Weixing suddenly stop, turn around, grab him and push him backward.
He said a little hurriedly, “Go, go, go.
Go this way.” 

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“Huh? Don’t push me, my ankle—”



At crucial times you always drop the ball! Shen Weixing furiously and anxiously picked up Ye Jiuyue, tossed him over his shoulder and briskly walked into to the depths of the restaurant. 

Ye Jiuyue:“……”


After witnessing the whole thing, the head waiter, Wen Dong, had decided in his mind to let Shen Weixing run free.
Then, he greeted the arriving guests with a smile.
“CEO Qu, CEO Bin, Director Gu, Xia Laoshi .”


That’s right, this group of guests was the director and sponsors of the drama that Xia Qiu was acting in.
Presently, they were all a little curious.
The director asked, “Was that Shen Ge? I believe I just saw him.”

The head waiter pretended to have not heard, and continued leading them to their seats. 

CEO Bin asked again, “Wen Dong, was that Shen Weixing?”

The head waiter could only reply, “That’s right, but Shen Laoshi seems to have urgent business, he hurried out after eating.
He was afraid that there would be a lot of people in the elevator at this time, so he went out through the staff’s exit in the back.” 

Director Gu pondered it over and understood what CEO Bin meant; he wanted to keep Shen Weixing here.
He hurriedly said, “Xiao Xia, how about you call and ask Shen Ge? If it’s really urgent business, then forget it; otherwise, how about meeting up and chatting? CEO Qu and CEO Bin have had many collaborations with Shen Ge, we’re all acquainted.”

Xia Qiu smiled, nodded and took out his phone.
He went to the side and called Shen Weixing.





Shen Weixing carried Ye Jiuyue all the way to the head waiter’s break room and set him down on a chair.
He hadn’t even thought of how to explain when his phone rang.
He glanced at the caller ID, hesitated for a moment, then picked up.

Xia Qiu said,  “I just saw you.
You were at the rooftop restaurant, right? Wen Dong said you didn’t see us and thought we were outsiders, so you hid.”


“There aren’t any outsiders, just CEO Qu, CEO Bin and Director Gu.
Why didn’t you tell me that you came over to eat? Let’s eat together.”

Shen Weixing frowned.
“I haven’t even said anything about you yet, are your scenes for the day all completed in one morning?”

“The morning shooting is done; in the afternoon, there’s still two more scenes to film.” Xia Qiu paused.
“Director Gu told me to come, it won’t affect the filming progress.”

“How come Zhong Yi didn’t come?” Shen Weixing’s frown deepened.
“You should learn from Zhong Yi, you two debuted at the same time, but she’s much smarter.
Going out to eat with the sponsors is fine, but you shouldn’t go in the middle of filming, you should eat boxed lunches with the rest of the crew, boxed lunches aren’t as bad as what they say too.
You’ve just started out, don’t make yourself too special.” 

Zhong Yi was this drama’s female lead.
She’s not all that innocent, but Shen Weixing felt she was rather suited to the showbiz circle, knowing the areas that she needed to be professional, she worked hard, and knew how to interact with others.
Before, she’d purposefully taken pictures of the crew’s boxed lunches, and was very good at building up an image for herself.

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Shen Weixing didn’t dislike her little tricks and ploys, as long as it was harmless, then it was alright.

In this circle, even A-list celebs like Shen Weixing had to always pay attention to their popularity, let alone a newbie like her who didn’t have any notable works to her name.

On the other hand, it was someone like Xia Qiu that caused Shen Weixing to be worried.
Xia Qiu was clever, but since young, everything was smooth sailing for him, and he was raised by his family completely spoiled, simple and naive.
It was unavoidable for him to not quite understand the twists and turns of the entertainment industry. 

Xia Qiu smiled as he begged for mercy.
“I know I was wrong~ Next time, I won’t do it, okay? Next time I’ll take your words as the bible, haha.
Then, are you going to come back~? Don’t you have a lot of collaborations with CEO Qu and CEO Bin?”

Shen Weixing glanced at Ye Jiuyue.
“I have some stuff to do.”

Xia Qiu asked, “What stuff?”

“ A new drama.” Shen Weixing made up an excuse.  

“Oh, then you go discuss that, I don’t have anything important here.” Xia Qiu rushed to say.
“I’m probably going to discuss a new drama role here as well, it’s fine, you go be busy, I’ll be fine discussing it on my own too.”

Shen Weixing paused.
“What new drama role do you have over there?”





“Actually, I’m not sure either~, it’s just that Director Gu mentioned it once, he’s quite confident regarding this drama, that’s why he wants to schedule my next drama role in advance.
That’s why I’m guessing today CEO Qu and CEO Bin might want to discuss it with me.” Xia Qiu laughed.
“But your drama is definitely more important than mine, you go do your stuff~”

“Don’t just carelessly accept things.
This type of verbal promise, if you accept then it’ll be difficult to go back on your word later, what if it’s a trap? But if they don’t want you anymore in the future, they’ll just say so thoughtlessly.” Shen Weixing thought about it, and wasn’t very at ease.
“Nevermind, I’ll go over.”

Xia Qiu hurriedly said, “No need, you definitely have an important role over there, don’t delay it.” 

“It’s alright.” Shen Weixing hastily hung up and looked at Ye Jiuyue again, who was silently sitting there.
After a moment of hesitation, he said, “My friend, you know him too, Xia Qiu.”

Ye Jiuyue nodded.

Shen Weixing, who never knew what Ye Jiuyue’s ‘ens’ meant, frowned, thought about it, then said, “He has a new role to discuss over there; I’ll go over to check on the situation and help him discuss it.
He didn’t bring his manager with him, and we’re also from the same company; our private relationship is also pretty good, you should know that, right? I talked about it in my interviews, his parents helped me out before.”

Ye Jiuyue replied, “En.” 

When he’d first become Shen Weixing’s fan, Ye Jiuyue didn’t even overlook his interviews.
He had also come to like Shen Weixing more after watching his interviews because he really was very sincere, down-to-earth and showed gratitude.
In interviews, he didn’t avoid talking about his background but also didn’t complain much, only said that he’d persevered through it, and thanked all the people who had helped him; he would continue working hard. 


At the time, Ye Jiuyue was thinking, my idol is super great, the heavens gave him such beauty and also gave him such a reliable soul.


Afterward, Ye Jiuyue felt that the depths of showbiz really were profound, there was no such thing as reliable souls. 

Rinrin: SWX, you are so lucky YJY doesn’t mind your weirdness, if someone made me eat tasteless porridge with a full spread of delicious food in front of me I would be DONE.
No one messes with my food and bbt

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