>Boss C: hahahahahahaha

Boss E: hahahahahahahaha I’m not going to try and save him any face anymore 

Boss F: He’s done for, he’s done for, Weixing’s done for.
Virgins losing their virginity really are something, I’ve said that holding it in for too long makes it easy to have something go wrong, @Wen Dong, at least teach your Shen Ge some moves, I can’t bear to see him like this, you teach him, okay?

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Shen Weixing: [our stamp of friendship is nullified.jpg]

Boss A: hahahahahahaha

Boss B: hahahahahahaha 

Boss C: hahahahahahaha

Boss E: hahahahahahaha

Boss F: hahahahahahaha

Wen Dong: hahahahahahaha 

Shen Weixing : All of you, shut up. 

Shen Weixing: @Wen Dong, bring the dishes!


Wen Dong: I’ll go get the chef to hurry.

Boss C: @Wen Dong, go and give your Shen Ge special effects, the fees are on me. 

Wen Dong: Alright.

Shen Weixing: Don’t.

Shen Weixing: He’s just my sugar baby, you guys are thinking way too much.

Shen Weixing: But I’ve discovered that he’s really fallen in love with me, right now I’m very troubled about how I’m going to break it off with him.
University students are easily rash and reckless, I’m afraid there’ll be trouble, you guys need to seriously help me analyze things. 

Boss D: hahahahahahaha

Shen Weixing: Scram (ノ`Д)ノ

Boss D: I was just in a meeting, I was just Haha-ing at the stuff before!

Wen Dong: Shen Ge, I’ll scram as soon as I’m done speaking.
I’ve just gotten someone to go buy your sea salt cream cheese bubble tea, oh~no~it’s his sea salt cream cheese bubble tea~and bumped into Xia Qiu’s assistant.
I forgot to tell you something just now, Xia Qiu reserved a table for lunch, and is going to come here to eat. 

Shen Weixing: What’s he doing coming over here? Doesn’t he have scenes to film today?

Wen Dong: Well, I don’t know about that, but the filming set isn’t far from here, so he often comes here to eat.

Boss A: There’s a good show to see, not talking anymore, I’m going to fly over there right now.

Boss C: Not saying anymore, I’m already out the door. 

Boss F: I’m already in the car.

Boss D: I can’t find my driver’s license, so I can’t go.
You guys remember to make the live broadcast clearer, thanks.

Boss D: [Password red packet: wtmxs]

[Your red packet has been claimed by Boss A: wtmxs] 

[Your red packet has been claimed by Boss B: wtmxs]

[Your red packet has been claimed by Boss C: wtmxs]


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[Your red packet has been claimed by Boss E: wtmxs]

[Your red packet has been claimed by Boss F: wtmxs] 

[Your red packet has been claimed by Wen Dong: wtmxs]

[Your red packet has been claimed by Shen Weixing: wtmxs]

Shen Weixing: Get lost (ノ`Д)ノ



【Have we included  to play today, is  done for today yet】

Boss C: Come here.

Boss A: I’ve been wanting to ask for a while now, have you guys thought about what would happen if Weixing finds out about this group chat? 

Boss C: What can he do?

Boss A: It’s true that he can’t do much, but have you guys taken his feelings into consideration?

Boss C: Haven’t taken them into consideration, don’t care.

Boss A: That’s right too.
Then let’s continue, what are you going to say? 

Boss C: @Wen Dong, remember to report on the news as it happens.

Wen Dong: I’ve gotta go and work now, bosses.

Boss D: We won’t dock your bonus.

Boss D: [red packet-exclusively for Dong Dong] 

[Your red packet has already been claimed by Boss A]

Boss A: Habit, habit.


Boss A: [Red Packet-exclusively for Wen Dong, whoever takes it is an idiot]

Wen Dong:…… 

Wen Dong: Should I accept it or would it be better not to? 

[Your red packet has already been claimed by Wen Dong]

Wen Dong: Nevermind, in this world, having money is enough, what else would you want!

Wen Dong: I’ll report back whenever possible. 

Boss A: At opportune moments, help that little lovebird.

Boss C: The way you say that is so disgusting, ugh.
His name is very nice, Jiuyue, how poetic.

Boss D: Have you guys really not noticed the connection between Jiuyue and Qiu?

Boss F: Shut up, you. 

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Boss A: Their relationship is just the type where I bet that Xia Qiu will definitely make a fuss.

Boss D: I’m betting that Xia Qiu won’t slip up for now, do you think that he’s a newbie at this?

Boss A: A hundred thousand.

Boss D: It seems that your recent financial state truely is pretty horrid huh, did something actually go wrong with that land of yours? 

Boss A: Scram

Boss D: I want your Ferrari 

Boss A: Then I want that award plaque of yours.

Boss D: Okay. 

Boss F: I bet that after today’s meeting, Xia Qiu’s going to be bullied by someone, and then Weixing is going to be a hero and save the beauty.
I bet it on that one house of mine that faces the sea.

Wen Dong: I can’t keep up, Bosses! Why do you all always play so big?! I can still keep up when it’s just a hundred thousand! I don’t have anymore. 


Boss B: A bunch of idiots.
@Wen Dong don’t mind them, remember to help Weixing, right now you’re the only one that hasn’t said anything bad about Xia Qiu in front of Weixing, he only trusts you.

Wen Dong:…… 

Boss F: That’s right @Wen Dong

Wen Dong: OK.

Boss A: By the way, Wen Dong, tell us what this Jiuyue is really like? Why do I just not believe it? With Weixing’s luck, what if he just likes Xia Qiu’s type and gets a Xia Qiu 2.0.

Wen Dong: Can’t see anything at the moment, he’s a pretty simple young man, doesn’t talk much. 

Boss C: How does he look in person?

Wen Dong: From a completely objective point of view, it’s still Xia Qiu who has better looks.
Jiuyue is that type that looks very obedient and nice, and seems like the goody-two-shoes type.

Boss A: Xia Qiu looks very goody-goody too though.

Wen Dong: I actually can’t refute anything, I’m shallow, I haven’t seen as many thousands of boat sails as you bosses have. 

Boss A: Haha, you’ve seen an aircraft carrier.

Wen Dong:^^|

Wen Dong: [our stamp of friendship is nullified.jpg]

Wen Dong: I have to get back to work now. 

Boss D: Sigh, Weixing’s a good kid all around, he’s just not the sharpest in terms of EQ.

Boss A: Right?

Boss G: Every time I look at this group chat, I get an impulse to withdraw my share in the stocks, it gives me the feeling that this restaurant will be finished sooner or later. 


Rinrin: First look at the Boss group, SWX’s friends (pronounced as Dads)

Lastin: Boss G is my favorite, she is literally a silent g, giving the g’s in gnat and gnome a run for their money

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