shed and wanted to get back to the room and be with Ye Jiuyue, but was called by Xia Qiu once again. 

“Shen Ge!”

Shen Weixing turned around and looked at him, “What?”

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Xia Qiu asked, curious and concerned, “You’re really alright?”

Shen Weixing countered, finding it strange, “Why wouldn’t I be?” 

“Recently, it feels like you’re really busy, but you haven’t had any recent jobs, though? And you always let Xiao Tang off on a break, when I ask him what’s happening, he’s not willing to say anything.” Xia Qiu worriedly asked, “Is there something wrong? Although I might not be able to help you, don’t just keep it in by yourself, just talking about it is good too.”

“You over-thought it, aren’t I normally like this? When I’m resting, I often don’t show myself.” Shen Weixing said with a straight face.

Xia Qiu stuck his tongue out at him.
“But before, when you rested you just didn’t show yourself in front of the public, you wouldn’t disappear in private as well.
You aren’t even posting in the friend circle.”

I did, but I set the visibility to selected groups only.  

Having gotten an oddball as a sugar baby, Shen Weixing could only talk about that with a group of his shitty friends and the oddball himself. 

Yet the oddball himself never gave Shen Weixing any likes on his posts. 

Fake Fan. 

Or else it’s playing hard to get.



Xia Qiu still wanted to say more, but Shen Weixing interrupted him, “Now you, on the other hand, if this happens again, don’t go with them.
Just now, didn’t they completely neglect to mention your new role? It’s actually all just excuses, to find people to accompany them for a meal.
Zhong Yi’s clearer than you on this, that’s why she didn’t come.
Me and your manager as well as the company will all help you with your new role.
The thing that you should be focusing on the most is doing well in your current role.
Although it’s a small production piece, if you act well, the audience and the industry insiders will see it. 

That vacation variety show’s ratings are also getting higher.
I’ve heard some things, if it keeps on rising, then it will very likely get a second season with all of the original cast.
Take some time out of your schedule to think of ways to make your persona more vivid and memorable to the audience.
If this current drama of yours starts streaming in time for the end of the variety TV show’s season one, then you will probably be able to trend for a small while.
You don’t need to worry about the issue of resources, when the time comes it’ll be you choosing them, not others choosing you.” 

Xia Qiu nodded.
“I’m not worried about the issue of resources.
It’s just that I don’t want to drag you down, and I don’t want you to be criticized by others because of me.
They all say that I’m only getting roles by always clinging onto you, it affects you negatively.”

Shen Weixing frowned.
“Just don’t mind the things you hear those antis say.
If you can’t let it go, then don’t listen, it’s not like they can get their words to appear in front of your eyes.
I told you not to look through those gossip forums.”

That’s what was said, but Shen Weixing liked to scroll through those things himself, and was often angered by what he saw. 

It wasn’t that Shen Weixing had a masochistic streak; he was doing it with a purpose.
When he saw that it really was his problem, then he would silently change and get better.
If it wasn’t his problem and they were just mindless antis, then he would curse right back at them in his mind.   

No matter if there was or wasn’t a person in this world that was born completely perfect, at least Shen Weixing felt that he wasn’t that sort of person. 

He didn’t deny his faults and refuse to change.
Instead, he believed that if there were truths to the criticisms others said about you, then you should change, and if there were none, then use them as encouragement to do better.
Then, he smilingly watched the mad dogs who’re toxic for the sake of being toxic.
Ha ha, there are always some people that are like that for their entire lives.
As long as he himself wasn’t that type of person, then it was alright.


But, this sort of method wasn’t suitable for Xia Qiu.
Xia Qiu had grown up extremely sheltered; how could he stand those disparaging and harsh words? Shen Weixing had tried advising him a few times, then seeing that it had no effect, he didn’t do anything more.

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Now, Xia Qiu was piteously muttering, “It’s not the social forums, it’s in the company…..” He hastily stopped himself from continuing, glanced at Shen Weixing, then said, flustered, “It’s nothing, I’ll remember what you said, it’ll be alright if I just go forward as if I didn’t hear anything.”

Shen Weixing frowned once again.
“The company? Who in the company is gossiping about you?” 

“There’s no one, though.” Xia Qiu said, faltering, “Really.”

“Tell the truth.”

Xia Qiu hesitated for a while, then said, “It’s my fault too, it’s true that it was you who brought me into the cast.
That role of Na Lai’s too, it’s true that I stole it.” 

“Na Lai?” Shen Weixing thought about it.
“That happened eight hundred years ago, and that character I gave you was a minor side character.
Wasn’t the role that he had deleted another character entirely? What does this have to do with you?” 

“They all said it’s because they added me that they deleted his character.” Xia Qiu said. 

“Are they stupid? Besides, he’s already steadily getting second male lead or understudy of the male lead roles now, would he still remember these things from back when you two first debuted? Why don’t I believe this at all?” As Shen Weixing said this, he pulled out his phone.
“I’ll go ask him.”

“Don’t!” Xia Qiu hurriedly stopped him.
“Shen Ge, do you want to kill me?”

“What the heck.
I’ve collaborated with Na Lai for a few dramas, his personality is pretty good, this there is probably someone trying to drive a wedge between you and him.” Shen Weixing continued searching for his phone.
“I’ll speak with him, I’m afraid that there’s someone on his side who’s speaking badly about you too.” 

Xia Qiu grabbed his hand in a viselike grip.
“Don’t! Don’t! I’m begging you.
I won’t believe in what others say, alright? If you do that, then when I see him in the future, it’ll be so awkward.
Wang Jie said that the company wants to use him to partner with me in a drama.
If you and Na Ge’s relationship is good, then even if others say bad stuff about me, Na Ge won’t believe it.” 

Shen Weixing hesitated for a short while, then falteringly said, “Oh, alright then.
Who said bad things about Na Lai to you?”

Xia Qiu shook his head.
“I’m not saying anymore, one should forgive when one may.”

“That person is already using such an underhanded move, so they wouldn’t be someone who can be forgiven.
Be more careful on your own.
Whoever told you these things, from now on, stay on guard against this person.
This sort of person can talk badly about you to others once you turn your back.” Shen Weixing advised him with concern. 

Xia Qiu nodded obediently. 

“Alright, then let’s just let it go at this.
You don’t have anything else, right?” Shen Weixing asked. 


Xia Qiu shook his head. 

Shen Weixing was in a hurry to leave, so he just said, “Then hurry up and go catch up with Director Gu to get back to the set.
Prepare well and perform well, I won’t accompany you further.” 

Xia Qiu nodded. 

Shen Weixing pressed the elevator floor button for him, and accompanied him till he went in, “You go down first, I’ll go back to my room.
I have some stuff to do.”

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