you’ll have to…..” NA7dB1

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Shen Weixing fell silent for a long while.
He said in a strange tone strange, “We’re in this sort of relationship already, do we even need to compete?”

“The feeling’s different, there’s a little bit of a coercive element.” Ye Jiuyue’s face was a little red.
He quietly affirmed, “The feeling will definitely be different.”

The way Shen Weixing looked at him became even stranger.
“How do you know?” cP2XBL

Ye Jiuyue’s face turned even redder and said, “That’s how it is in my imagination.”

What exactly was he imagining every day?! Shameless! Too shameless!

Shen Weixing, expression cold and stern, put the workbook on the bedside table then pulled the blanket over their heads.
He said, “I’ll first examine the goods.” ZaTRLN

The result of examining the goods was Ye Jiuyue sitting in the car and nervously saying, “Drive slower.” tlW6By

Shen Weixing coldly and sternly said, “You’re going to be late to class.”

Ye Jiuyue comforted him.
“If I’m late then I’m late.
I’ll just say that it was because of my foot, since I walk slowly.”

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Shen Weixing looked at him with disdain.

Ye Jiuyue concernedly said, “It’s always better than getting into a car accident.” EIPhdb

“Shut up.” In between speaking, Shen Weixing sped past another car.

Ye Jiuyue nervously hugged his backpack. “I’m serious.” 

“Shut up.”


Shen Weixing drove to the school and found a secluded place to park.

Right now it was the peak time when students were going to and fro class, so there would definitely be many people by the academic building.
Shen Weixing hesitated and glanced at Ye Jiuyue.
“Can you walk over by yourself?” dWRBGk

Ye Jiuyue was afraid that he was going to pick him up in a princess carry again and take him over, so he rushed to nod.
“I can.”

“Then go on by yourself, walk slowly.” Shen Weixing said.
“When you’re finished class, tell me, I’ll come and pick you up.”

Rinrin: A bit more of SWX’s backstory.
He really is very admirable (also, YJH is like QYX, the kinkier one in the couple…SWX is even more of a prude than Zhao Gongzi though hhhhh)


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